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                            Having a Blast in the Wild West

       Walking from the desert’s horizon, there was a shade moving forward. At first sight, it appeared to be a man riding on a horse. As the shade advanced, its shape became clearer. Now it looked like a man and a woman riding a horse. As the shade got even closer, it appeared that the woman was riding the horse and that the man was sitting behind her. But as the shade advanced again, one could finally see its true form.

       Walking from the horizon was a centaur woman. Her human half looked young but strong in a wild sense. She had long black hair and dark skin and a big fat cigar in her mouth. She was wearing a red western shirt and a brown coat in her human half. On the waist that connected the human half with her horse half, a brown leather belt was resting there, holding the two holsters that contained her trusty pistols. Her lower half was the body of a brown horse from the neck down with a black tail. Sitting behind her was a human. He didn’t look special at first sight, not with his short black hair that many people in the West had, but from his clothes one could see that he was the owner of the saloon.

Both individuals were happily talking with each other and laughing, not minding the hot sun above and behind them.  In a normal day, they would have complained about the sun, as they had done the day before they left town. However, today was a special day that made them forget about the heat of the desert’s sun.

“How are we going to name our baby, Sandra?” the human asked as he hugged the centaur’s human half.

“I don’t know, John,” Sandra answered, happiness still evident despite her doubts. ‘I think that we should think of two names depending on whether our baby is born as a boy or a girl.”

Sandra and John were a married couple. Although the difference between species and culture made things difficult for them at the beginning, the pair was truly in love with each other and managed to make it work, even earning the town’s approval despite the original scandal that surged when word got out about their first date.

“Maybe we can talk about names when we return to my saloon,” John offered with a smile. The more he thought about the arrival of their child the more excited he grew about talking about it at his saloon.

“I think that we should focus on our child’s species,” Sandra grinned as she revived an old argument. It wasn’t one of those serious fights that jeopardize a marriage. Instead, it was one of those competitive bets that couples had with each other every once in a while.

      Sandra and John originally had doubts about how to raise their child as they did not know what kind of species was going to be born from Sandra. Both of them had their own theories over the species of their kid. Sandra thought that her child was going to be a centaur like her. John thought that his human heritage was going to mix with Sandra’s centaur heritage and it was going to result  in a child with two horse legs. The argument even spread to the saloon, who took three sides in the affair. One side supported Sandra’s centaur  theory, the other side supported John’s so-called satyr theory, and the remaining side thought that the baby was going to be human. As much as the married couple squabbled over the bet, they couldn’t help but remember how different their relationship was when they first met.

      “Do you remember the first day I met you?” John asked Sandra as he kissed the back of her head, making her giggle.

      “How could I forget the sacred first meeting?” Sandra asked in a sarcastic tone that had a playful streak to it. “If I don’t remember, I bucked you out of orbit.”

      John winced but kept his smile as he remembered his first meeting with his wife. Some bandits had stolen a barrel of beer from him. Back then, he was very short-tempered and attempted to chase him on his own. When the bandits got into their horses, he attempted to temporarily steal a horse to chase after them. He had only seen the back of a horse  when he had climbed into Sandra’s back without her knowing him. Things went to Hell as Sandra knocked him off her back and then bucked him in the gut for getting fresh with him. Fortunately for him, she was going to replace the old sheriff of Saddlebrook so her first act as the sheriff was to capture the bandits that had stolen his beer barrel.

     After the capture of the bandits, John explained himself to Sandra over what happened and made it out for her with free drinks. Not one to reject free bear, Sandra forgave him and became a regular customer. As the years passed, Sandra and John developed a strong friendship with each other, as John found Sandra’s wild antics to be hilarious.

     “Remember that time when you ate that kid’s pet spider?” John chuckled.

     “It was an accident!” Sandra angrily blushed. She was just teasing a snotty kid. She didn’t expect the thing to crawl into her mouth and for her to swallow it whole out of reflex. Having been an eating champion before becoming a sheriff, Sandra’s tongue had instantly pushed the animal down her throat as soon as it felt its weight upon it.

     “Your eating habits are the weirdest that I’ve ever seen,” John playfully rubbed Sandra’s hair. “I don’t think that there is anything you can’t swallow.”
Sandra snorted, turning her head to blow a clod of cigar smoke into John’s face, making him cough. “I can easily swallow you whole,” she playfully teased back once her human husband had finished coughing.

     The married couple laughed as they shared a kiss. They couldn’t wait to return to the saloon to talk more about their baby. Their happy thoughts were interrupted by a bell that sounded very familiar to them.

    “That’s the bell from Saddlebrook!” Sandra called, all playfulness replaced with a serious tone of voice. “I got to go, John. Do you remember the way back?”

    “Sure,” John held on tight to Sandra’s waist as she reared on her hind legs and ran towards Saddlebrook. The town was very near, only a few minutes of running from Sandra. He held on to dear life as his wife ran at full speed as fast as her horse legs could carry them both.

     As they reached the town,  Sandra talked with the citizens to find out what had happened. Some gunslingers had started a gunfight after getting drunk and had run away after injuring a couple of citizens. Feeling the familiar anger at having one of her beloved citizens hurt, Sandra snorted and promised to make them pay.

     “I know how to find them,” Sandra darkly said as she went to a special place that only she and John knew about it. It was an observatory on top of her jail for criminals. Inside of it, there was some sort of large cannon on which a centaur could easily fit in.

     John gulped. He never really liked the cannon. Even with Sandra reassuring him that the body of a centaur was strong enough to withstand the force of being shot by a cannon, he still felt nervous every time that she fired it. His anxiety grew when he found out he was pregnant, as he was afraid that her firing herself from the cannon was going to hurt their baby. The reason they left Saddlebrook was to verify it was safe to use the cannon now that Sandra was pregnant. It turned out that she was free to use the cannon due to the womb of a centaur being hard enough to protect the baby inside.

     “I’ll be fine,” Sandra easily lifted her husband off her back and kissed him in the lips, knowing that he was still worried despite the doctor’s words.

     “Don’t get hurt,” John steeled himself.

     “I never do,” Sandra snorted arrogantly before she entered the cannon. She stuck out a hand with her cigar to light up the fuse before closing the door.

     Reflexively, John put his hands over his ears as soon as the cannon fired. He watched as Sandra was shot at full speed into the sky before disappearing out of sight. After giving another sigh of worry, John walked out of the jail and into his saloon. He started cooking extra for Sandra’s return as centaurs had large appetites due to having two stomachs, one for each half. As he prepared dinner, he heard an explosion. John bolted out of the saloon and found the citizens cheering into the horizon. Hearing them laugh and cheer only meant one thing for him, and that made him small.

    “That’s my Sandra,” he said to himself, feeling happy to know that his wife was going to return. He entered into his saloon again and continued making dinner, this time feeling more relaxed with his situation.

    A couple of hours later, Sandra came back, covered in soot but still in good health. On her back, she was carrying the two criminals, both of them unconscious and tied up.
“I told you I wasn’t going to get hurt,” Sandra smirked smugly as she gestured with her head at her husband to follow her back to jail. John complied, making sure to talk with Sandra along the way before she dropped the criminal into jail. With her job done, Sandra let John lead her into the saloon.

     Her reward for saving the town, as well as the special treatment that she was going to receive for the remaining months of her pregnancy was a banquet just for her. Her eating champion days were revived as she wolfed down absurd amounts of food into her mouth since the day she found out that she was pregnant, and this time was not an exception. She drank pints of beer and whiskey with each bite, not having to worry about her child suffering any defects as the womb of a centaur was just as capable of surviving alcohol as it was to being fired from her cannon.

    Once she was done eating and drinking, Sandra lit up a cigar to celebrate her triumph.  She took a whiff of her cigar, enjoying the smell. As she smoked, she felt an unpleasant but familiar sensation in her human stomach.

    Seeing her frown, John realized what was about to happen. “I think that you shouldn’t smoke right now, Sandra,” he suggested as he slowly approached her.
“No,” Sandra stubbornly refused to let go of her cigar, clamping it with her teeth. “I earned this cigar and I am not letting some stomach grumble stop me from enjoying it. You know how much I hate it when I don’t finish my cigars till the end.”

   “Easy there,” John lifted his hands in a placating gesture. “You drank lots of beer and whiskey. Your body is full of alcohol.”

    “As if I care,” Sandra snorted. “I’m not going to let it come out. I’m just going to bite my cigar hard and keep my mouth shut before it gets.”

    She stopped speaking, biting into her cigar harder than before. John recognized the signs as a result of hanging out with her so much before marrying her. It was a zone of no return for her and for him. There was only one thing to do now.

    “GET OUT OF THE SALOON! “ John shouted more out of alarm than genuine hostility. All of the customers did as they were told, already familiar with what was about to happen.

    Sandra struggled hard. She truly did. But in the end, it was a battle that she lost. The centaur let out a loud belch from her mouth. The alcohol inside her breath came into contact with the fire that was at the tip of the cigar.

    An explosion came out after that. John braced himself for impact, already familiar with the situation. With the worst already over, John entered into his saloon to check on his damage. It wasn’t really that bad, other than a damaged ceiling and his walls and floor covered in burn marks…and the table on which he prepared dinner for Sandra.

    Speaking of Sandra, she was standing in front of John and then everybody. Once again, she was covered in soot. She was giving John a very sheepish smile. Normally, John would have been angry for the damage, but when it was his wife he could only feel a brief annoyance.

    “I’m going to sleep on my office,” Sandra continued to smile in embarrassment at her husband. “I’ll see you later, John.”

    Sandra trotted awkwardly out of the saloon, the alcohol and embarrassment of destroying the saloon impairing her ability to walk a little. Sighing, John went deeper into the saloon to pick up a broom. Turning around, he looked at his customers and decided to do the only thing that could make such laborious task as fixing up his saloon as more bearable.

    “So, anybody got any good ideas on how to name my baby?”
The End.
Having a Blast in the Wild West
This is a comission for Heavier-Lobster. He sent me a note so I decided to do him a favor.

Sandra and John  belong  to Heavier-Lobster
Story is written by me.
                                               Travel to Equestria Part 13

[Part 13 begins with a recapitulation of the previous episodes. Eddie makes a wish for something new and interesting to happen to him while he spends a week of summer vacation in his uncle’s cabin. His wish is fulfilled when he is teleported to Equestria, where he meets Celestia and Luna. Both sisters reveal that he is the descendant of a wizard that traveled to Equestria a thousand years ago and saved it from the threat of an evil wizard named Lord Lasorris. They tell him that they can bring him back to Earth by recreating a spell that his ancestor made a thousand years ago but first they need him to master the dormant magic that has awakened within him as a result of his arrival to Equestria. Twilight Sparkle is assigned as Eddie’s teacher. Under her tutelage, Eddie shows increasing proficiency with magic once he makes his own wand. Once Eddie accomplishes the desired level of magic, Celestia and Luna have him come to Canterlot to make the spell. However, the spell is interrupted by the arrival of Lord Lasorris, who confuses Eddie with his ancestor and tries to destroy him. Arming himself with his ancestor’s wand and some magic tools that he made in his previous adventures, Eddie engages Lord Lasorris in a duel and defeats him. With Lasorris defeated, Eddie is free to try the spell again with Celestia and Luna but he must first rest for a few days to recover his magic in order to cast the spell again. Opening credits roll. Eddie awakens in his bed and yawns as he gets out of it. He opens the door out of his room and goes to the kitchen to eat with Twilight and Spike, both of them preparing pancakes.]

Twilight Sparkle: [teasingly] About time you woke up.

Eddie: [tiredly] I can’t help it. I’m exhausted.

Twilight Sparkle: [playfully admonishing] That should teach you not to fight against a millennial evil wizard with more experience than you.

Eddie: [smiles as he sits next to Spike] That was a few days ago. I’m tired because of Pinkie’s parties yesterday.

Spike: [munches on his pancakes] Who would have thought that a party marathon was so exhausting? Pinkie’s really going all out in each party.

Eddie: [starts eating pancakes] Doesn’t she always go all out?

Twilight Sparkle: [shakes her head] Not like this. She rarely makes more than one party for a single pony.

Eddie: [scratches the back of his head] Which was the last party Pinkie had for me yesterday? I can’t remember which one it was.

Spike: [doubtfully] I think that it was the “Glad that You Recovered Your Energy” party at the evening, which ironically enough left you the most exhausted since you returned from the hospital.

Eddie: [defensively] I can’t help it. I’m not used to sleeping late.

Twilight Sparkle: [giggles] Neither is Spike. He fell asleep right after you.

Spike: [annoyed] I fell asleep AFTER him!

Eddie: [chuckles] That doesn’t matter if you don’t make it to the end of the party.

Twilight Sparkle: [with fake annoyance] I had to carry both of you back in the castle. I had to put you both in your beds and tuck you in before you sleep. I haven’t heard a thank you from either of you.

Spike and Eddie: [playfully sarcastic] Thank you, Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: [finishes her breakfast] You guys enjoy your pancakes. I’ll be waiting outside. We have to go to Sugarcube Corner later on.

Eddie: [surprised] Pinkie is throwing me another party!

Spike: [munches on his pancakes] Why are you surprised? She’s been marathon partying these last few days.

Eddie: [looks at Spike] I know that, Spike. It’s just that Pinkie always seems focused on surprise parties. All of these consecutive parties, with one following after the other, just keep getting the surprises out of them. Even though I know that she is going to make another party the only thing that can be considered a surprise is that she is making them again.

Spike: [warningly] Never underestimate, Pinkie. Even if you see her parties coming from a mile away, she’ll always find a way to surprise you in the end.

Eddie: [warmly] I guess you’re right.

Spike: [wiping his face with a napkin] Of course I am.

Eddie: [finishes his breakfast] Better not keep Pinkie waiting.

[Spike and Eddie get out of the castle. Twilight is waiting for them outside.]

Twilight Sparkle: [patiently] Are you ready to go?

Eddie: [nods his head] Let’s go to see Pinkie.

[The trio walks around Ponyville. It is surprisingly deserted. Nopony is seen around town as the three of them approach Sugarcube Corner. They stop right in front of the door.]

Eddie: [extends his hand to open the door] Time to see what surprise is awaiting for me this time.

[Eddie opens the door and is shocked by what he sees.]

Pinkie Pie: [and the rest of the guests] SURPRISE!

[All citizens of Ponyville are in the party. However, there are more guests inside than just the town citizens. The other guests are Trixie, Zecora, Maud, Braeburn, Gilda, Greta, and Coal. There is a banner that reads “Thanks For Everything, Eddie” above them.]

Eddie: [shocked] I can’t believe it.

Spike: [smugly] I told you Pinkie Pie was going to find a way to surprise you.

Eddie: [looks at Pinkie] What kind of party is this one, Pinkie?

Pinkie Pie: [hugs Eddie] This is a ‘Thanks for Everything” party, Eddie. I gathered everypony that you met and that you helped in your stay and had them go at a party to celebrate everything you’ve done since your arrival. Cadence and Shining Armor were too busy to come so they sent a cake just for you.

[Pinkie Pie points at a random cake that the ponies are eating.]

Trixie: [appears in a cloud of smoke] The Great and Enjoyed Trixie is happy to meet you again, Eddie. I heard that you have progressed a lot since our last meeting.

Eddie: [gratefully] Yes. Thanks for helping in my learning process at the beginning.

Trixie: [laughs embarrassingly] It wasn’t my best session but I accept your thanks nonetheless.

Zecora: [walks close to Trixie] In a month, look how you’ve grown. You’ve awakened magic of your own.

Eddie: [humbly] Thank you, Zecora. I wouldn’t have given my first real step to learning magic if I had not helped you make that potion.

Braeburn: [gives Eddie a basket full of apples] Just so ya know, Ah still remember what you did for me and…APPLELOOSA!

[Braeburn rears on his hind legs and waves his forelegs.]

Eddie: [wistfully] I really am going to miss that cheerfulness of yours, Braeburn.

Maud: [hugs Eddie with her same stoic expression] Thanks for being a good friend to Pinkie, Eddie. And once again, thank you for giving me the most energetic birthday party of my life. I never had that much fun.

Eddie: [uncomfortably] You’re welcome, Maud. I am glad that I got to meet you.

Coal: [gives Eddie a bouquet of flowers] Consider these a farewell gift, Eddie.

Eddie: [forces himself to smile] Thanks, Coal. It is a nice gesture of friendship.

Coal: [nods his head] Thanks. I heard that ponies give this to other ponies that they like. I decided to give you these flowers to show how much I appreciate you being my friend.

Eddie: [more relaxed] Thanks, Coal.

Gilda: [gives Eddie a scone] Consider these a farewell gift for your help in Griffonstone, Eddie. You can’t return home with an empty stomach.

Greta: [smiles at Eddie] I made the cinnamon scones.

Eddie: [grateful] Thank you, girls. Your scones are very delicious. I’m glad I can leave Equestria with their flavor in my mouth.

[As he talks with his friends, Mayor Mare takes a microphone to speak.]

Mayor Mare: [warmly]  Today, we are giving Eddie a party to celebrate his success as a wizard and as a fellow citizen of Ponyville. Today, Eddie will help Princess Celestia and Princess Luna to open a portal to return back home. Though he is leaving, Eddie is and will always be a citizen of Ponyville. As the mayor of this town, I want to let Eddie know that he is always welcome to come and visit us every time that he wants. In the end, the citizens of Ponyville are family, and we are always waiting for you to come back to us, Eddie.

[All of the ponies start to cheer at Eddie. The human sheds some tears before he wipes them out and smiles at his friends.]


[The party guests get elated. They stomp their hooves to applaud Eddie’s message. All of the ponies start partying with Eddie until afternoon. By the time the party is over, Eddie is back at Twilight’s castle. He is packing some things for the ride to Canterlot.]

Eddie: [checks on what he carried] I guess that’s all that I need.

Spike: [walks behind Eddie] You’re not bringing your coat or your cape?

Eddie: [relaxed] No. My dimension is too peaceful, well at least where I live, for me to actually need those things.

Spike: [sadly] You can keep them as souvenirs.

Eddie: [sighs] Chances are that the magic that gives them shape will disappear once I cross the portal. By the time I return home, I’ll have a coat filled with crystals and a blanket filled with feathers. I think that I am more than happy to let them here where they can be at their best.

Spike: [confused] But who’s going to use them?

Eddie: [shrugs his shoulders] Maybe you and Twilight.

Spike: [surprised] Me and Twilight?

Eddie: [playfully] You may need a flying cape or a crystal coat to survive any more threats in Equestria.

Spike: [looks at Eddie] But Twilight doesn’t need your flying cape. She has wings! She can fly perfectly fine…not really good but still passable.

Eddie: [rubs Spike’s head] Maybe you can use the cape to fly.

Spike: [points at the coat] But what about your crystal coat? I’m a dragon! My scales are too tough! I don’t think I need your crystal coat to protect myself.

Eddie: [shrugs his shoulders] Then give it to Twilight. She can make good force fields but she tends to overwork. Maybe one day she’ll drain her magic to zero and she might need protection from some evil dude. Maybe wearing my coat will protect her when her magic can’t help her.

Spike: [chuckles] That does sound like Twilight.

Eddie: [stands up] Or maybe you can give it to any of your friends when they need help at doing something hard. Remember, sharing is caring.

[Eddie gets out of his room and finds the Cutie Mark Crusaders looking at him.]

Eddie: [smiles at the CMC] Hi, Crusaders.

Apple Bloom: [smiles sadly] Hi, Eddie. We heard that you were leavin’ so we decided to make you a farewell card just for ya.

Sweetie Belle: [levitates an envelope] Here you go. We drew it ourselves.

[Eddie opens the envelope and sees a drawing of him spending time with the Crusaders.]

Eddie: [smiles at the girls] Thank you, girls.

