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OVFA by Moongaze14 OVFA by Moongaze14
This is my Valentine's Day deviation to Skailla. "Over the Valentine and Far Away" is a fanfiction portraying Wolpy and Dawnsoul that I hope everybody enjoys. I'm sorry if it is a little blurry but my scanner did not work correctly. If you want, I can resubmit it in the future.

It had been almost a season since Christmas has ended and everybody in Gangvar was acting more kindly towards each other. Valentine's day brought the kindness out of everybody in the pack. Friends hanged out together and couples were more affectuous in public. Valentine's day was mainly practiced by Pazu, the pack's cassanova, who often spent it with several females, much to his friend, Moondance's anger, as she had feelings for him. Urten and Starkiller were on better terms on this time of the year but they were unable to show affection to each other, much less in front of the pack. For some strange reason that Wolpy could not understand, every Valentine's day, Sansenite would always attempt to talk with Dawnsoul on this day, only to back away moments later. It seemed that even the day's romantic mood was not going to help him admit his feeling for her anytime soon.
Wolpy sighed as he felt Valentine's day to be nothing special. Of course, he did not have a girlfriend or love interest to share the atmosphere of this wonderful day. As Wolpy was about to fall into sleep, he saw a rabbit's carcass by his side and Dawnsoul watching him intensely.
"Happy Valentine!" she told him with a lick to the cheek, making Wolpy jump back in his paws.
"Dawnsoul!" Wolpy cried in fear, looking at both sides to see if Sansenite was not watching. "Don't do that!"
"I'm sorry but I could not control myself," Dawnsoul smiled. "Besides, you can lie and tell that it was a friendly kiss if anyone saw."
"I guess your'e right," Wolpy relaxed. "It's not like you kiss me on the lips or something."
He regretted those words as Dawnsoul wrapped her front legs on him and kissed him on the lips. Wolpy's eyes widened in surprise for the unexpected display of affection. He felt his face blushing under his fur as he saw Dawnsoul's beautiful emerald eyes watching him with love. Her face was blushing like his too but her blush was one of intense happiness and love rather than shyness. Her lips departed his and she shoved the Omega to the ground with a smile on her face.
"If someone asks you tell them that I got caught in the mood," Dawnsoul winked at him and left him. "I got to go with Sansenite and give him a lick on the cheek. I may not love him like you but I still love him as my friend."
Wolpy stared after Dawnsoul as she left in search for Sansenite. "I'm so dead," the Omega whispered before fainting. This was by far the strangest Valentine's day ever.

I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I did.
Wolpy and Dawnsoul belong to Skailla [link]
Art is done by me
This deviation was a combination of two previous deviations of mine:
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