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                                     Travel to Equestria

[The camera focuses in Canterlot. It goes to a particular room that shows trophies of arcane origins. As the camera keeps moving forward, it reaches the end of the room, where a special token is being kept. In a crystal display, there lies some sort of large wand with a crystal embedded at the top of it. The camera focuses on the wand from the bottom and then moves up to the top in the crystal. The crystal starts to emanate with white light that starts pulsating, increasing in intensity with each second. The camera fades to black and the opening credits roll. A human named Eddie is walking around his neighborhood and then goes to his car, which is filled with many of his belongings.]

Eddie: [nods his head] Listen, I know that this is of short notice but I am going to be out for this whole week.

[Eddie keeps walking as he gets an answer in the sound of mumbles]

Eddie: [calmly] I am going camping with my uncle. Well, I was going camping with my uncle. He got sick all of a sudden and can’t go there anymore.

[Eddie receives another reply from his phone]

Eddie: [guiltily] I can’t help it! He already paid for the cabin! I can’t just simply choose to not go there, not after he went through the trouble of paying for it!

[Eddie gets another reply.]

Eddie: [smiles] Okay. I’ll see you in about a week.

[Eddie turns off his phone and enters into his car.]

Eddie: [turns on the car and wandering to himself] Let’s see, I can fish and go camping in the wilderness. I can…man, this is hard without having anybody else to have fun with you.

[Eddie shakes his head and goes to drive out of his neighborhood and into the wilderness. An hour of travel later, Eddie reaches the cabin. He gets out of the car and puts his hand on his pocket to retrieve a key. He walks to the door and opens it. The cabin has enough space to look comfortable, enough for two people.]

Eddie: [in a contemplative tone] Might as well start unpacking.

[A small montage shows Eddie undergoing the process of unpacking his stuff. It takes effort and some time, but he finally gets the cabin to look presentable.]

Eddie: [satisfied] All my stuff is out and now I can relax.

[Eddie turns around and notices that the cabin is a little dusty. He shrugs his shoulders and picks up some cleaning supplies that he brought with him.]

Eddie: [smiling] Always good to be prepared.

[Another montage shows Eddie cleaning up the cabin. Once he is done cleaning it, Eddie collapses on his bed and pants a little bit.]

Eddie: [pants] Seven days to go…all to myself…alone.

[Eddie frowns, not knowing what to do now. All of his excitement when he was cleaning the cabin just disappears.]

Eddie: [pensively] I guess I don’t have anything else to do here, not that I can think of anything to be sure.

[Eddie turns his head around and notices that it is already night time. He sighs as he notices a shooting star. He closes his eyes and voices his wish.]

Eddie: [hopefully] I wish that something were to happen to me.  I want something new and exciting to happen in my life.

[Eddie opens his eyes and smiles lightly at the sky. He yawns a little bit before closing his eyes again.]

Eddie: [tiredly] I guess I’ll find something to do tomorrow morning.

[The camera starts to switch between the castle room in Equestria and Eddie’s cabin in Earth. The wand starts to pulsate with more light as it envelopes the room. Meanwhile, a white light similar to the one created by the wand starts to materialize in Eddie’s cabin as the human keeps sleeping. Eventually, the light fills the inside of the cabin. Once the inside of the cabin is completely engulfed with light, it turns dark again. Eddie is no longer in his bed or inside the cabin for the matter. The light of the wand returns to Equestria, showing that Eddie has somehow been transported to Canterlot in the castle of Celestia and Luna, still asleep.]

Eddie: [yawning] Tomorrow…something…interesting.

[It’s daylight. A couple of Royal Guards are walking to the room. Both of them are Earth Ponies and the sound of their voices and more emotional behavior shows that they are rookies.]

Royal Guard #1: [curious] This is my first time on this assignment. What are we doing here?

Royal Guard #2: [sternly] This is the museum of the Royal Sisters. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna keep mementos of their past adventures in here.

Royal Guard #1: [awed] Wow…and we get to protect these things?