Scootaloo: [with hopeful eyes] Are you coming back someday?

Eddie: [kneels to the fillies’ level] Maybe. I’m not sure when but I can promise you that I will come back.

[Eddie hugs the Crusaders. He breaks the hug and then leaves. The CMC follow him out of the castle and then wave him goodbye.]

Cutie Mark Crusaders: [happily] BYE, EDDIE!


[Eddie gets out of the castle. Spike is following behind him. They reach the train station, where the Mane Six meets him there.]

Eddie: [chuckles] I got to say that I’m starting to like the train station. I’ve been going here there and back again since Celestia and Luna told me that you were going to be my teacher, Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: [giggles] You get used to it.

[Spike, Eddie, and the Mane Six enter into the train. They reach Canterlot in little time. The group takes a slow walk so that Eddie can enjoy the walk across the city.]

Rarity: [smiles at Eddie] If you like, next time you visit Canterlot, I can show you  the best places to enjoy in this marvelous city.

Eddie: [nods his head] I’d really like that.

Rainbow Dash: [flies close to Eddie with a bag of donuts] I got some donuts from Donut Joe’s before our meeting with the Princesses. I bought eight donuts for all of us.

Eddie: [smiles as he picks a donut] Thank you, Rainbow Dash.

[Eddie eats his donut. The Mane Six and Spike eat the remaining donuts.]

Spike: [happily] Thanks for asking them with extra sprinkles, Rainbow Dash. Those are my favorite ones.

Applejack: [licks her lips] We better get goin’ to the castle. We can’t keep the Princesses waitin’ for us.

[The group nods their heads. They walk into the castle, where they meet Celestia and Luna again.]

Princess Celestia: [warmly] Welcome, my little ponies.

Fluttershy: [meekly] We’re sorry to keep you waiting. We just wanted to spend more time with Eddie before you open the portal.

Princess Luna: [comfortingly] That’s quite alright, Fluttershy.

Twilight Sparkle: [nervously] Are you going to do the spell right now?

Princess Celestia: [nods her head] We shall begin right where we started the last time.

Eddie: [calmly draws his wand] To the gardens.

[The Princesses takes the group to the gardens.]

Princess Luna: [looks at Eddie] Do you remember the instructions to perform this spell, Eddie? I don’t mind repeating them just as long as we can make the spell work.

Eddie: [shakes his head] That’s okay. I remember what I need to do.

[Eddie stands in front of the Princesses. He places the blunt end of his wand to the ground and the pointed end skywards. His magic surrounds his body and then his wand. The tip of his wand releases a sphere of magic. Celestia and Luna focus their magic in their horns before releasing beams into the sphere. The sphere lengthens vertically and takes an elliptic shape. Once the magic forms a hole that is slightly bigger than Eddie is the spell finally completed.]

Eddie: [stares in shock at the portal] Is the spell completed?

Princess Celestia: [nods her head] It has been completed.

Eddie: [stares at the sisters] How long will it last?

Princess Luna: [reassuringly] It has an indefinite amount of time, but it will disappear once somepony crosses it. If you’re not going to enter the portal right away, we can have some guards protecting it before you enter.

Eddie: [looks at the Mane Six] I think that I can have one last goodbye with my friends again. The spirit of the last one was ruined when Lasorris ruined our first portal.

[Eddie walks to the Mane Six. He kneels so that he can look them in the eyes.]

Eddie: [sighs] I guess this is it, girls. This is the end of our adventure.

Twilight Sparkle: [sadly] Even with us saying our final goodbyes a few days ago when we thought you were going to leave back then, it’s still hard to say another one when this time it’s for real.

Pinkie Pie: [sniffles] I know. I made that last party to make it easy for us but instead it made it harder.

Rainbow Dash: [trying not to cry] Stupid donuts! Donut Joe told me that they can make you forget about your troubles. They didn’t!

Rarity: [drying her tears with a handkerchief] Let’s be proper, girls. This is harder for Eddie than it is for us. We should try to maintain our composure.

Fluttershy: [whimpers] Will you be back or we won’t see you again?

Applejack: [solemnly] Please tell us that you’re goin’ back here one day.

Eddie: [stands up] I’m not very good at saying goodbyes. I’m not even sure if this should even be a goodbye. Somewhere deep inside of me there is something that tells me that this is not the last time that we’ll ever see each other again. I can’t exactly promise you that it will turn out to be true but that belief is what allows me to keep smiling despite how hard it is for me to leave you.

Spike: [looks at Eddie] What are you trying to say, Eddie?

Eddie: [looks down at Spike] I’m not saying goodbye. I’m saying that I’ll see you soon.

[The Mane Six and Spike feel better with those words. They hug Eddie again before allowing him to leave. Eddie walks to Celestia and Luna. He puts his hand into his pocket and shows them his ancestor’s wand.]

Eddie: [smiles to the sisters] I think that this belongs to you.

Princess Celestia: [surprised] Are you sure? This wand belonged to your ancestor. By birthright, it should belong to you now.

Eddie: [shakes his hand] I don’t need my ancestor’s wand where I am going. Besides, I got my own wand. You need this wand more than I since it belonged to one of the few friends that truly got to know you.

Princess Luna: [gratefully] We shall miss you, Eddie. Celestia and I are lucky that the descendant of one of our best friends takes after him.

[The Princesses hug Eddie. The human turns around to look at his equine friends one more time before his departure. He gasps upon seeing the spirits of his ancestor and Lasorris looking at him approvingly. He rubs his eyes to see clearly only to see them gone.]

Fluttershy: [worried] Is there something wrong, Eddie?

Eddie: [awkwardly] Sorry. I thought that I had seen something that I saw a long time ago.

Pinkie Pie: [helpfully] Maybe it was something from a movie.

Eddie: [tries to speak but graciously concedes defeat] Maybe I did saw it in a movie.

[Pinkie Pie grins and makes the squeaky sound.]

Eddie: [waves at the ponies] I’ll see you soon.

[Eddie enters into the portal. Once the human enters, the portal closes down and disappears in a speck of light.]

Pinkie Pie: [mildly disappointed] Oh bummer.

Applejack: [sighs] Ah suppose that we’re goin’ back to Ponyville. Ah have to do some chores back in Sweet Apple Acres.

Rainbow Dash: [tiredly] And I need to go take a nap at my house. Who knew saying goodbye was going to be so exhausting?

Pinkie Pie: [trying to sound optimistic] I think I can make another party. It should be a “You’ll Always Be With Us” party in honor of Eddie. I’ll try to make it less energetic to give it some nostalgic feeling to it so that I can show that I miss Eddie while still being happy for him returning home.

Rarity: [uses her beauty tools to work on her makeup] I have a few orders to complete in Carousel Boutique. Maybe a load of work will keep me distracted from the pain of separation. Would you like to come, Spike?

Spike: [sadly but willing] Sure. Can I come to Carousel Boutique to help Rarity, Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: [approvingly] Sure.

Fluttershy: [looks at the floor] I think I should try a picnic with my animals. I can’t show my face at the cottage if I am going to be sad. My animals deserve to see their mama in a good mood for them.

Twilight Sparkle: [sighs] I should go back to the train station to buy some tickets for my friends. I got a couple of things to do in my castle back in Ponyville.

[The Mane Six and Spike prepare to leave. Twilight is the last one to go.]

Princess Celestia: [stops Twilight from leaving] Before you go, Twilight, there is something that I want you to have.

Twilight Sparkle: [surprised] What do you want me to do, Princesses?

Princess Luna: [smiles at Twilight] I think that you can figure that out on you own.

[Luna levitates a scroll for Twilight to read. The purple alicorn gasps upon seeing the contents of the scroll.]

Twilight Sparkle: [shocked] Is that?

Princess Celestia: [permissively] That’s the formula for the portal spell that we made for Eddie.

Twilight Sparkle: [reads the formula] What do you want me to do with this?

Princess Luna: [smiles at Twilight] Back when Discord brought Eddie to Canterlot to spend quality time with us, Eddie suggested that we can improve the spell. He suggested that we can make a two-way portal to freely transport him from Earth to Equestria as many times as desired.

Twilight Sparkle: [surprised] You want me to perfect this spell?

Princess Celestia: [approvingly] Yes.

Twilight Sparkle: [humbly] Are you sure? This is a very advanced spell, more advanced than anything I’ve seen before. Are you sure that I should do this rather than you?

Princess Luna: [sighs] We are. As much as we would like to help Eddie, Celestia and I do have lots of duties to work on the spell. We would have normally completed the spell in a few days if our duties had not interfered with its development.

Twilight Sparkle: [looks at her older princesses] Do you think I can do this?

Princess Celestia: [teasingly] You did get your wings by completing a spell that not even Star Swirl could complete. I think that this spell is in very capable hooves.

Princess Luna: [with the same teasing tone as her sister] Capable hooves that have enormous amount of spare time to focus on perfecting a spell.

[Twilight gets happy and goes to hug Celestia and Luna.]

Twilight Sparkle: [overjoyed] Thank you, Princesses.

[Twilight leaves the castle and meets the rest of her friends.]

Spike: [curious] Is there something wrong, Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: [reads the formula] The usual.

Rarity: [groans] Another villain from Celestia and Luna’s past escaped and we have to stop him, don’t we? Is it too much to ask for a free day after saying goodbye to a very dear friend?

Twilight Sparkle: [shakes her head] Is  not another threat to Equestria, Rarity.

Spike: [interested] What is it then?

Twilight Sparkle: [shows the formula] Do  you know what this is?

Applejack: [frowns awkwardly] Fancy mathematics.

Twilight Sparkle: [smiles at the girls] It’s a formula for the spell.

Pinkie Pie: [gasps] A spell formula? Do you mean…?

Twilight Sparkle: [brightly] It’s the formula for the portal spell that Celestia and Luna used to send Eddie back to Earth.

Rainbow Dash: [curious] But what are you going to do with that formula?

Twilight Sparkle: [happily] I’m going to perfect it. Once the spell is done, we’ll see Eddie again.

Fluttershy: [delighted] Really?

Twilight Sparkle: [happily] Really.

Spike: [overjoyed] Eddie was  right! That wasn’t really a goodbye! We really ARE going to see him soon.

[Spike and the Mane Six cheer as they share a group hug. The next scene is at night at Twilight’s castle. Twilight is sitting on her throne to check on the formula that Celestia and Luna gave her.]

Twilight Sparkle: [determined] I’ll see you again, Eddie. I’m looking forward to talk to you, my faithful student.

[Twilight happily continues to work in the formula. Meanwhile, the camera returns to the cabin on which Eddie was transported to Equestria. Nothing seems to happen at first until a white light emerges at the center. The light spreads until it covers the inside of the whole cabin. The camera goes outside to show the light glowing so brightly that it can be seen outside of the cabin from the window. Once the light dies, Eddie is back inside the cabin, looking surprised.]

Eddie: [puts a hand over his heart] I never thought that traveling through a portal would be scarier than a rollercoaster.

[Eddie checks on the date of his calendar. It’s still the same day as it was back when he was transported to Equestria. He checks on the timer of his alarm clock and notices that it’s still nighttime, close to the time on which he was sleeping when he was taken to Equestria. He double checks with a digital clock that he forgot to put on when he fell asleep and realizes that he was indeed returned to the day in which he left to Equestria.]

Eddie: [shocked] Either I daydreamed so hard or I just traveled dimensions, time, and space to where I originally started.

[Eddie shivers as he remembers the experience. He places a hand to his pocket and sees that he still has his wand.]

Eddie: [looks at his wand] It wasn’t a dream at all.

[Eddie checks on himself and sees that he also brought his sketchbook. He opens it and sees that it is filled with pictures of the ponies that he met.]

Eddie: [checks on his drawings] It wasn’t a dream.

[Eddie sits on his bed.]

Eddie: [tiredly] I need to go to sleep.

[Eddie goes to sleep. Night turns into day. Eddie awakens as the light of the sun hits him in the face. He groans and yawns as he gets out of bed. He stands up to check on his stuff that he left when he first moved into the cabin. Much to his shock, he sees his wand and his sketch book.]

Eddie: [genuinely shocked] It wasn’t a dream at all. It was real. All of it was real. The spells, the ponies, Equestria…everything was real.

[Eddie takes his wand and points it at a lamp. He concentrates on making the lamp levitate but it doesn’t move. Eddie gasps. He gets frustrated as he concentrates harder. He furrows his brown and grunts as he attempts to use his magic powers. Much to his disappointment, the lamp does not budge.]

Eddie: [very disappointed] My magic…it’s gone.

[Eddie looks at his wand, feeling defeated.]

Eddie: [sadly] I guess this is it. I’m no longer the student to the Princess of Magic. I’m no longer the descendant of the first human wizard of Equestria. I’m no longer the wizard who defeated Lord Lasorris. I’m just a regular human with a fancy-looking stick.

[Eddie places his wand in a table. He looks at his sketchbook.]

Eddie: [trying to sound helpful] Maybe I can try my hand at drawing. Maybe all of those commissions that I made for the citizens of Ponyville must have been a good practice for my time in Earth.

[Eddie gets a pencil and an eraser. He opens his sketch book to find an empty page. He starts to make a straight line but is surprised to find that it is a little curvy. He attempts to draw a circle but finds that it’s not a clean one.]

Eddie: [shocked] What the…?

[Eddie uses an eraser to clean up the bad line and circle that he drew. He continues drawing but uses the eraser as much as he uses the pencil. At some points, he actually needs to check previous drawings to use for reference. It takes some time, but Eddie finally makes a drawing. It is a sketch of Spike, but it is a little dirty because Eddie used the eraser on dark lines too many times in one drawing. Eddie checks on the time. He gasps upon seeing how long it took him to get the job done.]

Eddie: [surprised] It’s been almost two hours. It took me almost two hours to make a decent drawing of Spike. It barely looks good at all.

[Eddie checks on his hands.]

Eddie: [shocked] I was right. My art skills went down. Since there is no magic on Earth, I’m not the good artist that I was in Equestria.

[Eddie walks back to his bed and leans on it. He remembers all of the good times that he had with the Mane Six. He remembers fighting alongside with Spike to protect Coal from Garble and his friends. He remembers when he visited Griffonstone with Rainbow Dash to do charity work there. He remembers when Rarity and he went to the Crystal Empire and he protected her and Spike from Sombra’s dark crystals. He remembers when Fluttershy helped him show Coal around Ponyville. He remembers when Applejack made him feel good about himself when he was feeling homesick. He remembers when Twilight taught him about magic. He remembers the good times that he had with Celestia and Luna when Discord brought him to their castle. He remembers the many adventures that he had, the spells that he learned, and the good friends that he made. Eddie takes a deep breath and places his palms over his eyes.]

Eddie: [to himself] Not even a day has passed and I am missing them already.

[The sketchbook falls out of the table since Eddie put it in the corner. Eddie snaps out of his depression to pick it up. As he picks up the sketch book, an envelope falls out of its pages, surprising Eddie.]

Eddie: [curiously] What’s this?

[Eddie gasps as he sees that it is a letter from Twilight.]

Eddie: [opening the envelope] A letter? What did Twilight wrote inside of it.

[Eddie starts to read the letter out loud.]

Eddie: [reads Twilight’s letter] Dear Eddie, if you’re reading this letter then that means that you have probably left Equestria. I wrote this letter the day before your departure and stuck it in your sketchbook while you were talking with my friends. I’m not very good at saying goodbyes so I wrote you this letter just in case my last talk with you was not as emotional as I wanted it to be. Even though you are gone, I am happy that I got to meet you. I am happy that I got to teach you the wonders of magic. Friendship is magic, but surprisingly enough, I didn’t need to teach you friendship for you to learn magic. I think that it was because you were always a good friend that you managed to learn magic at such an astounding rate. I know this by experience from many years of sharing adventures with my friends. You may be gone, but the same cannot be said about what you done. You left your own mark in Equestria with your actions. As long as we remember those things, I’m sure that we will remember you. That’s why I ask of you to keep us in your memory as we keep you in ours. Don’t lose hope in your world because as long as you have friends with your side you’ll always have magic.

[Eddie smiles as his eyes tear up. He respectfully puts back Twilight’s letter inside the envelope and back into the pages of his sketchbook.]

Eddie: [looks outside of the cabin] I suppose that I can go fishing.

[Eddie takes up a fishing pole and sits near a river. He throws the sink and line, waiting to get a fish. The line starts moving. Eddie smiles as he pulls out a big fish.]

Eddie: [joyfully] It’s a big one!

[Eddie takes the fish away and starts cooking it. As he cooks, a group of friendly people approach him.]

Eddie: [welcoming] Hello. My name is Eddie. It’s nice to meet you.

[Eddie is still cooking. However, the people he met bring him more fish. Eddie keeps cooking the fishes until he’s eating with his neighbors. They are talking with each other and laughing.]

Eddie: [enjoying their company] That was a funny story!

[Eddie says goodbye to his neighbors as he sees the sunset. The human returns to his cabin and goes back to sleep. A montage is played as Eddie enjoys his week at the mountains. He interacts with the same people that he met yesterday while meeting even more people each day. The montage shows Eddie doing the same things over and over again but  he is happy  because he is having fun with the new friends that he is making. By the time the montage end, Eddie’s week at the mountains is over.]

Eddie: [checking on the calendar] I guess I should start packing.

[Eddie starts removing his stuff from the cabin. A little montage of Eddie traveling across the cabin to pick up his stuff is shown until the cabin is empty. Eddie sits in the floor and rests a little bit.]

Eddie: [a little exhausted] I hate packing.

[Eddie notices his wand and his sketchbook. He smiles as he takes them on and puts them inside his car. With all of his belongings gone, Eddie closes the door and locks it. He goes to the administration and returns the keys.]

Eddie: [gratefully] Thank you for the keys. This week in this mountain has been quite an adventure.

[Eddie returns to his car and drives home. He returns to his apartment and once again starts unpacking his stuff. This time, he mounts his wand on a wall and locks his sketchbook in the drawer. As he sits in the couch, Eddie checks on his cell phone. He checks on his directory and chooses to make a call to someone. He waits for a few seconds before he gets a response. He smirks once he hears the sound of someone picking up the phone.]

Eddie: [fondly] Hello, Dad.

[Eddie’s dad responds him but is inaudible.]

Eddie: [wistfully] It was a nice week, Dad. I went camping and fishing. I made lots of new friends. Started working on my art skills. I think I’ll go camping again next summer. Forget that, I’ll make it a tradition from now on.

[Eddie’s dad responds. His answer is inaudible again but it makes Eddie smile.]

Eddie: [happily] Thanks, Dad. Hey, I got good news for you. I’m going to visit you tomorrow.

[Eddie’s dad sounds happy based on his tone of voice.]

Eddie: [nods his head] Yes. I don’t mind. I feel so refreshed from my time in the mountains that I have the energy to visit you tomorrow. Don’t worry about it. I can’t wait to see you again.

[Eddie’s dad answers again.]

Eddie: [fondly] I missed you too, Dad. I’ll see you again tomorrow.

[Eddie finishes the call. He feels curious and returns to the drawer. He picks up a pencil and an eraser and starts drawing again. It takes an hour this time but he manages to make a slightly cleaner version of Spike.]

Eddie: [sounding accepting] I guess I should just practice more from now on.

[Eddie stores his sketchbook back in the drawer. The next day, he goes to his parents’ home to meet his family again. After greeting them, Eddie starts spending quality time with them. He is playing videogames with his brother. He is cooking with his mother. And he is talking with his father. He spends a whole day bonding with his family. Feeling better than before, Eddie  returns to his home and goes to sleep.]

Eddie: [determined] I am going to enjoy my summer. From there on, I am starting to enjoy my life.

[Eddie is shown enjoying his vacations until the summer ends. At that point, Eddie is shown back to work again. Despite this, Eddie lives his life happier than ever. His festive spirit remains through fall and continues during winter vacation. He decides to spend his vacations with his family again.]

Eddie: [silently as he makes a snowman with his brother] I wonder what Twilight and her friends are doing.

[Back in Equestria, the Mane Six and Spike are enjoying their normal lives. It is shown that Twilight uses her free time to work on the spell formula. She keeps adding new innovations that will help her create a better portal for Eddie. As she continues writing the formula, Spike gives her a present from Celestia and Luna.]

Spike: [tenderly] Happy Heart’s Warming Eve, Twilight! You got a gift from the Princesses.

Twilight Sparkle: [gratefully takes the present] Thank you, Spike.

[Twilight opens the present and looks surprised. Celestia and Luna have given her the wand that used to belong to Eddie’s ancestor.]

Spike: [awed] Is that the first Eddie’s wand?

Twilight Sparkle: [inspects the wand] It is. I checked on the details. But why would Celestia and Luna send me his wand?

Spike: [reads a note] It says that maybe something that reminds you of Eddie may cheer you up to make up for him not being here. It also says that it is a fitting gift as the wand was what brought Eddie to Equestria in the first place.

Twilight Sparkle: [narrows her eyes at the wand] What brought Eddie to Equestria in the first place, huh?

[The scene switches to Eddie working on the spring. He is still feeling good about himself and his new social life. He practices his drawing skills every day and it can be seen that he is improving.]

Eddie: [self-praising] Not as good as those I made in Equestria, but I am getting closer than ever.

[Eddie goes in to his cell phone. He picks up a telephone book and starts to check on something. He smiles once he finds the number he desires.]

Eddie: [calling the number] Come on.  Please be there.

[Eddie smiles when he hears someone answering.]

Eddie: [politely] Hello, last summer I rented a cabin here. Is it possible to make a reservation for one of your cabins at this time of the year?

[The person at the phone answers. Eddie looks satisfied with what he heard.]

Eddie: [gratefully] Excellent! Thank you for the good service.

[Eddie finishes his call. The next montage shows Eddie working all spring until he gets summer vacations again. He starts packing all of his stuff and puts them in his car. He receives another call from his father.]

Eddie: [warmly] Hi, Dad. I am done packing for my trip to the mountains.

[He gets an answer.]

Eddie: [confident] Yes. I meant everything I said when I promised that it was going to be a tradition.

[He receives another answer.]

Eddie: [happily] Thank you, Dad.

[He receives another answer from his father.]

Eddie: [kindly] I’ll be fine, Dad. I’ll let you know all about it when I come back home.

[He receives a shorter answer.]

Eddie: [happily] I love you too.

[Eddie finishes his call and gets into the car. He drives all the way into the mountains and back to the same cabin that he and his uncle rented at the beginning of the story. As he opens the door, he takes a deep breath and enjoys the smell.]

Eddie: [wistfully] This brings back memories.

[Eddie starts unpacking all of his stuff like he did the first time he entered the cabin. This time around, he brings up his wand and his sketchbook. He sits on his table to check all of the sketches that he made over the year.]

Eddie: [curiously] I wonder how good of an artist will I be in Equestria with the training I had on Earth?

[Eddie puts his sketchbook in the bed and then checks on his wand.]

Eddie: [feeling nostalgia] Hard to believe that a year has passed since I first entered Equestria. It feels surreal to go to another world and find out that you have wizard blood in your veins.

[Eddie looks at the sky. Much to his dismay, there are no stars.]

Eddie: [disappointed] No shooting stars tonight. I guess that I should wait until tomorrow night to ask the wish.

[Eddie closes his eyes and prepares to fall asleep.]

Eddie: [getting sleepy] I wish to return to Equestria to see my friends again.

[The scene switches to Twilight’s castle. The Mane Six are in a room as they watch Twilight use her magic on the ancestor’s wand.]

Spike: [curious] Are you sure that this is going to work, Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: [nods her head] I’m sure, Spike. I can use this wand to connect to Eddie’s wand on Earth to open the portal from both sides.

Spike: [growing excited] Are you sure?

Twilight Sparkle: [smiles despite the effort] I’m sure. Eddie left a fragment of his magic when he used it to defeat Lord Lasorris. It also has a strong connection to him thanks to his bloodline. I can use those two elements to trace my magic across dimensions until I connect to Eddie’s wand. All I need to do is concentrate on finding Eddie.

[Meanwhile, Eddie’s wand starts vibrating as the human is sleeping. It keeps vibrating until it falls to the floor. The sound causes Eddie to wake up.]

Eddie: [yawns] What time is it?

[Eddie checks on the clock and sees that  it is very late at night. He confirms this when he watches the nocturnal sky.]

Eddie: [annoyed at himself] I should have turned off the cell phone.

[As he stands up, he feels somethin hitting his foot. He looks down and is surprised to see that his wand is vibrating.]

Eddie: [shocked] My wand!

[Eddie picks up his wand with both hands. He yelps as he finds himself vibrating along with it.]

Eddie: [a little scared] What is going on here?

[Eddie points his wand forward. He yells as he sees a beam being released from the tip of his wand. The beam turns into a small sphere that grows vertically into an elliptical shape in front of him. Elsewhere, Twilight’s magic in the ancestor’s wand is making it shoot a beam that also makes a sphere of magic turn elliptical. The camera switches between Twilight and Eddie’s faces for a few seconds before the wands stop shooting magic. In both sides, the casters are panting.]

Spike: [supports Twilight when she is tired] Did it work?

Twilight Sparkle: [looks at Spike] We can only wait to find out.

Fluttershy: [worryingly] Do you think he’ll remember us?

Rarity: [checking herself on the mirror] Positively, darling. We are not the kind of ponies that are so easily forgotten.

Rainbow Dash: [confidently] Who can forget somepony as awesome as me?

Pinkie Pie: [bounces happily] I can’t wait to make a party for Eddie! I got all the supplies I need for his “Welcome Back to Equestria” party!

Applejack: [reassuringly] Easy there, Pinkie. Let the boy come out of his portal.

[Back on Earth, Eddie is shocked.]

Eddie: [slowly] This portal…this magic…this is.

[Eddie smiles excitedly. All of his exhaustion is replaced with unbridled energy.]

Eddie: [lively] I got to prepare myself for the trip!

[He takes a shower and dresses himself. He picks up a bag and fills it with clothes and supplies for a long term stay.]

Eddie: [mentally makes a repertoire] I got my toothbrush, spare clothes, digital watch, wand, and sketchbook

[He places his wand back into his pocket and his sketchbook into his bag as well.]

Eddie: [satisfied] All done.

[Eddie stands in front of the portal and takes a deep breath. He has an eager smile spread across his face.]

Eddie: [feeling very excited] I think that I am ready for another vacation to Equestria.

[Eddie confidently walks into the portal. Once he enters into it, the portal disappears along with him. The camera focuses onto the inside of the cabin and then the outside. The camera goes into the night sky. A single shooting star is flying across the horizon before the screen fades to black. End of Part 13.]
Travel to Equestria Part 13
This is my thirteenth and final part of my RP with megamanfan43. After recovering from his failed attempt to return home, Eddie is ready to try the spell again to return home. As he deals with goodbyes in Equestria, Eddie will be faced with trying to reconnect with his old life after all the adventures that he has been through.

MLP belongs to Hasbro
Eddie belongs to megamanfan43
Story is written by me
                                                 Travel to Equestria Part 12

[Part 12 begins with a recapitulation of the previous episodes. After being transported to Equestria, Eddie meets Celestia and Luna, who reveal that his ancestor was a wizard and that he ended up in Equestria. They explain that they have a spell to return Eddie back to Earth, but he first needs to master the magic powers that he inherited from his ancestor and that have been awakened at his arrival to Equestria. Twilight is put in charge of Eddie’s magical education, which is troublesome at first but starts to get better once Eddie makes his own wand. A montage shows Eddie creating a crystal coat to fend off Sombra’s dark crystals in the Crystal Empire, creating a flying cape to fly out of a blanket and griffin feathers, fending off Loco Motive through sheer physical strength and passive magic, and his own magical victories against Garble and Blazing Trail. Eddie is once again talking with Celestia and Luna, who tell him that his ancestor once fought against an evil wizard named Lord Lasorris before he left Equestria. They tell him that they are almost done completing the spell and that it will be over in just a matter of time, just as long as Eddie keeps progressing with his magic powers.  Opening credits roll. It is nighttime in Canterlot and Celestia is ready to go to sleep.  She is about to go into bed when she hears somepony knock on her door. She opens it with her magic to see Luna levitating a scroll.]

Princess Celestia: [yawns] Good evening, Luna. Is there any reason for which you decided to visit me while I was going to sleep.

Princess Luna: [satisfied] It’s done!

Princess Celestia: [surprised] You finished it?

Princess Luna: [proudly] These last few nights have been devoid of nightmares so I had much free time to continue researching Eddie’s spell. I have managed to completely restore the formula for the spell. I even made sure to verify for mistakes from start to finish before I gave you the results.

[Celestia levitates the scroll and starts reading it. Luna beams at her sister once Celestia stops reading the spell.]

Princess Celestia: [delighted] This is amazing! With this, we can send Eddie back home!

Princess Luna: [happily] I know. Now all we need to do is to wait for Eddie to do his part. We’ll be waiting for him to complete his training with Twilight before we can progress with the spell.

Princess Celestia: [smiles at Luna] Actually, I don’t think that we are going to need to wait for that long. Look at the progress report that Twilight sent me regarding his current magical development.

[Celestia handles Luna a scroll. She smiles as her sister reads the contents.]

Princess Luna: [nods approvingly] This is perfect. We have to deliver the good news to Eddie and the Elements of Harmony.

Princess Celestia: [extends a hoof in alarm] Wait!

Princess Luna: [surprised] Why?

Princess Celestia: [sadly] Last time we used that spell, we didn’t get to see our Eddie again. I don’t want Twilight and her friends to not be able to sleep with the possibility of not seeing their Eddie again once the spell is completed.

Princess Luna: [understandingly] They have to know, sister.

Princess Celestia: [nods her head] And they will know. But they will be told tomorrow morning. They deserve to be on their best conditions once they get the news.

Princess Luna: [nods her head back] Fair enough.

[As the sisters talk, a bird is spying on them. It is black and it appears to have a glowing red skeleton as it stares at the pair of alicorns. It flies into the horizon once the sisters are done talking. The next scene shows Eddie having breakfast with Twilight and Spike.]

Eddie: [enjoying his pancakes] These are some good pancakes.

Twilight Sparkle: [blushes] Thanks. Pinkie Pie gave me the recipe.

Eddie: [looks at Spike] Can you pass me the syrup, Spike?

Spike: [nods his head] Sure.

[As the baby dragon goes to give Eddie the syrup, he spits green fire that turns into a scroll.]

Eddie: [chuckles] Somebody forgot to say ‘excuse me’

Spike: [annoyed] Well, excuse Princess Celestia for sending us a letter in the middle of breakfast.

Eddie: [chuckles] You can’t blame her for not knowing that you were eating breakfast, Spike. She is not omnipresent.

Spike: [confused] Omni-what?

Eddie: [chuckles] Omnipresent means being around everywhere, like the air.

Twilight Sparkle: [takes the letter] As much as I’d love to hear about your philosophical talk, I would like to hear what Princess Celestia has to say in her letter.

Spike and Eddie: [apologetically] Sorry.

[Twilight reads the letter and looks surprised.]

Twilight Sparkle: [stunned] It’s about you.

Eddie: [shocked] Me?

Spike: [curious but morbid] What does it say?

Twilight Sparkle: [reading the letter] Dear Twilight Sparkle, I am pleased to tell you that yesterday, at midnight, the formula for the spell that will send Eddie back to his dimension has been completed. Based on the progress reports you have sent me about Eddie’s magic, I can safely assume that Eddie is ready to partake in the spell and create the portal that will send him back home. Please bring him to Canterlot so that we can prepare the spell. Bring your friends with you as well to say your goodbyes.

[Twilight stops reading the letter to look at Eddie with teary eyes.]

Eddie: [looks at Spike] Get the rest of the girls, Spike.

Spike: [depressed] Yes, Eddie.

[The baby dragon leaves the castle. Eddie kneels next to Twilight. The purple alicorn cries into his chest. The next scene shows Eddie in the train. The Mane Six are with him. They are all depressed.]

Applejack: [sighs] This is it, partner.

Eddie: [sighs as well] Yes. I knew that I was going to leave Equestria someday. I just didn’t think that it was going to be that painful

Pinkie Pie: [looks at Eddie] Do you think that we’ll get to have one last party together, Eddie?

Eddie: [takes a deep breath] As long as it’s not one of those spells that have some sort of deadline, I guess we can do it.

Fluttershy: [sadly] Do you think that we can come and visit you?

Eddie: [puts a hand on his forehead] You can. But it’s a one-way trip. Once you get into my world, a world without magic, you won’t be able to get back to Equestria. Only I can enter there.

Rainbow Dash: [looks at Twilight] You have a magical mirror, Twilight. Can you tweak it just a little to see if we can get to Eddie’s dimension?

Twilight Sparkle: [sadly] It’s the same dilemma as with the one-way trip that Eddie mentioned,
Rainbow Dash. The mirror is only set in the coordinates of the universe on which Sunset Shimmer lives. It only has one destination to go…and it’s not where Eddie lives.

Rarity: [puts a hoof on Eddie’s hand] It’s a shame to see you go, Eddie. I am going to miss your art skills.

Eddie: [sadly] So am I, Rarity. I’m not sure what’s going to happen to me once I return home. Will I still be able to use magic? Will my art skills be just as good as they were in Equestria or will they return to the way they used to be? Will I be as strong and fast as I am here or will I be just as normal as any human in my world?

Twilight Sparkle: [reassuringly] I went through the same thing when I first went to the human world on which Sunset Shimmer lives. It was way different than anything that I’ve seen in Equestria, but I couldn’t bring myself to panic.  I had a crown to find, something important for the safety of Equestria, so I was unable to let my fear control me. Though, I’d lie if I said that I was not scared.

Eddie: [shakes his head] I think I get your point, Twilight. I want to return home because that’s where my friends and family are. But I never had so much fun in my entire life since I got here. Throwing that away, it just fills like I am going to live an incomplete life from now on, regardless of whether I choose to live in Equestria for the rest of my life or return home.

Spike: [reassuringly] For what you know, you are the best human that I ever met.

Eddie: [raises an eyebrow] I thought that was going to be Sunset Shimmer or Rarity.

Spike: [chuckles] Sunset Shimmer is not a real human and Rarity is a close friend in the pony universe so I’d be letting my feelings speak for me. You’re the best natural-born human that is not a counterpart of somepony that I don’t know that I ever met.

Eddie: [chuckles] Thank you, Spike. Of all the dragons that I met in Equestria, you’re my favorite.

[Eddie pets Spike’s head. The camera pans out of the train, showing Canterlot getting closer by the second. The group walks around the castle, where they meet Celestia and Luna, both of whom look serene.]

Princess Celestia: [politely] It’s nice to see you again, Eddie.

Eddie: [bows to Celestia and Luna] Thank you, Princesses. I appreciate the news you gave me this morning.

Princess Luna: [professionally] The portal spell for your return to Earth has been completed. The reports about your magic progress imply that you already have all the qualities to help Celestia and me to perform this spell.

Eddie: [takes a deep breath] How does the spell work? Does it have to be done at a specific time and place? Can it only be used once every period of time before it can be used again? I just want to make sure how important this spell is going to be.

Princess Celestia: [reassuringly] The spell can be performed at any hour of the day at any day of the year. It can be performed as many times as possible, depending on how fast you recover you magic after using the spell in the previous attempt.

Eddie: [relieved] Does that mean that we are not in a hurry?

Princess Luna: [supportively] You are not in a hurry to perform the spell, Eddie. Celestia and I just wanted to inform you of the possibility to return home. If you want to return home now, we can start a farewell party before your departure.

Eddie: [looks at the Princesses and then to the Mane Six] Let me discuss it with the girls first. They deserve to take part in the decision after they had to help me adjust here.

Princess Celestia: [nods her head] I understand.

Princess Luna: [approvingly] We will give you the time that you need to think about it.

[The Mane Six, Spike, and Eddie get out of the throne room to talk in private at a room.]

Eddie: [awkwardly] This may be a little uncomfortable but it needs to be asked, when do you want me to leave?

[Just like he said, Eddie’s comment makes the Mane Six uncomfortable.]

Applejack: [solemnly] Ah think that you should be back to yer family, Eddie. But Ah would like to say that you are like mah family too. Ah don’t want you to leave so soon but Ah also don’t want to keep you away from them.

Rainbow Dash: [annoyed] I want you to return home, Eddie. But I don’t want to lose one of my friends in the process. But it’s your whole life that’s in the other side of that portal. I don’t want to sound like “Get the heck out of Equestria” or anything, but I think that it’d be selfish of my part to force you to abandon your loved ones just for some ponies that you met in a little more than a month.

Rarity: [maintaining her composure but trying not to cry] Edward, darling…I’ll admit that you are an excellent friend. You are a good student to Twilight and a good role model for mean more to the people in your world than anypony else in Equestria. It would be against the spirit of generosity to force you to stay with us more than you should.

Fluttershy: [trying to say something] I…I want you to stay, Eddie. Everypony is happy to have you around and taking you away will hurt them. But having you stay here, away from your family…that’s very cruel. I cannot take your home away from you just because it makes me happy.

Pinkie Pie: [hugs Eddie as she smiles sadly] I love to make new friends. I love to make them happy. But it makes me sad to let them go. But what makes me even more sad is to make them sad just so that I can make myself happy. Even though it makes me sad that you have to leave, if it makes you happy then that will make me happy eventually.

Twilight Sparkle: [looks sadly at the floor] I was aware that this day may come. I knew that you were eventually going to leave. These last weeks were wonderful, Eddie. You feel as if you are a member of my family. Watching you go is very hard for me, but forcing you to stay away from the world that you love would be harder for you. Just like Celestia let me make my own decisions after I became an alicorn, I am going to let you live your life once you return to Earth.

Spike: [sniffling but managing to smile anyway] It was fun while it lasted, Eddie. I wish that you could stay or visit us anytime soon but that would be asking too much. Things were a lot of fun with you around. It’s kind of sad that I no longer have a roommate with whom to talk about guy stuff. But I am your friend, and that means that I need to let you go to where you belong.

[Eddie smiles as he wipes tears from his eyes.]

Eddie: [gratefully] Your words are the most touching ones that I heard in my entire life. I want to thank you for letting me stay and then for letting me go. I’m sure that both occasions were hard for you. I wished for something new and interesting to happen to me in this summer vacation. That something turned out to be all of you. Your friendship is the best thing that ever happened to me in this summer. I really am going to miss you all once I am gone.

[Eddie receives a group hug from the Mane Six and Spike.]

Eddie: [takes a deep breath] This is my last day in Equestria, girls. I’d really love it if we can end it in a more cheerful note. I don’t want my last memory of you to be filled with tears. I want to hear laugh and cheer.

Pinkie Pie: [smiles as she wipes tears from her eyes] If you want laugh and cheer, just ask for Pinkie. I’ll make you a super duper party for you and our peers!

[Pinkie Pie breaks from the group hug and pulls out her party cannon. She fires the cannon and fills the room with party decorations.]

Eddie: [smiles fondly at Pinkie] I love it when you do that, Pinkie. It’s like watching a stage magician without worrying about it being smoke and mirrors.

Pinkie Pie: [giggles] Nope! This is all real, a hundred percent Pinkie Pie!

Eddie: [stretches his body to prepare himself] I think that three hours of nonstop party will be the perfect send-away gift for me.

Twilight Sparkle: [awkwardly] I think that it should last two hours and a half. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have a really busy schedule.