Royal Guard #2: [proudly] We are tasked with protecting the most valuable objects of the Royal Sisters. It is quite an honor even if there are no threats that come after them.

Royal Guard #1: [disappointedly] I wish I could prove my worth to the Princesses, like catching a bad pony or something.

Royal Guard #2: [shakes his head] Leave that to the professionals, kid.

[Both Royal Guards open the door to find the sleeping Eddie in the museum. They both get awestruck looks in their faces.]

Royal Guard #1: [stunned] Who is that?

Royal Guard #2: [annoyed] How should I know? I’ve never meant anypony like him before. He doesn’t even look like a pony at all.

Royal Guard #1: [doubtful] What are we supposed to do?

Royal Guard #2: [points his spear at Eddie] First, we verify if the creature is dangerous. If it attacks me after seeing me, we’ll know he’s hostile. If it gets scared then we’ll have nothing to worry about.

Royal Guard #1: [concerned] What about the treasures that we are supposed to protect?

Royal Guard #2: [narrows his eyes at Royal Guard #1] Then check on the museum to see if he stole anything.

Royal Guard #1: [salutes and does as asked] I’ll do it right away!

[Royal Guard #2 pokes Eddie with the blunt end of his spear. Eddie groans as he gets poked and opens his eyes. He notices the pony with a blurry vision and ignores him for a second. Once the visibility becomes clear, his eyes widen.]

Eddie: [screams] Ah!

Royal Guard #2: [yelps as he points the spear at Eddy] Whoa!

Royal Guard #1: [shrieks] Ah!

Eddie: [panicking] Who are you?

Royal Guard #2: [threateningly] I can ask you the same question. Who are you? What are you doing in the castle’s museum?

Eddie: [surprised] Castle’s museum?

[He turns around and notices the room. He starts to hyperventilate and panic. Royal Guard #1 gets close to him.]

Royal Guard #1: [trying to sound professional] I’m afraid that you’re going to have to come with us, sir.

[Eddie panics and runs away, accidentally knocking the Royal Guards.]

Royal Guard #2: [angrily] Call the other guards!

Royal Guard #1: [firmly] I’ll get them!

[Eddie is still running in the castle. He manages to run with excellent speed and evasive maneuvers. He starts panicking as he starts watching several ponies.]

Eddie: [panicking more] Ponies everywhere! Everywhere I go I see ponies!

Royal Guard #1: [running behind him] Stop right there, scum!

Royal Guard #2: [getting close to him] You’re under arrest for trespassing.

Eddie: [panicking] That’s not fair!

Royal Guards: [angrily] Yes, it is!

Eddie: [shaking his head] No, it isn’t! I was just sleeping in my uncle’s cabin for my week of vacations and then I’m suddenly in a land of ponies.

Royal Guard #1: [sarcastically] Likely story!

Eddie: [annoyed] I am telling you the truth!

Royal Guard #2: [threateningly] Just you wait until the reinforcements put their hooves on you. Then you’ll be sorry.

Eddie: [questioningly] Reinforcements.

[Eddie looks forward and sees unicorn Royal Guards in front of him.]

Eddie: [surprised] Unicorns?

[The unicorn Royal Guards start shooting magic bolts at him.]

Eddie: [stunned but still running] Unicorns with laser beams?

Royal Guard #1: [offended] It’s magic, you monkey!

Eddie: [just as offended] Well, I am a human!

Royal Guard #2: [still angry] You haven’t seen the last of our reinforcements! Look above you if you feel so brave!

[Eddie looks up to the sky and sees Pegasus Royal Guards going after him.]

Eddie: [shocked] Pegasus?

Royal Guard #1: [offended] The plural term for Pegasus is Pegasi! I am so writing this in my report.

Eddie: [surprised] I got a criminal record!

Royal Guard #2: [jumps at Eddie] You have one now!