Eddie: [chuckles] You memorized their schedule?

Twilight Sparkle: [nervously kicks her hoof on the floor] I don’t like to cause trouble for them.

Eddie: [smiles] Two and a half hours are still enough for me.

Pinkie Pie: [pulls out Vinyl Scratch and a stereo] Let’s party!

[The ponies start dancing and playing games with Eddie. The camera goes outside of the room to focus on the sun. After a few seconds, the sun has moved a little in the sky and the sound of music has faded to silence. The group gets out of the room. Eddie and the ponies are exhausted. Spike actually needs to be carried away in Spike’s back to proceed into the castle.]

Eddie: [exhausted but satisfied] Thanks for my last party, Pinkie.

Pinkie Pie: [with a flat mane and sweating] No problem.

Twilight Sparkle: [walking close to Eddie] At this hour, Celestia and Luna are outside talking in the gardens. I think that you will have enough space to practice the spell there without any distractions.

Eddie: [pulls out his wand in preparation] Good enough for me.

[The group finally reaches the gardens. Celestia and Luna are waiting for Eddie.]

Princess Celestia: [smiles at the group] I’ll take it that you gave your goodbyes to each other.

Eddie: [smiles tiredly] We sure did.

Princess Luna: [solemnly] Then let us perform the spell, Eddie. I want you to position yourself in a way that you make a triangle with Celestia and me. Make sure that you stand in front of us.

[Eddie follows Luna’s instructions. He stands in front of Celestia and Luna.]

Princess Celestia: [calmly] Now, focus your magic and spread it across your body and your wand so that we can fuse our magic with yours.

[Eddie places the blunt end of his wand into the group and the tip of his wand points skywards. Sparkles of magic are released, spreading themselves on the wand and then across Eddie’s body. A small ball of light is formed in front of Eddie.]

Princess Luna: [grits her teeth] Here comes the hard part! Celestia and I will focus our magic into your own to supplement the power for the spell. Once that ball of magic takes an elliptic shape, we’ll know that the spell has been completed. .

[Celestia and Luna shoot their magic into the sphere. The sphere starts to become larger and more elliptical in shape. As the portal starts to form, a black fireball lands close to the casters. The fireball explodes, causing the spell to be disrupted. The Princesses and Eddie back away and turn around to the direction of the fireball. They are surprised to see a skeleton made out of dark magic. The girls gasp upon seeing the skeleton.]

Princess Celestia: [stunned] Impossible.

Princess Luna: [shocked] Is that you Lasorris?

Lord Lasorris: [turns his head around] It’s been a while since our last encounter, Eddie.

Eddie: [stammering] I think that you’re confusing me with somebody else. I had an ancestor who shared the same name with me…

[Lord Lasorris turns into a dragon made out of dark magic. He shoots flames at Eddie, who defends himself with a shield. The shield begins to crack, forcing Eddie to his knees. It appears as if Eddie is going to be defeated, but Celestia and Luna flash next to him and teleport out of the gardens with the Mane Six in tow.]

Eddie: [terrified from the encounter] Who was that? Was he the guy my ancestor beat?

Princess Celestia: [nods her head grimly] Indeed. He was your ancestor’s rival. He had arrived with the original Eddie to Equestria a millennium ago.

Eddie: [surprised] What do you mean with my ancestor? Were those two friends or something?

Princess Luna: [sadly] Apparently, they used to be best friends in their world. They had the same magic teacher when they were young. One day, Lasorris got arrogant and decided to conquer a world filled with magic to increase his power. Your ancestor tried to make him see reason but ended up fighting him in a magic duel.

Princess Celestia: [casting a force field around Canterlot] Although they were both strong, they were no masters of magic. Their lack of control opened a dimensional rift that led them to Equestria. It was then and there that Luna and I met your ancestor, Eddie.

Princess Luna: [aiding Celestia with the shield] However, Lasorris arrived to Equestria as well and started his plans to conquer it. Feeling that it was his responsibility to stop him, your ancestor fought him again and this time emerged triumphant, trapping him in Tartarus for all of eternity…or so we thought.

[The Princesses are reinforcing the shield as dragon Lasorris is assaulting it with dark fire.]

Spike: [annoyed] Great! First we have to say goodbye to Eddie and now another thousand year old threat is back to try to destroy Equestria again! What kind of messed up year was that one?

Celestia and Luna: [struggling at the same time] An awful one!

Lord Lasorris: [with an echoing voice] Fight me, Edward!

Eddie: [shouting to sound audible] No thanks! I don’t believe in picking up fights that belong to somebody else!

Lord Lasorris: [threateningly] Fight me or I will destroy the part of the mountain that sustains Canterlot!

[The girls gasp upon hearing the threat.]

Princess Celestia: [angrily] Leave Eddie out of this, Lasorris. He shouldn’t be punished for his ancestor’s victory against you!

Lord Lasorris: [derisively] Mind your own business, you beast! Otherwise I am going to send another beast from Tartarus to take care of you.

Princess Luna: [realizing something and then getting angry] Another beast? You’re the one responsible for Lord Tirek escaping Tartarus, aren’t you?

Lord Lasorris: [creates a screen in the same room as the group] I did give him a hand in his escape.

[The screen shows a flashback of Lord Lasorris helping Tirek escape.]

Lord Lasorris: [opens the cage to let Tirek escape] Cause as much destruction in Equestria as possible and I will help you escape.

Lord Tirek: [threateningly] And why should I believe you?

Lord Lasorris: [smugly] Because you need me to distract Cerberus for your escape. Or would you rather stay here and live in this miserable cage?

Lord Tirek: [grumbles angrily] Lead the way.

[The flashback ends, causing the screen to disappear.]

Rainbow Dash: [enraged] You jerk! Equestria was nearly destroyed because of you!

Lord Lasorris: [annoyed] That’s what I was intending to do in the first place, you beast of burden. Now be silent! I am talking to an old friend!

Eddie: [irritated] For the last time, I am not my ancestor!

Lord Lasorris: [losing patience] Keep stalling, Edward, or I will force you to choose. I have spent my time in Tartarus wisely. I know the best hiding spots in the place on which I can cause a massive escape for the creatures locked there. If you don’t show up at the Gates of Tartarus in an hour, I am going to release all of those monsters and release them on your precious ponies!

[With the announcement done, Lord Lasorris vanishes in smoke. Celestia and Luna cancel the spell, allowing them to recover their energy.]

Twilight Sparkle: [hurries to Celestia and Luna] Are you two alright?

Princess Celestia: [pants] Not really. The portal spell that we used with Eddie drained a significant amount of magic from us. And that’s not including the shields and the teleportation.

Princess Luna: [just as exhausted] The magical backlash that was caused when Lord Lasorris disrupted our spell caused us to deplete more magic than estimated when we first started to use the spell.

Eddie: [desperately] I have to go. Canterlot will be destroyed if I don’t go.

Princess Celestia: [disapprovingly] You are not going to face him alone.

Eddie: [hurryingly] But he will destroy Canterlot! I have to face him to prevent that from happening! I can beat him just like my ancestor did!

Princess Luna: [pointedly] Your ancestor had a lifetime of studies to back him up when he first face Lasorris. This time, Lasorris has a thousand years of collected experience. You won’t stand a chance against him in your state.

[Eddie goes to protest but he is stopped by Twilight, who gives him a reassuring smile.]

Twilight Sparkle: [in a comforting] Let us do this, Eddie.

Eddie: [horrified] But Twilight…

Rainbow Dash: [snorts] We faced worse before, Eddie. We can take care of a skeleton!

Applejack: [supportively] You already did a lot for us, partner. Let us do this for ya.

Pinkie Pie: [happily] Yeah. If you want, you can watch from the sidelines to show you how we save Equestria. After all the times you were a hero to us, it is our time for us to be a hero for you.

Rarity: [checks on her mane] She is right, darling. We are your hosts in Equestria. It is unbecoming of us to have you deal with our problems.

Fluttershy: [timidly but still determined] I don’t want you to get hurt again. This is your last day in Equestria and you deserve to rest.

Spike: [reassuringly] Trust them, Eddie. Twilight and the others know exactly what they are doing.
This isn’t their first time saving Equestria and it won’t be their last.

[Eddie tries to speak but stops when he sees how determined his friends are.]

Eddie: [admits defeat] Fine. I’ll trust you, girls.

Princess Celestia: [a little more rejuvenated] I think that we should go to the throne room to make a strategy. I think that I have consistency plans in case for something like this ever happening.

Princess Luna: [sternly] In the meantime, I want you to go to your room, Eddie. We do not want you to needlessly risk your life. Is that understood?

Eddie: [sighs] Fine.

[Eddie leaves the room. He goes walking around Canterlot Castle until he reaches the room where his ancestor’s wand is located. Eddie looks at the wand and compares it to the one that he owns.]

Eddie: [talking to the one] I guess that I should thank you for bringing me to Equestria in the first place. You did make my wish to make things new and interesting come true…even if your methods were exaggerated.

[Eddie looks at the wand further.]

Eddie: [frustrated] Your nemesis just went by today. He thinks that I am you and wants to fight me or else he’ll destroy Canterlot with a bunch of monsters from Tartarus. The problem is that Celestia and Luna won’t let me fight because I am not strong enough.  And they’re right. I am not you.

[The wand shows no reaction.]

Eddie: [sighs] I wish that I were like you. That way, I could do something to help my friends.

[The ancestor’s wand starts glowing. Eddie gasps upon seeing the glow. His own wand also starts to glow. He stares at both glowing wands.]

Eddie: [shocked] What is happening?

[Eddie is consumed by both lights, disappearing out of the room. He reappears back in Twilight’s castle.]

Eddie: [shocked] What am I doing in my room again?

[The camera shows that Eddie is specifically located back in his room. One of the wands is floating in front of him, still covered in magic. The ancestor’s wand glows as it levitates something.]

Eddie: [gasps as he recognizes the object] My flying cape!

[The flying cape disappears from sight and reappears as it is attached to Eddie’s back. Another object is brought to Eddie. This time, he looks confused.]

Eddie: [frowns] What is my coat doing here?

[The coat glows and takes a crystal shine. It materializes in Eddie’s shirt.]

Eddie: [surprised] That’s the crystal coat that I made in the Crystal Empire. But how did you do that? The crystal enchantment broke when I sealed the entry.

[The wand vanishes and then reforms in Eddie’s left hand. Eddie’s wand floats to the right hand. Eddie stares at both hands in his hands. He looks awed as they release a light that teleports him out of the castle. Once the light disappears, Eddie is surprised to find a deserted rocky mountain that has two enormous gates.]

Eddie: [a little terrified] These must be the Gates of Tartarus.

Lord Lasorris: [walks behind Eddie] The same gates on which you locked me up for a thousand years, Edward!

[Eddie turns around and sees Lasorris turning into a dragon. Lasorris shoots a fire breath that is dodged when Eddie uses his flying cape to fly out of the way.]

Lord Lasorris: [frustrated] You and your stupid toys!

Eddie: [defiantly] These toys are more than enough to beat you!

[Eddie starts throwing magic blasts from both wands. They hit Lasorris and damage his dragon body. Lasorris roars in pain and rage. He swipes his long tail at Eddie, managing to hit him. The human is slammed against the mountain, groaning in pain as he gets out of the small crater that his body made.]

Eddie: [rubbing his crystal coat] I changed my mind. I don’t envy the superheroes that have to put up with these moments anymore.

[Lasorris throws a fire breath from the sky. Eddie slams both of his wands into the ground, creating a force field that is stronger than the previous ones.]

Eddie: [excited] Wow! I’ve never been so strong in my entire life! My magic power is not that big.

[A ghost that looks like Eddie appears next to him, at the side of the hand that is wielding his ancestor’s wand.]

Eddie’s Ancestor: [reassuringly] That’s because you’re not fighting him alone, my descendant.

Eddie: [surprised] You’re my ancestor!

Eddie’s Ancestor: [chuckles] And you are my descendant!

Eddie: [shocked] Why are you helping me?

Eddie’s Ancestor: [shrugs his shoulders] Because you’re my descendant, I like the ponies, and Celestia and Luna are my friends. Besides, I have to put Lasorris to rest. He was my friend and fellow disciple. It’s my responsibility to defeat him.

Eddie: [looks at his ancestor] Is that why you sent me to Equestria? You wanted me to help you defeat Lasorris?

Eddie’s Ancestor: [shrugs his shoulders] Not really. I didn’t know that Lasorris was still alive. I just felt like sending you here to give you an interesting summer.

Eddie: [uneasy] Thanks. I guess.

[Lasorris lands in front of Eddie. He snarls at the human and the ghost.]

Lord Lasorris: [threateningly] We will finish what we started a thousand years ago…TODAY!

[Lord Lasorris charges the largest fireball that he can make. His throat and head actually bulge out as he throws it.]

Eddie’s Ancestor: [sternly] Cancel the shield spell and focus all of your magic into the wands in one burst.

Eddie: [surprised] What?

Eddie’s Ancestor: [hurryingly] Just do it!

[Eddie does as he is told. He absorbs the force fields back into his wands and then shoots their energy into the fireball. The beams manage to slow down the fireball but they don’t stop it or make it disappear.]

Eddie: [grunting through the effort of holding the fireball] I don’t think that I can take this for so long.

Eddie’s Ancestor: [turns transparent] You don’t have to do it the hard way!

[Eddie’s Ancestor enters Eddie’s body. Eddie starts to glow white as the size of the magic beams released from his wands increase in size. The fireball turns white as it is shoved back to Lasorris. The evil dragon gives one roar of rage before it is consumed by the purified fireball. An explosion comes out of the collision. Back in Canterlot, the Mane Six and the Princesses are discussing the next plan of action.]

Princess Luna: [satisfied] I think that this plan is good enough to stop Lord Lasorris without endangering Eddie’s life. We should start our efforts to save Equestria right away.

[The explosion from the fight is seen from the balcony. The group stares at it with widened eyes and open jaws.]

Princess Celestia: [shocked] Never mind.  Let’s see what happened.

[Celestia and Luna use their magic on themselves, and the Mane Six and Spike, to teleport the whole group to the Gates of Tartarus. They are shocked to see Eddie,  his ancestor, and another ghost standing there.]

Eddie’s Ancestor: [walks to the ghost with a smile] I told you that dark magic was going to get you in trouble. I’m glad I finally got it out of your system, Lasorris.

Lord Lasorris: [purified of all evil, tired, but thankful] Thanks you.

Eddie’s Ancestor: [satisfied] It’s time to go home, old friend.

[Lord Lasorris closes his eyes and fades out of existence. Eddie’s ancestor turns around to see Celestia and Luna looking at him.]

Eddie’s Ancestor: [smiles fondly] It’s been a long time since I saw you two girls. How has life been treating you, Princesses?

Princess Celestia: [stunned] Is that you, Eddie?

Eddie’s Ancestor: [chuckles] In the flesh…well, more in the spirit.

Princess Luna: [angry and sad] Why didn’t you come and visit us?

Eddie’s Ancestor: [sheepishly] I didn’t know of a way to return to Equestria. I only made a spell formula to return to Earth, but that was more by using my magical signature. I did try to figure out how to return to Equestria on my free time.

Princess Celestia: [still confused] But you are in Equestria!

Eddie’s Ancestor: [chuckles] A piece of me is in Equestria! I lost my wand when you returned me back to my dimension. I guess that when I passed away, a part of my magic and spirit that I left on my visit here stayed in the wand.

Princess Luna: [angrily] If that was the case, then why didn’t you come out of the wand to talk to me and Celestia? You could have bothered to talk to us every once in a while.

Eddie’s Ancestor: [ashamed] I’m sorry, Luna. I didn’t know that I existed until I heard my descendant’s wish.

Twilight Sparkle: [surprised] You were the one who brought Eddie here?

Eddie’s Ancestor: [nods his head] Yes. I always had a thing for shooting stars so when a human with the same magical heritage as me made a wish, I knew from that moment that he was related to me. It was easy for me to use our bloodline magic to open a portal to Equestria when he made that wish.

Rarity: [curious] But why  did you made a portal to Equestria?

Eddie’s Ancestor: [smiles at Eddie] I guess he reminded me a lot of myself when I was his age. I always wondered if there was something fun or interesting waiting to happen for me when I was his age. That’s why I decided to send him to Equestria. Nothing boring ever happens here.

Pinkie Pie: [pops next to Eddie] He’s got a good point, Eddie! Nothing boring EVER happens in Equestria. There’s a BUNCH of surprises always waiting around the corner. I should know because I live in Equestria and I never get surprised about what it has to offer to me and my friends!

[Pinkie Pie grins and makes the squeaky sound.]

Eddie’s Ancestor: [smiles fondly] I am glad to see that the ponies are just as lively today as they were a thousand years ago.

Eddie: [curiously] What are you going to do now?

Eddie’s Ancestor: [sighs] I guess I should depart to the other world. Lasorris is going to need a guide.

Princess Celestia: [dismayed] You’re leaving already?

Eddie’s Ancestor: [awkwardly] I’m a ghost, Celestia. I am a fragmented soul from the original Eddie. Beating Lasorris was the only reason I stayed in Equestria and why I left when I thought I had accomplished my goal. Now that Lasorris is finally gone, my spirit has no tethers to attach me to Equestria.

Princess Luna: [hurt] But we haven’t seen you for so long. Are you going to leave us after talking to us for the first time in a thousand years?

Eddie’s Ancestor: [sadly] I wish I could stay and make up for the lost time. I really do want to spend time with you like when we first met. But every second right now is making me feel lightheaded. It feels as if I am going to disappear at any second now. As much as I want to talk to you, I would like to have my last talk with my descendant.

Princess Celestia: [disappointed but understanding] I suppose that you have a right to talk with your family.

Princess Luna: [reluctantly accepting] I hope that you get to say everything that you want to say.

[Eddie and his ancestor stare at each other.]

Eddie’s Ancestor: [extends his hand] Hi.

Eddie: [attempts to shake his hand in return] Hi.

[Eddie attempts to shake his ancestor’s hand but their hands phase through each other in account to his ancestor being a ghost. Both of them chuckle nervously.]

Eddie’s Ancestor: [trying to sound welcoming] So, how did it felt to find out that you were the descendent of a wizard that saved Equestria?

Eddie: [chuckles] Probably the weirdest thing that happened in my life. However, I think that my first thing became one of the most normal things that ever happened to me when I was living in Equestria.

[Both of them burst into laughter.]

Eddie’s Ancestor: [smiles at Eddie] I am glad to see that my sense of humor is running strong in the family.

Eddie: [smiles back at his ancestor] And I am happy to have another family member to admire apart from my dad.

Eddie’s Ancestor: [satisfied] I am really proud of you for what you accomplished, Eddie. You are an excellent wizard if you managed to progress so much in just a few months. Not even I made that much progress in years when I was an apprentice.

Eddie: [flattered] Thank you. But I had a pretty good teacher.

[Twilight blushes in the background while her friends silently praise her.]

Eddie’s Ancestor: [starts to disappear] You’re real lucky to have good friends watching for your back, son.

Eddie: [desperately] Wait! I still have many questions! Am I going to become a ghost when I die? Will my soul be bound to Equestria or my wand? Is there really a way for me to return to Equestria?

Eddie’s Ancestor: [soothingly] You only become a ghost when you die if you have something VERY important to do in the land of the living before  you can get your final rest. Your soul will most likely bound to either Equestria or your wand depending on how you die and what you needed to do there before you die. As for your return, I’m not sure about that.

Eddie: [disheartened] So…I’m never returning to Equestria?

Eddie’s Ancestor: [sadly] It was impossible a thousand years ago.

[The Mane Six look heartbroken at the news.]

Eddie: [disappointed] Thanks for answering my questions.

Eddie’s Ancestor: [smiles before he disappears] Then again, a lot of things can change in a thousand years.

[The ghost disappears. His last words surprise Eddie. A small pause takes place before Eddie regains a smile.]

Eddie: [waves at the direction on which his ancestor disappeared] Thanks for everything! It was the best summer of my life.

[Celestia and Luna walk next to Eddie.]

Eddie: [smiles at the sisters] He was everything you two told me he was.

[Celestia and Luna smile at him.]

Princess Celestia: [happily] I’m happy that you are so much like him.

Princess Luna: [nuzzles Eddie] I am just happy that you are safe.

Eddie: [embarrassed] Sorry about worrying you like that. I just went to talk with my ancestor’s wand and then I’m brought back to Twilight’s castle to prepare for my final fight. Lots of things happened over a single talk with a stick.

Princess Celestia: [stops Eddie with a hoof gesture] That’s quite alright, Eddie. You don’t need to give me an explanation.

Princess Luna: [looks at him sternly] But you are going to need a lot of relaxation if you want to return home. This attack that Lord Lasorris threw at us has depleted the three of us from our magic reserves. We are going to need a few days of rest if we want to use that portal spell to send you back home.

[The Mane Six cheer up upon hearing this.]

Eddie: [bows to Celestia and Luna] Thank you, Princesses.

[Celestia and Luna smile before they use their magic to teleport. Eddie is suddenly tackled into the ground by the Mane Six and Spike.]

Rainbow Dash: [happily] That was so awesome! You kicked evil skeleton dragon butt all on your own!

Rarity: [overjoyed] And look at your ensemble. You certainly look like a dashing knight, Edward!

Fluttershy: [relieved but worried] Oh my, I really think that you should return to Ponyville to get better.

Applejack: [chuckles] Ah see your own stained glass window in the future, partner.

Spike: [congratulatory] Welcome to the club, Eddie!

Pinkie Pie: [hugs and nuzzles Eddie] You were amazing, Eddie. I have so many parties to throw you in these few days. We have the “Thanks for Saving Equestria” party, the “Glad that You’re Alive” party, a better farewell party, and so many more. I’m going to need one of your lists, Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: [giggling] We’ll deal with that later, girls. For the time being, we have to bring back Eddie to Ponyville.

[Twilight lights her horn with magic to return everypony to Ponyville. The group goes to the hospital, where Eddie is treated by the doctors. Eddie returns to Twilight’s castle with a few bandages wrapped around him but he is still in good condition. Eddie sits on a chair and winces.]

Eddie: [winces] Ouch. I never thought saving Equestria was going to be so painful.

Rainbow Dash: [chuckles] That’s because you did it the wrong way. We usually use the Elements of Harmony or some other thing like the Crystal Heart to beat our enemies. It’s simple to do and awesome to watch.

Rarity: [playfully admonishing] Enough bragging, Rainbow Dash. Edward needs his rest right now.

Fluttershy: [gently pushes Edward back into his room] Let me help you back into your room. A good night sleep is the best medicine for you.

Eddie: [playfully] Okay, Fluttershy.

[Eddie sits on his bed and covers himself with sheets. He removes his cape and his coat. He also places his two wands in a table before he prepares himself to go to sleep.]

Applejack: [reassuringly] Next time Ah visit, Ah’m bringin’ Granny Smith’s apple pie. A hero needs good eatin’ to recover his strength.

Pinkie Pie: [bounces away from Eddie] And I am going to start baking for your parties. I think that I am giving them to you marathon style for accomplishing so much in so little time.

Twilight Sparkle: [makes gestures to her friends to leave] I think that we have done more than enough for Eddie today. Good night, Eddie.

Eddie: [gratefully] Good night, Twilight.

[Twilight closes the door. Eddie closes his eyes. He remembers when he first entered into his uncle’s cabin and made that wish. Eddie is now in the dream world, watching on a movie-like version of his adventure.]

Eddie: [to himself] Incredible how much I got with just a wish to a shooting star.

[Eddie keeps watching the events of his adventures. He winces in sympathy when he gets caught by the Royal Guards but still smiles. He then watches his first meeting with Celestia and Luna.]

Eddie: [chuckles to himself] How many guys on Earth can brag about being friends with two princesses from a different dimension?

[Eddie watches as the Princesses introduces Eddie to the Mane Six. He watches as they help him and he helps them back in return. He watches every time that he made progress with his magic training.]

Eddie: [to himself] I really did have a lot of things to do to keep me entertained in this place.

Eddie’s Ancestor: [flashes next to Eddie] Can I watch with you?

Eddie: [gets surprised but calms down] Sure. Take a seat.

[Eddie materializes some popcorn and offers to share them with his ancestor. Eddie’s ancestor shrugs his shoulders and takes the popcorn. He moans at the good flavor of butter and keeps eating with Eddie. They silently watch the movie as they only make noise by eating popcorn and laughing at some scenes. The screen fades to black. Closing credits roll. End of Part 12.]
Travel to Equestria Part 12
This is the twelfth part of my RP with megamanfan43. Eddie's power and skill with magic has increased to the desired level. With Celestia and Luna having finally completed the spell, Eddie now has to provide them his magic to open the portal that will return him home. However, Eddie's return is complicated when an evil rival of his ancestor interrupts the spell with the intent on destroying him.

MLP belongs to Hasbro
Eddie belongs to megamanfan43
Story is written by me.
                                             Travel to Equestria Part 11

[Part 11 begins with a recapitulation of previous episodes. Eddie is transported to Equestria after making a wish for something new and interesting to happen in his life. Upon arrival, he meets Celestia and Luna, who reveal that his ancestor was a wizard and that Eddie has inherited his powers. The sisters tell Eddie that they can use a spell that his ancestor created to return home but that they are going to need his help in the process. Eddie now has to learn how to use magic with Twilight Sparkle as his mentor. After creating a wand, Eddie is shown with an increasing magical aptitude, dominating the use of elemental spells and transformation spells. As his skill increases, Eddie meets with Celestia and Luna again in Canterlot. The sisters tell him that they are very close to finishing the spell that his ancestor created but that he needs to keep improving further until the spell is completed. Opening credits roll. Eddie is shown doing blacksmith work again, having Twilight and Spike as companions in his work. This time, he is not using any tools. He is using his magic to heat a metal red hot and then tries to change it into a shape with his magic. The metal melts as Eddie attempts to turn it into a ring. He panics and attempts to return the shape to the melting metal. The end result is a very ugly ring that barely resembles a circle. Twilight cringes in sympathy but Spike bursts into laughter. Eddie covers his face with his hand in embarrassment.]

Twilight Sparkle: [admonishingly] Spike!

Spike: [not deterred] Come on, Twilight! Look at it!

[Spike keeps laughing.]

Twilight Sparkle: [scolding] Failure is not something to laugh about, Spike!

Spike: [giggling] It’s not my failure! Besides, Eddie can try again until he succeeds. It’s not like it was his only chance to make it right.

Twilight Sparkle: [stammers but regains composure] Be that as it may…

Eddie: [still embarrassed but calmly] It’s okay, Twilight. I was kind of expecting to fail on my first try. I didn’t think that transmutation was going to be that hard.

Twilight Sparkle: [in a teaching tone] Metal transmutation is a dual spell, Eddie. It employs a simultaneous use of an elemental spell and a transformation spell. The individual focus for each of them is already big enough. The focus becomes even greater when you perform those spells simultaneously and that is when you’re not having trouble keeping up with your control.

Eddie: [wipes sweat from his brow] Do I really have to know all of this stuff for the spell that I have to do with the Princesses when I return home?

Twilight Sparkle: [worried] You may need to know lots of it. An arcane spell of such magnitude requires the utmost focus and control. This exercise is the closest thing that I can give you to simulate the spell.

Eddie: [frowns] Can we take a break? My head hurts from this exercise.

Spike: [happily] Maybe you can come and have breakfast with the girls. We always have a group breakfast in the castle.

Twilight Sparkle: [reassuringly] That’s right! The girls have not seen your ring yet! They may give you some positive feedback if they were to see it.

[Eddie smiles at first. The camera switches to Eddie frowning in the throne room.]

Rainbow Dash: [bursts into laughter] What the heck is that thing?

Rarity: [alarmed and flailing her hooves] Keep that disgusting thing away from me, Edward! This abomination is an insult to everything that is fashionable! Ugh!

Pinkie Pie: [takes Eddie’s ring] I think that it looks like a nice piece of art, Rarity! Still, I never thought that you were into abstract art, Eddie!

Fluttershy: [nervously] Uh…it’s lovely, Eddie.

Twilight Sparkle: [ashamed of her own idea] Okay. Showing Eddie’s ring to my friends was probably not the best idea.

Spike: [eating a pancake] Good thing Applejack is not here. At least Eddie has enough time to take that ring and hide it before the last member of our best friends sees it.

[Applejack bursts into the room, galloping towards her throne.]

Spike: [deadpan] Too late.

[Applejack stands on her hind legs on top of her throne. She kicks her forelegs energetically and beams at her friends.]

Applejack: [enthusiastically] Grab yer bags, everypony! We’re goin’ to Appleloosa!

Eddie: [eating a pancake and then speaking with it in his mouth] Apple-what?

[The scene shifts to the group in a train to Appleloosa. It’s nighttime already from the long train ride to Appleloosa. Eddie is receiving an explanation about Appleloosa from Spike  as he looks at him curiously.]

Eddie: [relaxed] Okay, let me review what you told me. We are going to visit Applejack’s cousin Braeburn in Appleloosa.

Pinkie Pie: [pops next to Spike] And let’s not forget about Bloomberg!

Eddie: [surprised] Applejack has a cousin named Bloomberg?

Spike: [awkwardly] It’s more like a tree from Applejack’s orchard. She moved it in to Appleloosa and treated him as her baby.

Rarity: [a little angrily] She even gave him a first class seat for himself!

Applejack: [offended] Ah said it once and Ah’ll say it again, Bloomberg is no baby!

Eddie: [awkwardly] Before the situation about Bloomberg gets tense, can anypony explain to me how special is this visit to Appleloosa?

Applejack: [suddenly smiling] Tomorrow morning is the 100th year anniversary of Appleloosa. Braeburn sent me a letter that told me of a big celebration for this event. Ah decided to bring mah best friends just for the occasion.

Pinkie Pie: [excited] Ooh, a party! I need to step up my game for such an important event.

[Pinkie Pie disappears from the scene as they reach to the train station the following morning. The group gets out of the train and is met by Braeburn.]

Braeburn: [excitedly] Welcome boys and girls to the 100th anniversary of…APPLELOOSA!

[Braeburn rears on his hind legs and waves his forelegs when he mentions the name of his hometown. The stallion walks to Eddie, surprising the human.]

Braeburn: [happily] And ya must be, Eddie! Mah cousin Applejack sent me letters tellin’ me all about ya.

Eddie: [shakes Braeburn’s hoof] Thank you, Braeburn. I was told that Applejack has lots of cousins but this is my first time meeting one of them.

Braeburn: [proudly] Well, the Apple family is VERY extensive.

Eddie: [innocently] Kind of like rabbits.

Braeburn: [just as innocently] We sure are!

[Applejack angrily blushes at the comment. Fluttershy squeaks and blushes as well, but more out of embarrassment. Rainbow Dash and Rarity share knowing smirks.]

Eddie: [friendly] Can you give me a tour, Braeburn? Unlike my friends, this is my first time going to Appleloosa.

Braeburn: [excitedly] But of course! We are always happy to introduce newcomers to the beauty of…APPLELOOSA!

[Once again, Braeburn rears and waves his forelegs in the air.]

Eddie: [smiles at Applejack] Is he always this excitable?

Applejack: [smiles warmly at Braeburn] He loves his town very much.

[The next scene shows the group enjoying the festivities at Appleloosa. Applejack is happily munching apples that came from a basket labeled from Bloomberg, which makes her cry tender tears.]

Applejack: [tenderly crying] You grew up so much, Bloomberg!

[Applejack keeps eating. Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are bobbling apples with each other.]

Rainbow Dash: [angrily] We must pick up the pace, Pinkie! They’re offering cider as a prize and I am not missing up on that!

Pinkie Pie: [with an abnormally large mouth from having so many apples] Okay, Dashie! I will get more apples for you!

[Pinkie Pie swallows the enormous volumes of apples in her mouth. She gets an enormous belly from ingesting so many apples but she is still in perfect conditions to bob for more. A carriage is giving a tour to Twilight, Spike, and Rarity. Twilight is happily reading a pamphlet while Spike and Rarity enjoy the tour.]

Twilight Sparkle: [fascinated] Did you know that there used to be another town next to Appleloosa?

Rarity: [checking up on her surroundings] Really? Do tell, Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: [intrigued] The town’s name was Copperville. It was named like that because it was a bomb town near an old copper mine.

Spike: [interested] A bomb town! You mean that it was a town that made bombs, like those that make explosions in the comics?

Twilight Sparkle: [nods her head] Yes. But the excessive usage of bombs in Copperville promptly led the citizens away and it became a ghost town.

Spike: [terrified] Ghost town? You mean that the citizens and the bombs…

Twilight Sparkle: [annoyed] Spike, a ghost town is not a town made out of ghosts. It’s a town bereft of citizens because they no longer live there.

Rarity: [bored] I don’t think that definition is helping your case, Twilight.

[Spike is trembling in fear.]

Twilight Sparkle: [sighs] It’s a good thing that Fluttershy didn’t come with us.

[The next scene shows Fluttershy and Eddie talking with the buffaloes.]

Fluttershy: [delighted] I am so happy that you and the ponies finally get along, Chief Thunderhooves.

Chief Thunderhooves: [amicably] Our relationship with Appleloosa has been better ever since they gave us enough space for our stampedes as well as their apple pies. That reminds me, where can I buy one?

Fluttershy: [points to another place] Right over there!

[Thunderhooves stampedes across the place, accidentally sending ponies flying into the sky.]

Eddie: [surprised] He must REALLY love those apple pies.

Little Strongheart: [giggles] The Chief had never tasted something so delicious like apple pies until he got hit by one of them when we tried to fight against Appleloosa.

Eddie: [chuckles] Braeburn did tell me all about that.

[The celebrations continue as the camera pans out of the town. In a different hill, the outline of four different ponies is shown. The four ponies look at each other still in the shadows, silently giving each other signals before they leave towards Appleloosa. Eddie is at the forgery, trying to make the ring again. He fails to make the ring again. The human grumbles as he throws the failed ring into a pile of similar failures. He is being supervised by Fluttershy, Strongheart, and Braeburn.]

Eddie: [annoyed] This is hopeless!

Fluttershy: [comfortingly] It’s okay, Eddie. You are just tired. It will come to you.

Braeburn: [supporting] She’s right about that, partner. Relax and enjoy the festivities. There’s lots of fun to be had in…APPLELOOSA!

[Braeburn rears up again.]

Little Strongheart: [places a hoof in Eddie’s shoulder] You’ll do better. I’m sure you will.

[Eddie smiles and takes a break. As the group meets once again, Sheriff Silverstar speaks in the microphone.]

Sheriff Silverstar: [proudly] Greetings, citizens of Appleloosa! It is with great pride that Ah announce a hundred years of the town that harvests the most delicious apples in the west of Equestria.

[The ponies from Appleloosa cheer at the declaration. Braeburn is the most ecstatic of the group.]

Sheriff Silverstar: [happily] A lot of things happen in a hundred years. We founded this town to harvest apples, we made peace with the buffaloes, some pony came and made a party just for us, and a red centaur came and stole our magic only to be defeated by the Elements of Harmony themselves to return it to us.

[As the sheriff gives his speech, the camera pans to Braeburn, then to Strongheart and Chief Thunderhooves, then the scene cuts to Cheese Sandwich at a random location being affected by his Cheesy Sense and then smiling, and then to Applejack and Pinkie Pie blushing when they are mentioned in Tirek’s defeat and personally returning the magic of Appleloosa back to them.]

Sheriff Silverstar: [ecstatically] As Ah said before, a lot of things happened in this hundred years and Ah’m looking forward to what the next hundred years have in store for us. Ah propose a toast for Appleloosa!

[All of the ponies start to cheer at the declaration.]

Braeburn: [audible in the background] APPLELOOSA!

[As the town celebrates, the four mysterious ponies get into a bank and start doing something. It is unknown what are they doing as the shadows cloak their movements as they work. After a pause, one of them pulls out a pocket watch and checks on the time. As the camera focuses on the needle of the watch reaches the minute mark, the scene shifts back to the ponies partying. The celebration is cut short by the sound of an explosion. Everypony stops celebrating to gallop out of the way. Only the main group, Braeburn, and Strongheart remain there.]

Applejack: [angrily] What in tarnation?

Pinkie Pie: [stunned] Wow, I guess that the sheriff’s wish about what the next hundred years have in store for Appleloosa had a lot of things that we didn’t see coming.

Rainbow Dash: [points a hoof at a bank] It’s at the bank! The bank exploded!

Braeburn: [with widened eyes] Oh no! Ah know exactly who did this?

Mane Six: [surprised] Who?

Braeburn: [gulps] The Red Hoof Gang!

[The four ponies from before appear from the smoke. The first pony is a bulky unicorn with red-orange coat and a reddish yellow mane shaped like flames. The second pony is a Pegasus with a gray coat and brown mane. The third pony is an Earth pony the size of Big Macintosh with a black coat and a red mane. The fourth pony is also an Earth pony with a blue coat and a sand color mane. Their cutie marks are a flaming circle, a straightjacket, a locomotive, and a bomb labeled as TNT. They are all running away with large bags of bits as they make their escape.]

Applejack: [looks at Braeburn] Who in tarnation is the Red Hoof Gang?

Braeburn: [looks at Applejack] The Red Hoof Gang is a band of outlaws that are robbin’ banks all across West Equestria. We have to stop them right away before they escape.

Twilight Sparkle: [stands firmly] We need to form a plan.  First we need Eddie to get to safety…

[Twilight turns around and sees that Eddie is gone. The Red Hoof Gang continues their escape but Eddie stands in their way as he teleports in front of them.]

Eddie: [points his wand at them] I won’t let you escape!

[The leader rolls his eyes and gestures at the bulky Earth pony to take the lead. The pony accelerates as Eddie throws a wind spell at him. Much to Eddie’s surprise, the pony walks through the spell and tackles him. Eddie is sent flying by the impact of the tackle. He is too stunned by what happened that he cannot scream as he plummets to the ground. He is saved from falling by the timely arrival of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.]

Rainbow Dash: [proudly] We got you, Eddie!

Fluttershy: [worried] Oh  my, are you okay?

[Eddie touches his chest and winces.]

Eddie: [grimaces] I’ve been better.

Rainbow Dash: [admonishingly] What were you thinking when you tried to fight those dudes all on your own?

Eddie: [stands up but staggers] I thought that my magic was going to be more than enough for them. I was mistaken.

[The camera switches to the Red Hoof Gang. They are surrounded by the rest of the Mane Six, Braeburn, and Strongheart.]

Applejack: [threateningly] Give back the money you stole from my cousin’s town or y’all find that apples are not the only things that can be bucked!

[The unicorn takes a step back and lights his horn with a red aura. A fire ring is released that separates the group from the Red Hoof Gang. The leader concentrates more as the ring closes in on him and his gang, disappearing in a puff of smoke.]

Applejack: [surprised] What in tarnation?

Twilight Sparkle: [stunned] He dual casted!

Spike: [confused] What do you mean by that, Twilight? It looks like he exploded to me.

Twilight Sparkle: [shakes her head] Not really.  He used fire spells to keep us away and to prevent us from seeing him prepare a teleportation spell. We are not dealing with a normal unicorn.

Braeburn: [grimly] That was Blazing Trail, the most dangerous unicorn in West Equestria. He is known for using his fire spells in most of the Red Hoof Gang’s escapades. He is their leader for that reason.

Eddie: [walks in as he clutches his chest] And  what about the stallion that tackled me?

Braeburn: [shudders] That was Loco Motive.

Pinkie Pie: [shudders as well] That name doesn’t sound good.

Braeburn: [shakes his head] It isn’t. That stallion is unstoppable. Once he gets movin’ nothin’ can stop him.

Eddie: [mumbles in pain] Not even a blast of wind concentrated magic.

Rainbow Dash: [flies close to Braeburn] And what can you say about the Pegasus member of the group?

Braeburn: [struggles to remember] That was Mad Stead. He is the brawler of the team, but that’s because he gets into lots of fights for stupid reasons. Ah heard that it’s because he has a nasty temper.

Twilight Sparkle: [starts thinking about the other members] And what can you say about the last member?

Braeburn: [looks at the ground] That’s Creeps.

Rarity: [shudders in disgust] That name doesn’t sound reassuring.

Braeburn: [sighs] He’s the bomb expert. He can make any type of bomb: regular bombs, smoke bombs, firework bombs, light bombs. He’s just as dangerous if not more so than Blazing Trail.

Twilight Sparkle: [reassuringly] Don’t worry, Braeburn. We will make sure to capture the Red Hoof Gang. All we need is a clue.

[The next scene shifts to the bank, where the Mane Six find a scroll of paper. The scroll contains a red hoof print. Twilight levitates the scroll and shows it to Braeburn. The stallion narrows his eyes before nodding his head.]

Braeburn: [looks at the paper] That’s their mark.

Twilight Sparkle: [scanning the paper meticulously] Maybe I can check on it to see if it has any magical residues.

Little Strongheart: [arrives at the scene] Chief Thunderhooves, the buffaloes, and I have already checked around. They covered their tracks so we cannot find them at the moment.

Applejack: [places a hoof on Braeburn as she looks at Strongheart with determination] We are goin’ to find those varmints. We always do.

Fluttershy: [nervously] I am going to check on, Eddie.

Little Strongheart: [smiles] He’s fine. Chief Thunderhooves is a proficient healer.

[Eddie and Chief Thunderhooves are sitting together. They are in front of a fire, smelling some fumes from burned plants.]

Eddie: [relaxed] I think that these fumes are helping me breath better.

Chief Thunderhooves: [just as relaxed] These sacred herbs have been passed up from many generations. We use them to reinvigorate our spirits when our strengths have been drained.

Eddie: [disappointed] I wish that I had strength back then.

Chief Thunderhooves: [disbelieving] What do you mean by not having strength? You have strength! You have good strength! It’s almost as strong as a buffalo despite how small you look!

Eddie: [rubs his chest] Loco Motive didn’t seem to think so.

Chief Thunderhooves: [snorts] Evil pony just knew how to use strength. If you use strength, you can beat him too. All you need to do is to balance your spirit.

Eddie: [surprised] Balance my spirit?

Chief Thunderhooves: [nods his head] Buffalo have spirit that let us keep running for days to no end. Spirit gives us strength to keep running and to take on anything that gets in our path. The ponies in Appleloosa have it with the way they harvest their apples.

Eddie: [gasps as he has an epiphany] Spirit is magic.

Chief Thunderhooves: [snorts in approval] Yes. It matters not if you are a pony or a buffalo. It matters not if you call it magic or spirit. All you need to do is to use that strength within you.

Eddie: [inspired] How am I going to do that?

Chief Thunderhooves: [approvingly] Feel that spirit within your heart and let it roam across your body. Don’t just focus it all on that stick thing Little Strongheart told me you use.

Eddie: [raises an eyebrow] You mean my wand?

Chief Thunderhooves: [annoyed] Heart, not stick!

Eddie: [stands up] Okay. I think I see your point. Thank you for your counseling, Chief.

[Eddie leaves the camp and goes to meet with the Mane Six.]

Twilight Sparkle: [groans in annoyance] This is hopeless!

Eddie: [nervously] I take it that you didn’t get any good news.

Spike: [awkwardly] Apparently, Blazing Trail left no magical signatures in the card or at the place on which he left. With no magical signature, Twilight cannot track the Red Hoof Gang.

Eddie: [groans] There has to be something that we can do. Maybe they have a base somewhere in Equestria.

Braeburn: [shakes his head] Nope. The Red Hoof Gang is a migrating band of criminals. They go to one town, wreck things up, and then leave. Ah don’t think that they have a base near Appleloosa. They’re probably very far away by now.

Applejack: [stomps her hoof in the ground] No! There must be a place where they are stayin’ at the moment. The next town is very far and Ah don’t think that they can reach it that fast. There’s gotta be some place for them to hide.

Pinkie Pie: [conspiratorially] Maybe we need to think like a gang of bandits if we’re going to find them. Where would we hide in the desert?

Rarity: [interested] Maybe an oasis! I’d love to have a place on which I can place my poor hooves on water after walking on the hot dry desert for so long!

Rainbow Dash: [shakes her head rapidly] No way! I read Daring Do books about deserts. You may think that you got an oasis but, as soon as you place hoof on that desired land, you end up realizing that it was a mirage all along and that you are now standing in quicksand.

Fluttershy: [horrified] Oh my! We have to save them! They may be criminals but nopony deserves quicksand!

Eddie: [trying to be helpful] Maybe they’re hiding in a ghost town. Every time that I watched a western movie, I noticed that almost all the final showdowns happen in an abandoned town.

Twilight Sparkle: [annoyed] Eddie that’s a…

[Twilight stops her sentence as she comes up with an idea.]

Twilight Sparkle: [brightly] That’s an excellent idea!

[The group stares at Twilight in surprise.]

Applejack: [confused] What do ya mean with it bein’ a good idea, Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: [smiles at Applejack] They’re a migrating band of bandits traveling in the desert, Applejack. That means that they have to think of a place on which to camp before and after their heists.

Eddie: [figures out what Twilight is thinking] That means that the Red Hoof Gang is hiding in a place close enough to Appleloosa but inhospitable enough to not search.

Twilight Sparkle: [happily] And that place is the ghost town of Copperville!

Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy: [terrified] Ghost town!

Twilight Sparkle: [annoyed] It’s not a town full of ghosts!

[The next scene shows the group preparing for the travel. Eddie is putting on a poncho to travel across the desert. Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Twilight, and Pinkie Pie also put on ponchos. Only Spike, Rarity, and Fluttershy are not wearing any ponchos.]

Applejack: [confidently] Listen, Braeburn, while mah friends and Ah go after the Red Hoof Gang, you make sure that Appleloosa is safe. Spike, Rarity, and Fluttershy will help you and Strongheart to fix the town up while we gather some varmints.

Braeburn: [hugs Applejack] Take care, cousin!

Applejack: [hugs Braeburn back] Ah’ll do!

[Eddie and the ponies leave Appleloosa to wander in the desert. They follow Twilight’s directions until they reach an abandoned town. It is very late in the afternoon, as evidenced by the sun about to set in the horizon]

Eddie: [looking at the place] This must be Copperville. It looks a lot like the ghost towns in the movies I used to watch.

Pinkie Pie: [points at a random direction] And there is the gang over there!

[The camera shows the Red Hoof Gang interacting. Mad Stead is angrily yelling at Creeps, who just ignores him. Loco Motive is watching the argument with an uninterested look in his face. Blazing Trail just plans the next heist.]

Mad Stead: [angrily] Admit it! You stole mah rope for one of yer bombs!

Creeps: [annoyed] The rope belongs to all of us! Need Ah remind you that bombs do require fuses so that they don’t immediately blow up in your face?

Mad Stead: [enraged] Are ya threatenin’ to blow up mah face with a bomb? Put yer gloves on Creeps! It’s show time!

Blazing Trail: [groans in suppressed anger] Set them straight, Loco.

Loco Motive: [smiles as he walks to the arguing pair] Sure do, boss!

[Loco grabs the heads of his companies and slams them together.]

Mad Stead: [protesting] Why ya do that?

Blazing Trail: [angrily] Yer petty fights are distractin’ me from doin’ our job. This heist ain’t over until we get to the next town.

Creeps: [rubs his head and smiles] Ah think that you’re gettin’ scared over nothing. We always win at the end with a bang.

Blazing Trail: [sternly] Don’t let yer guard down, all of you. This time we met ponies who actually stand up to us. They just don’t scream and run. They follow us to capture us. One of them was an alicorn for cryin’ out loud! We’re leavin’ this place as soon as we get the chance. Am Ah clear?

[The remaining members nod their heads. The ponies and Eddie are listening close to them.]

Twilight Sparkle: [speaks in a hushed whisper] Listen up! There is no bond uniting this gang. We can take them out one by one by having them fight with each other and then get away to be alone for a few seconds. Mad Stead appears to be sensible to insults so there is a chance that we can go after him if he gets into another argument with the gang.

[In the background, Mad Stead is angrily grumbling.]

Mad Stead: [enraged] Stupid boss! Let’s be professional! This is what Ah think about yer stupid plans!

[Mad Stead takes out one of his bombs and throws it over a hill. By sheer coincidence, the group is behind that hill as the bomb falls next to them. The group screams as they run away, barely escaping the explosion of the bomb.]

Mad Stead: [now angry at the group] We were followed!

Creeps: [arms himself with bombs] Boss was right about them ponies! They sure are persistent.

Blazing Trail: [snorts] Forget about the money, let’s get out of here. There’s always the next town!

Applejack: [charging at the gang] There won’t be a next time!

[Loco Motive charges at them but Eddie appears in front of him. Rather than point his wand at Loco like last time, Eddie puts his wand back into his pocket and waits with outstretched arms to attack him. Loco collides with Eddie but gasps upon seeing that the human is holding on to him as he is pushing him.]

Loco Motive: [shocked] How in tarnation?

Eddie: [grunting with effort] Spirit!

Applejack: [worried] Eddie!

Eddie: [still holding on to Loco] I’ll take care of him. You girls beat the rest!

Applejack: [notices Mad Stead] I’ll take care of the lasso Pegasus!

Rainbow Dash: [pounds her hooves next to Applejack] I’ll help!

Pinkie Pie: [gets her party cannon] I’ll take care of Creeps!

Creeps: [juggles some bombs] Getting’ into a fight with a bomb master is a blasted bad idea, little pony. It ain’t goin’ to be fun for ya.

Pinkie Pie: [adopts a cowboy tone] It will be fun for ya! It…will…be…fun.

[Twilight flashes in front of Blazing Trail.]

Twilight Sparkle: [flares her wings] As Princess of Equestria, I hereby sentence you to charges of robbery…

[Twilight yelps as she narrowly dodges a fire spell from Blazing Trail.]

Blazing Trail: [starts shooting at Twilight] Ah’m not fond of introductions.

[Eddie is still resisting Loco’s attack. As he keeps getting pushed back, Eddie comes up with an idea. He grabs the stallion by the armpits, spins around, and then throws him. Loco ends up running face first into a wall of rock. He runs a hole through it but falls unconscious from the collision.]

Eddie: [pumps his fist in the air] That’s one!

[The next scene shows Mad Stead using two ropes to fight Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Mad Stead shows that he is an excellent rope fighter. He snares one of Rainbow Dash’s hind legs in the air while he uses aerial maneuvers to escape Applejack’s rope.]

Mad Stead: [enraged] You two fillies ain’t gonna beat me! Ah’m the best rope master in all of Equestria!

Applejack: [winks at Rainbow Dash] Ah call a lie on that!

[Rainbow Dash flies to the ground, pulling Mad Stead close to the ground. The Pegasus bandit manages to keep himself in the air using his wings. However, he lets himself exposed to Applejack’s rope.]

Applejack: [gives a battle cry] Yeehaw!

[Rainbow Dash and Applejack tackle Mad Stead. They get covered in a big ball of violence as bits of rope keep getting out of it. Once the dust settles, he has been hogtied by three ropes, the two that he used in his fight and the one that Applejack used against him.]

Applejack: [mockingly] Ah’m the Element of Honesty so Ah’m telling ya this truth. You are not the best rope master in Equestria. That title belongs to me!

[Applejack and Rainbow Dash do a high hoof. The next scene shows Pinkie Pie fighting against Creeps. The stallion is throwing bombs at Pinkie, who dodges them thanks to her Pinkie Sense.]

Pinkie Pie: [excitedly dodges bombs as she fires] Twitchy tail!

Creeps: [annoyed] Stop tellin’ me that mah tail is twitchy!

[One of the projectiles from Pinkie’s party cannon hits a wall that has fragile rocks. The rocks are slowly falling close to Creeps.]

Pinkie Pie: [alarmed] Twitchy tail, Creeps! You got to listen to the twitchy tail!

Creeps: [annoyed] Ah’m not fallin’ for that!

[Creeps hears a rumbling noise. He notices that large rocks are going to fall on top of him. He promptly throws all of his bombs away and hides behind a house. All of the rocks fall on the place where he used to be. Creeps sighs as rocks are no longer going to crush him.]

Creeps: [relieved] That was a close one.

[Outside, Pinkie Pie once again gets a twitchy tail.]

Pinkie Pie: [alarmed] Twitchy tail!

[Creeps’ bombs explode again. The sheer shockwaves of the bombs send vibrations to the house on which Creeps is hiding. Creeps’ eyes turn into pinpricks as he realizes that the house is going to fall on top of him.]

Creeps: [in a low voice] This is goin’ to hurt.

[The ceiling of the house falls on top of Creeps.]

Creeps: [groaning in pain through the rubble] Ah’m okay.  

[The next scene focuses on Twilight and Blazing having their magic duel. Twilight is using shield spells to contain Blazing’s fire spells.]

Twilight Sparkle: [using a large shield] It’s useless, Blazing Trail! I am familiar enough with fire spells to know how to counter them. You cannot hope to beat me!

Blazing Trail: [with determined eyes] Who say Ah was tryin’ to beat ya?

[Blazing Trail takes up a bomb and throws it to the ground. It is a smoke bomb that turns into a fireball. Twilight yelps as she reinforces the shield against the fireball. The purple alicorn is safe but her opponent has escaped. Blazing Trail is running out of Copperville but is met by Eddie  as he escapes.]

Eddie: [points his wand at Blazing] Going somewhere?

Blazing Trail: [surprised] How did ya know where I was goin’?

Eddie: [shrugs his shoulders] I didn’t. I wanted to check on my friends but they already beat your guys. I was going to see how Twilight was going to beat you but then I saw you escape and decided to follow you.

Blazing Trail: [annoyed] Blast!

Eddie: [points his wand at Blazing Trail] Why did you do that? Why did you steal the bank at Appleloosa?

Blazing Trail: [snorts in anger] We did it for the money.

Eddie: [raises an eyebrow] You couldn’t find a job to sustain yourself.

Blazing Trail: [looks at Eddie] Mah friends and Ah were part of a mining town just like this one. One day, the copper ran out and we were left out of jobs. We decided to turn to crime as compensation.

Eddie: [sympathetic but feeling awkward] As sad as your story is, you do realize that what you told me sounds more like an excuse than a motive? It’s very easy to get a job in Equestria and that’s something coming from a creature like me.

Blazing Trial: [charges his horn with magic] Had to try.

Eddie: [charges his wand with water magic] Draw your fire.

[The scene turns into slow motion. Tumbleweed rolls by as they charge their spells. The camera pans out to their eyes respectively. It also pans out to the tip of Blazing’s horn and the tip of Eddie’s wand. Some seconds pass, and the spells are shot.  Blazing was the faster shoot but the human’s shot was stronger. The water bullet pierces through Blazing’s spell and hits him right in the chest. The unicorn is sent flying into the air in slow motion before his body lands on the ground. A close-up on his hoof is shown as it also lands on the ground. Eddie walks to the defeated unicorn.]

Blazing Trail: [bitterly] Who are ya?

Eddie: [coldly] I’m a cowboy wizard.

Blazing Trail: [loses his consciousness] That’s the stupidest thing Ah ever heard in mah entire life.

[Blazing Trail is left out cold. A few seconds pass before Eddie frowns with distaste.]

Eddie: [annoyed with himself] He’s right. That did sound stupid.

Twilight Sparkle: [shouting from afar] Eddie!

Eddie: [waves at Twilight] Hi, Twilight!

Twilight Sparkle: [hugs Eddie] Are you okay?

Eddie: [smiles at Twilight] I’m fine. I already beat Blazing Trail.

Twilight Sparkle: [apologetically] I’m sorry I didn’t capture him, Eddie. He was very crafty.

Eddie: [chuckles] You did give him a good fight, Twilight. I don’t think that I could have beaten him if you hadn’t softened him up for me.

Applejack: [walks in with a rope] He’s right about that, Twilight. Don’t go selling yourself short. Ya did find out where to find the gang. They’d be gone by now if it weren’t for ya.

Eddie: [pats Twilight’s mane] See? Applejack agrees with me.

Applejack: [proudly] Now if ya excuse me, Ah gotta hogtie this vermin to make sure he and his friends won’t escape.

[The next scene shows the defeated Red Hoof Gang in jail by the next morning. All of them are tied up together to prevent them from escaping. There is also a magical force field to prevent them from breaking through the jail.]

Braeburn: [smiles at the Mane Six] Words can’t express mah gratitude for what ya did for mah town, girls.

Applejack: [hugs Braeburn] Anytime, Braeburn. Ah can see that the rest of mah friends did a good job helpin’ ya fix Appleloosa.

Braeburn: [happily] They sure helped a lot.

Rarity: [pampers her mane] We cannot take all the credit, darling. The buffaloes did help us in the reconstruction.

Fluttershy: [meekly nods her head] They were very nice. Chief Thunderhooves worked the hardest to help.

Spike: [curiously] Speaking of Chief Thunderhooves, where is he?

Little Strongheart: [smiles at Spike] He’s talking with Eddie.

[The scene shifts to Eddie having another spiritual session with Chief Thunderhooves. The human looks more relaxed as he is talking with the buffalo.]

Eddie: [excitedly] It was amazing! All I did was stand my ground and the next thing I remember is me holding my own against him.

Chief Thunderhooves: [acknowledging Eddie] That is the true power of the spirit.

Eddie: [smiles] Just like the passive magic of the Earth ponies and the Pegasi. All I needed to do was to let my spirit force my body do all of the work.

Chief Thunderhooves: [proudly] Among buffaloes, spirit is our biggest strength, even more so than our own bodies. As long as you use spirit, you can accomplish anything you set up to do.

Eddie: [ponders contemplatively] Anything I set up my mind to do.

[Eddie stands up and offers his hand to Chief Thunderhooves.]

Eddie: [gratefully] Your vast wisdom has deeply helped me in my time of need, Chief Thunderhooves. I am grateful to you for giving me some of your time to advise me in my problems.

Chief Thunderhooves: [shakes Eddie’s hand] It was my pleasure, Eddie. The next time you come to Appleloosa, come and share an apple pie with me. The pie tastes better when you have a friend by your side.

Eddie: [leaves] It sure does.

[Eddie has gone back at the forgery. The Mane Six, Spike, Braeburn, and Strongheart are standing by his side. He concentrates on making the ring again. He is more calm and relaxed than last time. The fire in the ring is not as hot as it used to be at the beginning and the metal binds into a circular shape in a slower fashion. As the metal takes the desired shape, Eddie concentrates to cool it down. The metal cools down to show a beautiful metal ring.]

Twilight Sparkle: [overjoyed] You did it, Rainbow Dash!

Applejack: [pats Eddie’s back] Way to go, partner!

Rainbow Dash: [punches Eddie’s shoulder] That was awesome, Eddie!

Pinkie Pie: [bounces happily] We’re making a ring party as soon as we get back to Ponyville!

Rarity: [admiring the ring] I’ll acknowledge it, Edward. This ring is elegant and flawless. It’s got my mark of approval.

Fluttershy: [nuzzles Eddie] It is a lovely ring, Eddie.

Spike: [amazed] How did you do it, Eddie?

Eddie: [smiles at Spike] It was all about balance, Spike. It turns out that I was too magically active but not enough magically passive.

Spike: [confused] Can somepony explain this to me?

Eddie: [rubs Spike’s spines] It was an advice from Chief Thunderhooves. I relied on the magic of my wand too much. I didn’t use the magic of my body.

Little Strongheart: [smiles at Fluttershy] Chief Thunderhooves is not just a leader. He is a healer as well.

[Fluttershy smiles back at Strongheart.]

Twilight Sparkle: [suddenly understanding] You used passive magic to reduce the magic output in the spells to prevent the magical toll from overwhelming you.

Eddie: [nods his head] Yes. I used the same type of magic that Applejack uses when she is working at the orchards of Sweet Apple Acres or when Rainbow Dash does her weather job in Ponyville.

Applejack: [getting it] Ah got it now.

Rainbow Dash: [nods her head] So do I!

Spike: [still confused] I still don’t get it.

Twilight Sparkle: [rubs Spike’s head] I’ll explain it to you in the way home. For the time being, we got a train to catch.

Braeburn: [hugs Applejack] Ah’ll see ya next time Ah visit ya.

Applejack: [chuckles] Not if Ah come to visit ya first!

Fluttershy: [smiles at Strongheart] Make sure to tell Chief Thunderhooves thanks from my part and that of my friends for his help. It was very much appreciated.

Little Strongheart: [nods her head] I’ll tell him about it.

[The group enters into the train. Eddie is happily checking on his newly made ring.]

Twilight Sparkle: [sits next to Eddie] Enjoying your work?

Eddie: [stores his ring in a bag that he brought with him] I am.

Spike: [looks at Twilight] What else do you have in storage for Eddie when we come back, Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: [starts pondering] I guess that there are at least a few spells that Eddie can try to improve his magic. Although something tells me that they may not be as challenging as that ring of yours.

Eddie: [smiles] You don’t know until you try.

Twilight Sparkle: [smiles] I can’t wait to see how good you’ll be when you reach the end of our lessons.

Eddie: [widens his eyes but gives a small smile] Yeah. I can’t wait to see how strong I’m going to be at the end.

[Eddie opens a window to see Appleloosa fading into view. He turns his head around to see that the road to Ponyville is going to be a long one.]

Eddie: [sighs as he prepares to sleep] It’s going to be a long way back home.

[Eddie closes his eyes and goes to sleep. The camera pans out to the train as the sky turns nocturnal. Ponyville comes to plain sight as the train approaches the town. The screen fades to black. Closing credits roll. End of Part 11.]
Travel to Equestria Part 11
This is the eleventh part of my RP with megamanfan43. Eddie is invited by Applejack to go to Appleloosa to celebrate the town's 100th year anniversary. However, his visit to the town gets rowdy when he and the Mane Six finds themselves at war with the Red Hoof Gang, a band of outlaws that made Appleloosa its next heist target.

MLP belongs to Hasbro
Eddie belongs to megamanfan43
Story is written by me
                                             Travel to Equestria Part 10

[Part 10 begins with a recapitulation of the previous episodes. Eddie wishes for something new and interesting in his uncle’s cabin when he sees a shooting star. A wand in Canterlot Castle glows upon hearing the wish. The magic from the wand is released and teleports Eddie into Equestria. The human meets Celestia and Luna, who recognize him by his name and are happy to see him again. Eddie is confused and tells the alicorn sisters that he doesn’t know them. Celestia and Luna realize that Eddie is a descendant of a wizard of the same name that ended up in Equestria many years ago back when they were young. The sisters promise to help Eddie return home by recreating the spell that his ancestor made back when he first entered Equestria. The process is going to take a long time and Eddie needs to master the dormant magic within him that was awakened when he moved into Equestria. Eddie is put under the tutelage of Twilight Sparkle while the sisters make sure to recreate the spell. Opening credits roll. Celestia and Luna are shown doing their own roles as princesses, usually attending meetings and signing documents. In their free time, both sisters are concentrated in writing a spell. Each time a sister finishes her working hours, she gives the scroll with the magic formula to the other to continue the job. A fast montage of Celestia and Luna doing their duties and working on the formula is repeated and put in fast forward motion for a few seconds before the camera focuses on Celestia. She is dining with Luna, who is happily enjoying her meal. Celestia is in deep thought and looks at Luna inquisitively.]

Princess Celestia: [curiously] Luna?

Princess Luna: [raises her head to look at Celestia] What is it, sister?

Princess Celestia: [interested] How have you been doing in the spell?

Princess Luna: [feeling chipper] It’s been wonderful, Celestia! At the pace at which the two of us are doing this, the spell will be completed in no time. I think that with the notes that you wrote on the scroll that I can finish up the rest on my own.

Princess Celestia: [as a matter of fact] I guess that means that Eddie will be back to Earth sooner than we expected.

Princess Luna: [widens her eyes] Is there something wrong, Celestia? This is good news. We will be able to help Eddie return back home.

Princess Celestia: [disappointed] I know that, Luna. It’s just that it is kind of disappointing that we didn’t get to connect with Eddie as much as I expected.

Princess Luna: [starting to feel disappointed] Now that I think about it, I do feel some disappointment that we didn’t get to spend time with Eddie apart from giving him brief pointers about life in Equestria.

Princess Celestia: [wistfully] Do you remember when we met the original Eddie? It was the first time that we heard about alternate dimensions.

Princess Luna: [feeling nostalgia] Back in the days where being a Princess was more of a title to protect the kingdom from threats rather than sitting on a throne signing papers. I miss those days of adventures.

Princess Celestia: [sadly] Eddie left a thousand years ago, Luna. It is understandable as he had a life to return to back in his dimension. A thousand years later, we meet a descendant of his and we don’t even connect with him.

Princess Luna: [defensively] We did talk with him, Celestia.

Princess Celestia: [admonishingly] But how much did we talk to him, Luna? We talked to him to give him advice. He is the descendant of one of our first friends and we didn’t even connect with him. The next time that we’ll see him will probably be the last time when we bring him back home.

Princess Luna: [despondent] I see your point. I wish that we had spent more time meeting Eddie and bonding with him. It is the least we can do after all the good things the original did for us.

[As the sisters start eating, the camera goes to outside the door. Discord is seen listening to the conversation by putting a glass to the door and putting his ear next to it. He smiles once they stop talking.]

Discord: [rubs his chin with a malicious smirk] A new friend for Celestia and Luna, huh? Well, I better give them their friend since they miss him so much.

[Discord snaps his fingers and disappears from the castle. The next day, Eddie is walking on the park with the Mane Six. The ponies are playing with their pets while Eddie is sketching them.]

Eddie: [to himself] It is a nice day.

Discord: [offscreen] It sure is a nice day, Eddie.

Eddie: [distracted with his sketching] Thanks.

[Eddie widens his eyes as he fails to recognize the owner of the voice. He turns around and sees Discord waving at him.]

Discord: [with a friendly smile] Hi, there!

[Eddie screams and uses his wands to teleport to the Mane Six.]

Eddie: [scared] Girls! There is some sort of monster that…

Discord: [pops in looking annoyed] Now that’s just rude. I only came to say hello.

Fluttershy: [happily] Discord!

[Fluttershy goes to hug Discord and nuzzle him.]

Discord: [nuzzles her back] It is nice to see you, Fluttershy.

Eddie: [surprised] That’s Discord.

Rarity: [reassuringly] Don’t worry about him, Edward. He’s good now. He just has trouble keeping up with basic social etiquette.

Discord: [dresses like a gentleman] I do take offense on that one, Rarity. I am familiar with how to behave appropriately. I just don’t like to pretend that I am something I am not.

Twilight Sparkle: [cautiously] What brings you here, Discord?

Discord: [shrugs his shoulders] Let’s just say that I am doing a chore for Celestia and Luna.

Twilight Sparkle: [suddenly alert]  Do the Princesses need our assistance?

Discord: [snorts] Get over yourself, Twilight. Celestia’s life doesn’t revolve around you. I didn’t come for you girls. I came for him.

Eddie: [surprised] Me?

Mane Six: [just as surprised] Eddie?

Discord: [annoyed] Him! Anyway, as much as I’d love to spend time with you, Fluttershy, I have to go now. I’ll see you tomorrow for our usual get together.

Fluttershy: [trustingly] It’s okay, Discord.

Eddie: [stands up] I guess that I can prepare myself for the trip to Canterlot.

Discord: [rolls his eyes] You’re not going through train. You’re going through Discord Deliveries.

Eddie: [raises an eyebrow]  What’s Discord Deliveries?

[In the background, the Mane Six gesture at Eddie not to make the question. They get annoyed or pitying looks once he asks it. Only Pinkie Pie seems curious about Discord Deliveries.]

Discord: [dressed as a mailman] Glad that you asked!

[Discord stuffs Eddie into a bag and promptly pops out of existence. The Mane Six stare at the spot where the pair used to be. Pinkie Pie suddenly begins to laugh.]

Pinkie Pie: [giggles] Discord Deliveries! I get it!

[Pinkie Pie laughs uncontrollably while her friends look at her. The next scene shows Celestia and
Luna sharing breakfast. As they are eating, Discord pops up next to them.]

Discord: [in a loud voice] Delivery for the Princesses of Equestria!

[Discord opens his bag and lets Eddie fall in front of the sisters. Celestia and Luna are equally surprised.]

Celestia and Luna: [stunned] Eddie?

Eddie: [rubbing his head and smiling awkwardly] Hi, Princesses. How was your day?

Princess Celestia: [sternly] What is the meaning of this, Discord?

Discord: [shrugs his shoulders] I am just trying to be a good friend. I noticed that you two seemed depressed yesterday so I decided to pay you a little visit and I heard you talking about some issues with Eddie.

Princess Luna: [outraged] Where you spying on us?

Discord: [rolls his eyes] Of course I did. It would have been weird to just walk up to you and ask what was bothering you.

Eddie: [a little disturbed] I don’t think that’s weird.

Discord: [shushing him with a gesture] Moving on, I heard you talk about Eddie and decided to bring him along for the day to make you feel better. And with that, my duty as a friend is done for today.

[Discord pops out of existence, leaving Eddie alone with Celestia and Luna.]

Eddie: [awkwardly] What’s up?

[Celestia and Luna trade glances and speak in secret.]

Princess Celestia: [conspiratorially] I think that we need to keep Eddie entertained for the day.

Princess Luna: [hurryingly] But we have duties to perform!

Princess Celestia: [firmly] I am familiar with our responsibilities, Luna. However, we cannot ignore Eddie or Discord will intrude even further.

Princess Luna: [sighs] Fine.

[The Princesses turn around with smiles on their faces.]

Princess Celestia: [apologetically] I am going to be busy with my duties as a princess, Eddie. I am only going to be accommodating you during my brief breaks in my schedule.

Princess Luna: [in a welcoming tone] In the meantime, I am more than happy to spend time with you. We can play games and share stories during our shared experiences.

Eddie: [delighted] I’d love to see that.

[The Princesses give each other a curt nod. The next scene shows Eddie in Luna’s room. A small pit is laid in front of him. Luna appears as she levitates marbles in her aura.]

Eddie: [surprised] We are going to play marbles?

Princess Luna: [nods her head] Correct. But this isn’t any game of marbles? It is a game of mythal marbles?

Eddie: [surprised] Mythal marbles?

Princess Luna: [giggles] Marbles made of mythal.

Eddie: [awkwardly] What’s mythal?

Princess Luna: [realizes that Eddie doesn’t know and feels ashamed] Sorry. Mythal is a mythical metal that displays magical properties. The marbles we’re using have their own magical field that makes it challenging to levitate them.

Eddie: [winces] That sounds hard.

Princess Luna: [smiles] It is. But you get used to it. I won’t play to the best of my ability to give you a fair match.

Eddie: [grabs his wands] It’s been a while since I played marbles. I never played the game with magic, much less with mythal marbles.

Princess Luna: [giggles] There is a first time for everything. Let me demonstrate how you are supposed to play.

[Luna places a group of marbles in the pit. Only two marbles are not in the pit, one goes to her and the other to Eddie, who holds it in his hand. The marble stars to release a spiral of magic as it is enveloped by Luna’s aura. The Lunar Princess concentrates as she tries to make the spiral disappear. Once the marble shows no signs of magic resistance, Luna throws it to the pit and hits a few marbles out of it. Eddie is left stunned.]

Eddie: [surprised] Wow!

Princess Luna: [proudly] It’s just like playing marbles. All you need to do is to get rid of that trembling sensation in the marble before you throw it. Afterwards, it is no different from a normal game.

Eddie: [nods his head] Let me try it.

[Eddie levitates his marble. Much to his surprise, the marble is trembling and releasing its own magic in a spiral orbit. Eddie actually has to grab his wand with both hands to sustain the marble and stop its trembling. Once the magic orbit disappears around the marble, Eddie smiles and begins to throw it. Luna’s eyes widen as the orbit returns when Eddie shoots the marble.]

Princess Luna: [alarmed] Look out!

[Luna makes two separate force fields, one for her and another for Eddie. The marble is shot at insane speeds, bouncing around Luna’s room and punching holes through it. A brief image shows Celestia signing documents and hearing the commotion.]

Princess Celestia: [annoyed] Mythal marbles, really?

[The camera returns to Luna and Eddie still in the force fields before the mythal marble is shot out of the castle. Eddie and Luna are panting from the fright.]

Eddie: [traumatized] I don’t think that I want to play with mythal marbles again, Luna?

Princess Luna: [understandingly] Fair enough.

[It’s afternoon already. Celestia and Luna are arguing with each other.]

Princess Celestia: [angrily] Do you even realize how dangerous that was?

Princess Luna: [annoyed] I didn’t think that it was going to be that hard for Eddie! The letters that Twilight gives us always speak about his excellent control.

Princess Celestia: [exasperated] That only happens with static objects! He doesn’t levitate objects that resist his own magic!

Princess Luna: [angrily] If you think you can do it better, then I dare you to try another one, sister. What would you suggest for Eddie to do that would be enjoyable?

Princess Celestia: [a little smugly] Since you ask, I am already on a small break today for a couple of hours. I think that I have a pleasant activity for our human friend.

Princess Luna: [challengingly] Do tell.

Princess Celestia: [walks to Eddie with a charming smile] Twilight has told me that you are a sketcher, am I right, Eddie?

Eddie: [nods his head] Yes. I’ve been having some better skills as an artist since I moved to Equestria.

Princess Celestia: [kindly] Would you like to do an art session with me and Luna? It would be nice for the three of us to relax and paint something that releases the stress from our spirits.

Eddie: [smiles] That is a good idea.

[Celestia smiles at Luna a little arrogantly. Luna sticks her tongue out at Celestia. The next scene is at Celestia’s room. The three of them are drawing with pencils and painting with brushes. The two sisters are very relaxed as they finish their own drawings, perfectly painting in synchrony.]

Celestia and Luna: [happily] I am finished!

[The sisters get surprised at their simultaneous finish. Eddie looks at them with interest.]

Princess Celestia: [politely] You first, Luna.

Princess Luna: [with a forced grin] You should do it first, Celestia. It was your idea in the first place.

Eddie: [happily] How about you girls show it at the same time?

[Celestia and Luna trade glances before shrugging their shoulders. They happily flip their canvases with their magic. They gasp as each show a sun being partially hidden behind a hill in a sky colored with shades of yellow and orange. Celestia and Luna give each other annoyed glares.]

Celestia and Luna: [angrily] You copied me!

Princess Celestia: [sarcastically] This is just perfect, Luna! It really says how original you are when you decide to pain my sunrise as your art project!

Princess Luna: [offended] A sunrise? This is a sunset, Celestia.

Princess Celestia: [annoyed] It is not! It’s a sunrise!

Princess Luna: [angrily] It is not! It is a sunset!

Princess Celestia: [loudly] SUNRISE!

Princess Luna: [just as loudly] SUNSET!

[Eddie awkwardly retires to do his work before the sisters get into a fight.]

Princess Celestia: [firmly] I am sorry for raising my voice at you, Luna. But I must insist that this is a sunrise.

Princess Luna: [annoyed] And I am sorry for being blunt, Celestia. But I think that your age is impairing your difference between a sunrise and a sunset.

Princess Celestia: [outraged] Excuse me! I’ve been lifting the sun and the moon while you were gone for a thousand years, Luna. I’ve watched the sunrise and the sunset more times that you ever did. I know that you not only copied my sunrise paint but that you also got its name wrong.

Princess Luna: [getting furious] Why you…

Eddie: [happily shouting] I FINISHED!

[Celestia and Luna snap out of their rage. They slowly walk to Eddie and check up on his drawing. It is a portrait of him standing next to three humans. Both sisters look at Eddie curiously.]

Princess Celestia: [stunned] Is that you?

Eddie: [nods his head] It’s a portrait.

Princess Luna: [weakly] It’s a family portrait, isn’t it?

Eddie: [smiles sadly] Yes, it is. That’s my mom, my dad, and my little brother.

[Celestia and Luna share ashamed looks. They give each other determined expressions as they nod their heads.]

Princess Celestia: [sounding inspirational] I still have an hour before my next meeting, Eddie. Would you like to try something new?

Eddie: [smiles more happily] Sure.

Princess Luna: [eagerly] I heard about an ice skating ring in Canterlot. I think the three of us should try to go. We can get VIP entrances to go into the skating ring before the rest of the ponies.

Eddie: [surprised] Awesome! I always wanted to try ice skating!

[The next scene shows Celestia and Luna at the ice skating ring. They replace their golden and silver shoes to replace them with ice skates. Eddie is using a transformation spell to modify the skates for hooves into skates that fit his human feet. It takes a few minutes of concentration but he finally gets the skates he desired.]

Princess Celestia: [starts skating] Let’s begin.

Princess Luna: [happily skates in reverse] Join us, Eddie! This is but the most fun that we’ve had in a week!

Eddie: [smiles] Okay. Here I go!

[Eddie takes a step forward but he falls in his stomach. He attempts to stand up but he falls on his back. He tries again but he falls on his butt. Celestia and Luna’s smiles drop as they see how much trouble their human friend has with ice skating.]

Princess Celestia: [awkwardly] Maybe trying to ice skate with Eddie was not a good idea, after all.

Princess Luna: [snorts] He just has troubles learning the basics. He can learn if we teach him the necessary techniques.

Princess Celestia: [hesitantly] Luna, he has two legs and we have four. I think that the body coordination, balance, and skating technique will vary as we are quadrupeds and he is a biped.

Princess Luna: [snorts] Semantics. Some ponies can do skating techniques as they stand like a biped. How hard can it be?

Princess Celestia: [smiles as she feels better] You do make a point. I’ve seen Pinkie Pie skate before. Maybe we can try to teach him.

[Eddie once again has troubles balancing. Before he can fall, Celestia and Luna flank him and use their bodies to keep him from slipping.]

Princess Luna: [bravely] Fear not, Eddie! We shall help you overcome your lousy technique in no time.

Princess Celestia: [encouragingly] We will all move our legs in synchrony with each other. Once you pick up the pace, we will let you go and then see how you  fare on your own. Is that okay with you, Eddie?

Eddie: [smiles] Sure.

[The sisters and Eddie skate around the ring with no difficulties at first. The trio smiles as Eddie appears to have dominated ice skating. However, Eddie slips with one leg and promptly trips his entire body weight on Luna. He accidentally pulls Celestia close to him as he falls. The sisters and the humans scream as they slide across the ice in a ball. In a panic, Celestia and Luna wave their forelegs and kick their hind legs in the commotion, nearly cutting Eddie with their skates. By the time they crash, Luna has her hind legs extended with her skates dangerously touching Eddie’s face.]

Eddie: [trembling at the razor sharp skates at his face] I think that ice skating was not a good idea in the first place.

[Celestia and Luna groan in shame and annoyance. The next scene cuts to Celestia and Luna talking in private while Eddie is eating alone in their dining room.]

Princess Celestia: [disappointed in herself and Luna] How does this happen, Luna? At what point did becoming friends with somepony become hard for us?

Princess Luna: [rolls her eyes] I was trapped in the moon for a thousand years and you had to pick up the work I left in my absence on that same period of time. I think that’s when we started to lose our ability to bond with our subjects at such an intimate level.

Princess Celestia: [rubs her forehead] What are we supposed to do now?

Princess Luna: [awkwardly] How about we try to eat with Eddie? We can try to come up with conversations. Think about it, all friendships begin with small talk at first before they turn into something more meaningful.

Princess Celestia: [takes a deep breath] You’re right. We haven’t tried to talk to Eddie in a personal level. I guess we were trying so hard that we forgot the most basic of solutions.

Princess Luna: [walks to Eddie as she continues to talk with Celestia] Then we shall begin with small talk.

[Celestia and Luna sit at the table.]

Princess Celestia: [looks at Eddie] Enjoying your meal, Eddie?

Eddie: [eating a salad] To be honest, it is more or less. Your salad and your fruits are nice. The dessert is probably going to be delicious based on the last time I ate here. The drinks are quite tasty. But I start to miss certain flavors in my home.

Princess Luna: [intrigued] What flavors do you miss, Eddie?

Eddie: [awkwardly] Meat, chicken, fish…all that carnivore stuff that ponies don’t eat.

[Celestia and Luna grimace.]

Princess Celestia: [looks at both sides in embarrassment] I had forgotten about that human quality. How has your progress been doing? I have received letters from Twilight with many details but I am curious about your point of view.

Eddie: [starts pondering] I am not really sure. I have made progress as of late. I mastered elemental spells and transformation spells, as you saw when I turned that hoof skate into a foot skate.

Princess Luna: [blushes in embarrassment] Maybe you should focus on talking about your magic rather than our skating failure.

Eddie: [grimaces] Sure. Twilight’s been teaching me some other spells. We are trying to do teleportation and other spells. It’s fun but I am still unfamiliar with my current magical level.

Princess Celestia: [congratulatory] You have made quite a good progress in so little time.

Eddie: [chuckles] Having Twilight as my mentor and a wand that amplifies my magical powers does help to improve your magical capacity.

[The three of them laugh.]

Princess Luna: [giggles] Just like your ancestor.

Eddie: [filled with curiosity] Now that I think about it, can you tell me more about my ancestor?

[Celestia and Luna get silent.]

Eddie: [still interested] You girls told me that you met my ancestor more than a thousand years ago and that you helped him return back home. Can you tell me about some of the stuff that he did here?

[Celestia and Luna get mute but then silently agree to tell him.]

Princess Celestia: [starts eating] I think that you deserve to be told of your ancestor’s exploits in our world.

Princess Luna: [starts eating as  well] However, today’s misadventures have taken a toll on us. We shall tell you after dinner.

Eddie: [continues eating] It’s okay. I can wait until you are finished.

[The three of them have a nice time eating. Once they are finished, the trio starts walking around the halls. Eddie smiles as he watches the stained glass windows.]

Eddie: [points at a window] That’s Twilight’s coronation into a princess, right?

Princess Celestia: [fondly] Exactly. It was one of the most important moments in my life.

Princess Luna: [proudly] This corridor is filled with stained glass windows that detail the most heroic acts in the history of Equestria. Tell me, Eddie, can you recognize any of them?

Eddie: [points at one of them with a close-up] That one shows Spike saving the Crystal Empire when he helped Cadence to recover the Crystal Heart.

[Another window is shown.]

Eddie: [grows more interested] That was when Shining Armor and Cadence defeated the Changeling Queen in their wedding.

[Another window is shown.]

Eddie: [smiles fondly]  That was when the girls defeated Discord after he returned.  

Princess Luna: [points at another one] That window shows the girls unlocking the Elements of Harmony and using them to defeat Nightmare Moon, finally freeing me from her influence.

Princess Celestia: [points at another one] And the other one shows when the Elements of Harmony were first used back when Luna and I sealed Discord in stone for the first time.

[Eddie keeps watching more stained windows.]

Princess Celestia: [smiles] The next windows show legendary events that took place before Luna and I sealed Discord. We are the protagonists on some of those windows but other ponies have earned their place there.

[The sisters lead Eddie into another room. Much to Eddie’s surprise, this room has a large stained window. It shows a human that looks exactly like Eddie. He is pointing his wand to a skeleton made of dark magic, who also points a wand at him.]

Eddie: [surprised] Even my ancestor earned his window.

Princess Celestia: [happily] He did. He earned the honor when he personally bested an evil wizard, Lord Lasorris in single combat.

Eddie: [curious] Who is this Lord Lasorris?

Princess Luna: [shrugs her shoulders] Nopony that you should concern yourself about. He’s just the typical villain that shows up to Equestria to cause evil and destruction where he goes.

Princess Celestia: [places a hoof in Eddie’s shoulder] Normally, Luna and I could have taken him on, but your ancestor insisted on handling him. He did as he promised, so we pictured his victory in one of our windows.

Princess Luna: [happily] Your ancestor was a hero, Eddie. Watching him leave Equestria was very hard for me and Celestia.

Eddie: [curious] How was my ancestor?

[Celestia and Luna get silent.]

Princess Celestia: [hesitantly] We cannot answer that question well, Eddie. It’s been a millennium since the last time we met him. I wish I could say that you are like him but your resemblance to him is just looks and name.

Princess Luna: [sadly] All that we have to remember of him is this window, the wand that brought you here, and you…until you leave Equestria.

Eddie: [awkwardly] This may sound a little insensitive but I need you to answer. How are you doing with the spell to bring me back home?

Princess Celestia: [takes a deep breath] It is nearly completed. I think that it will be done in a couple of weeks at most, provided that your magical progress advances at the same rate your reports have recorded.

Eddie: [reluctantly] Do you think that you can perform the spell?

Princess Luna: [confused] What do you mean, Eddie?

Eddie: [takes a deep breath] Magic takes focus and last time you used that spell you never saw my ancestor again. Will you be able to use this spell if it means never seeing me again once I’m back on Earth?

Princess Celestia: [sighs] Eddie. I think that Luna and I can do this spell but even so…it won’t stop us from feeling bad once it’s been done.

Princess Luna: [sadly] Last time we made this spell, we lost a friend forever. We never saw our Eddie again…and the next time we did, it turned out to be you.

Eddie: [apologetically] I’m sorry for bringing back such memories.

Princess Celestia: [reassuringly] That’s quite alright. You deserve to know about the original Eddie just as much as we deserve to meet the new one.

Eddie: [shocked] Meet the new one? You’re talking about me? But we have already met each other when I came here weeks ago.

Princess Luna: [lecturing tone] We only met you at a superficial level, Eddie. Even then, most of our perceptions about you were based on your ancestor. We wanted to meet his descendant as a person and not as an extension of his lineage.

Eddie: [gratefully] Thank you, Princesses. It’s an honor that you want to meet me at such a close level.

[Eddie hugs Celestia and Luna.]

Princess Celestia: [gets an idea] Now that I remember, it’s time for me to lower the sun so that Luna can raise the moon. Would you like to see it happen?

Eddie: [excitedly] Sure!

[The camera shows Eddie standing at a pedestal as he watches Celestia and Luna fly into the sky. Celestia lowers the sun, turning the sky black. Luna raises the moon, bringing the stars into the sky. Eddie starts clapping as the sisters finish their routine.]

Eddie: [happily] That was the most amazing thing that I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Princess Luna: [smiles at Eddie] Thank you, Eddie. But now, I must focus in my duties as the
Princess of the Night. We are going to have to reverse roles this time around.

Eddie: [raises an eyebrow] Reverse roles?

Princess Celestia: [hugs Eddie with one foreleg] While Luna is in charge of the royal duties in the nocturnal shift, I will spend time with you so that you won’t get bored.

Eddie: [confused] But how are you going to do that? Are you going to stay awake the entire night?

Princess Luna: [smiles] You don’t need to stay awake to hang out with my sister.

Eddie: [stammering] W-what?

Princess Celestia: [leads Eddie into his room] Luna has the ability to control dreams. One of her skills involves connecting the dreams of different ponies to each other in order to establish a sleeping communication.

Eddie: [looks at Luna] You’re going to link my dream to Celestia?

Princess Luna: [smiles at Eddie] That’s quite alright. You will feel as if you are awake while your body is resting. Once the dream ends, your body will have recovered from today’s exertions and be ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Eddie: [smiles] That sounds interesting.

Princess Celestia: [nods her head and yawns playfully] Since we have established what we are going to do, I think that we will prepare for our dream excursion. Good night, Eddie.

Eddie: [yawns playfully and waves at Celestia] Good night, Celestia.

[Eddie enters into his room and gets into his bed. Luna smiles at him as she closes the door with her magic. Eddie closes his eyes for a second. When he opens them again, Eddie sees that he is floating in the nocturnal sky.]

Eddie: [surprised] Am I dreaming that quickly?

Princess Luna: [giggles] After today’s adventures, I can’t really blame you for falling asleep on record time. Only Rainbow Dash is that fast getting asleep.

Eddie: [looks around his dream] I wonder if Celestia will arrive here…

Princess Celestia: [flies next to Eddie with a teasing smirk] Shortly?

[Eddie gasps and turns around. Celestia and Luna laugh at him.]

Eddie: [laughs with them after calming down] Nice to see you again.

Princess Luna: [nods her head] While I am happy to know that you are in good hooves, Eddie, I must take my leave now. Being responsible for the dreams of everypony is quite a taxing duty.

[Luna disappears in a flash of light. Eddie and Celestia smile at each other as they start to do quality time together. They play with marbles but make sure to use normal ones for a safer game. Eddie starts sketching while Celestia and a returning Luna pose with each other. He happily shows them the sketch, which Luna happily reproduces in the waking world. The trio engages in friendly banter as many times as Luna is capable of returning from doing her chores. Eventually, the dream ends with both Celestia and Luna disappearing, leaving Eddie stunned. Eddie opens his eyes and once again finds himself in bed.]

Eddie: [rubs his eyes] I guess it was all a dream.

[Eddie gets a realization and gets out of the castle. He goes to the same spot on which he met
Celestia and Luna. Both sisters smile at him as they light their horns with magic to do their duties. Luna lowers the moon at the same time as Celestia raises the sun, turning the night into day.]

Eddie: [mesmerized] Day to night or night to day, that thing you sisters do will never stop amazing me.

[Celestia and Luna giggle in unison. The next scene shows Eddie enjoying breakfast with the sisters.]

Eddie: [eating the breakfast] How different was magic a thousand years ago than now?

Princess Celestia: [eats a small cake] Very different. A thousand years is filled with many changes in the field of magic. Many new spells were created and many theories were proven and disproven.

Princess Luna: [annoyed] Try to keep up with those changes. It’s not like trying to learn a thousand years of missing historical events as well is not that challenging.

[Celestia and Eddie laugh.]

Eddie: [curiously] Do you think that you can improve the spell to send me back home?

Celestia and Luna: [surprised] Improve the spell?

Eddie: [nods his head] Yeah. How about you find a way to make the spell so that I can return to Equestria at any time we want?

Princess Celestia: [perplexed] It does sound like a good idea, but I’m not sure if we can make it, Eddie. The spell that your ancestor created was a one-way trip only. You’d need to have magic on the other side to make a portal back to Equestria and that is assuming that you conserve your magic once you return to your home.

Eddie: [optimistically] Maybe a thousand years ago it was an impossibility. That still doesn’t mean that you cannot try now that you have a thousand years of magical progress in your hooves.

Princess Luna: [a little hesitant] Be that as it may, Eddie, creating and modifying spells is time consuming. Who is to say that it won’t take us decades before we manage to create the spell you desire?

Eddie: [shrugs his shoulders] It’s better to meet you eventually than never at all. How would you feel if the next time you think you see me is in another thousand years with another human that turns out to be my descendant?

Princess Celestia: [sadly] Finding out that you were not the friend with whom we share so much was indeed a disappointing experience.

Princess Luna: [nods her head] You’re right. I don’t think that I want to relive that sort of disappointment ever again.

Princess Celestia: [with determined vigor] We promise that once we send you back, Luna and I will try to improve the spell to make it a two way portal.

Eddie: [smiles] Thank you, girls. I am happy to know that I can count on you to bring me back every time I want to see you again.

Princess Luna: [with a promising look] But you have to promise us to wait, Eddie. You cannot give up hope on us ever finding a way back to you.

Eddie: [nods his head] I will never give up on you or Equestria.

[Celestia and Luna smile at Eddie.]

Princess Celestia: [nods her head] I think that we need to thank Discord for this occasion. We three have bonded better than we expected.

Princess Luna: [satisfied] I think that I may have misjudged Discord. He did a good thing as our friend: bringing us closer to each other.

[A chef pony brings up a plate and leaves. Celestia happily removes the lid of the plate only to see Discord’s head.]

Discord: [alive as a head and smiling] Thanks for the compliments, girls. It really warms up my heart to hear such words.

[Celestia and Luna shriek at the Discord head. Eddie clutches his heart and falls out of his chair. Celestia and Luna recover their composure to glare at Discord.]

Celestia and Luna: [enraged] THAT’S NOT FUNNY, DISCORD!

Discord: [laughing] Yes, it was! I haven’t had that much fun since I played Pin the Tail on the Pony with Celestia.

[Discord pulls out Luna’s tail to wipe his tears. Luna gasps as she checks her own flank to see her tail missing. Celestia rolls her eyes in annoyance. Eddie sits back on his chair while still clutching his heart.]

Eddie: [glares at Discord] Not…funny.

Discord: [annoyed] Fine. Listen up, Fluttershy asked me to pick you up to continue your magic lessons at the castle. Are you coming or not?

Eddie: [groans in alarm] Oh, I forgot. I am being tested in magical theory today!

Discord: [once again dressed as a mailman] You know the drill.

Eddie: [annoyed] Do I have to do it like that?

Discord: [irritated] That’s how I roll, Eddie!

[Eddie looks at Celestia and Luna. He runs up to the sisters and hugs them.]

Eddie: [gratefully] Thanks for hanging out with me despite your duties.

Princess Celestia: [hugs Eddie back] Thanks for letting us know you more as yourself than the descendant of our Eddie.

Princess Luna: [returns the hug with the same enthusiasm] Celestia and I promise that we will work together to create a spell that will allow you to go back and forth across Equestria when you want it.

Eddie: [breaks the hug and walks to Discord] Give me the bag!

[Discord stuffs Eddie into his bag and then holds him over his shoulder.]

Discord: [waves back to Celestia and Luna] See you at dinner, girls!

[Discord disappears with Eddie. Celestia and Luna frown a little after they go.]

Princess Celestia: [annoyed] Tell the guards to bring the fire extinguishers.

Princess Luna: [groans in annoyance] I hate dining with Discord!

[The next scene shows Discord transporting Eddie to Fluttershy’s cottage. The draconequus opens the bag and releases Eddie.]

Eddie: [looks at Fluttershy] Hi, Fluttershy.

Fluttershy: [hugs Eddie] Hi, Eddie. How was your day with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna?

Eddie: [gives a polite smile] It was fine. We got to talk about my ancestor. We talked about how I was doing when they were not busy doing their princess duties. They are quite nice ponies once you get to know them better.

Discord: [drinks his own tea] And to think that they protested when I brought you to them yesterday.

Eddie: [a little annoyed] I think that it was the delivery that annoyed them.

Discord: [rolls his eyes] Those two never understood my own branch of humor.

Fluttershy: [helpfully] Pinkie does…she laughed at your delivery joke.

Discord: [looks at the sky gratefully] Finally, somepony gets it.

Eddie: [starts trotting] I’d love to stay here and chat but I got a quiz to take.

[Eddie runs out of the cottage and goes in route to the castle. The next scene shows Eddie back into his room. It’s nighttime again and Eddie is busy drawing another sketch. Spike enters the room.]

Spike: [interested] How was your day with the Princesses?

Eddie: [shrugs his shoulders] Quite a nice one actually. Why are you even asking me this? Didn’t you spend time with Celestia?

Spike: [uninterested] It was mainly for small talk. I didn’t get to spend that much time in private with her.

Eddie: [smiles] I played some sort of magical marble game with Luna, I painted with both sisters but apparently Celestia and Luna have different thoughts of how the sunrise and the sunset look like, and then we went ice skating to find out that skaters with two legs and skaters with four legs should stay away from each other as much as possible.

Spike: [winces] Sounds like you had an awful day at the castle.

Eddie: [chuckles] It looks that way at the beginning but once you get over it, you’ll find that it is worth spending time with them.

Spike: [curious] Something happened besides all that.

Eddie: [smiles in satisfaction] I got to check on the stained windows, watch the sisters turn the day into night and then the night into day one at a time, and they told me about my ancestor. I even made a drawing about him.

[Eddie shows Spike that his sketch is a replica of the stained window that he saw at the castle. Spike stares at it in wonder.]

Spike: [awed] Nice! What did this Eddie do?

Eddie: [mystified] He beat some evil wizard named Lord Lasorris. It’s kind of the same thing you and the girls do every time that Equestria is in danger.

Spike: [sits next to Eddie] It doesn’t make it any less awesome. Come on, Eddie. I want to know what your ancestor did!

Eddie: [smiles] Okay. But only because I am proud of what my ancestor did and I am happy to tell it to my friends.

Spike: [runs excitedly] Wait right here!

[Spike runs off. Eddie waits a little bit. He hears the sound of Spike spitting fire. The sound is followed by popping noises. Spike returns with a bowl of popcorn in his hands. He sits next to Eddie.]

Eddie: [looks at Spike] Are you going to share?

Spike: [smiles] Sure!

[Eddie takes some popcorn.]

Eddie: [eating popcorn] Okay. It all started a thousand years ago, a lone human was practicing magic and ended up in the magical land of Equestria.

[Spike gets bright eyes and Eddie continues the tale.]

Eddie: [getting excited] The human went on to meet two alicorn sisters that were the princesses of the land. One day, an evil wizard appeared and threatened to conquer Equestria. The Princesses were ready to fight him but the human decided to fight him in his stead.

[The camera gets outside of the castle as Eddie keeps narrating the adventure to Spike. The camera shows Celestia and Luna smiling at Ponyville from Canterlot before walking back to their castle. Screen fades to black. Closing credits roll. End of Part 10.]
Travel to Equestria Part 10
This is the tenth part of my RP with megamanfan43. As Eddie begins progressing with his magic, Celestia and Luna keep improving the spell to return him home. However, as both sisters remember his ancestor and how much they missed him when he left Equestria, Discord decides to help them with the future separation by bringing Eddie into their castle and forcing the three of them to spend time with each other.

MLP belongs to Hasbro
Eddie belongs to megamanfan43
Story is written by me.


Carlos Cavazos
I just finished my second year of college. It was hard and I had to drop of my Biochemistry class. Because of that, I am forced to take a summer to make up for the credits hours that I did not obtain from completing the course. I'll take a Health class in a few weeks. To make matters worse, I have to take an MCAT program to prepare myself for my medical exams. It's going to be an extenuating course on which I need to give it my best. I'll take the third year more seriously because I don't want my new college subjects to kick my ass again. Anyway, I have been getting a little lazy with my submissions but I'll make it up to you guys. I promise. Anyway, enjoy your summer vacations because I won't be able to enjoy mine fully thanks to my new agenda.
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