[Both Royal Guards tackle Eddie to the ground. More Royal Guards start to appear and pile on the human. Eddie groans in pain from their combined weight and just passes out. Eddie opens his eyes again and his vision is blurry.]

Princess Celestia: [blurry and with distorted voice] Are you okay?

Eddie: [sorely] No, nurse! I had some weird dream on which I was being chased by little ponies all over a castle.

Princess Luna: [blurrily] That did happen, Eddie.

Eddie: [confused but still sorely] How did you know?

[Eddie’s vision and hearing gets turned back to normal as he sees Celestia and Luna staring at him in concern.]

Princess Celestia: [smiling] We know because we were there when it happened?

[Eddie is left dumbstruck as Luna tackles him back into the bed on which he is laying. Luna is extremely happy as she nuzzles Eddie’s cheek.]

Princess Luna: [cheerfully] It’s wonderful to see you again, Eddie!

Eddie: [surprised] Again? What do you mean by that?

Princess Luna: [tittering] Don’t play dumb, Eddie!

Eddie: [still in shock] I am not. I’ve never met you before.

[Luna breaks the hug. She and Celestia exchange glances.]

Princess Celestia: [stunned] Are you sure?

Eddie: [reluctantly] I think that I’d remember meeting two giant talking ponies with wings and horns.

Princess Luna: [a little hurt] We met millennia ago, Eddie. We met back when Celestia and I were starting to rule Equestria.

Eddie: [stunned] Millennia? That can’t be! I am just in my twenties!

Celestia and Luna: [surprised] Twenties?

Eddie: [meekly nods his head] Yes. I think that you must have confused me with somebody else Celestia and…

Princess Luna: [still stunned] Luna.

Eddie: [still meekly] Thanks.

[Celestia and Luna exchange glances.]

Princess Celestia: [awkwardly] Can you tell me who are you?

Eddie: [timidly] My name is Eddie Dombrowski.

Princess Luna: [whispers into Celestia’s ear] Our Eddie probably must have had a female descendent. I don’t think that I’ve ever heard the name Dombrowski.

Princess Celestia: [whispering into Luna’s ear] In our Eddie’s defense, he never told us if he had any other name so Dombrowski might as well be his last name.

Eddie: [lifts a hand to ask a question] Can you help to explain me how did you know my name or why your friend has the same name as I do?

Princess Luna: [reassuringly] We’ll tell you in due time. Can you tell us how you reached Equestria?

Eddie: [awkwardly shrug his shoulders] I am not sure about that. One day I just wished for something interesting to happen in my life and the next day I am surrounded by talking magical ponies.

[Celestia and Luna share troubled looks.]

Princess Celestia: [carefully forming her words] You don’t mind if I use my magic to check on your memories, Eddie?

Eddie: [intimidated] Will it hurt?

Princess Luna: [shakes her head] No. Just relax.

[Eddie closes his eyes. Celestia and Luna focus their magic in their horns and put them in the human’s forehead. The contact lasts for a few seconds before they break it. The Royal Sisters look disappointed.]

Princess Celestia: [bows her head] Our apologies, Mr. Dobrowski. We thought that you were somepony

Eddie: [unsurely] That also raised a question. Who was your Eddie? Is he related to me or something because you seem to figure out my name just because I apparently look like him.

Princess Luna: [sadly] Our Eddie was a human, just like you, who ended up in Equestria in our younger years. Apparently, you are his descendant.

Eddie: [stunned] One of my ancestors ended up in this place?

Princess Celestia: [nods her head] Yes, Mr. Dobrowski.

Eddie: [shakes his head] Call me Eddie. I know that this is all sudden but I have to ask this question right now. How did my ancestor ended up here?

Princess Luna: [sighs] I think that it’s better if you follow us to the museum to better inform you of the situation.

Eddie: [unsurely] I won’t get piled on by your guards, right?

Princess Celestia: [shakes her head]  I got the Royal Guards a day off as a ‘reward’ for capturing you. I didn’t want to make them feel bad for accidentally injuring one of my friends…well…the descendant of one of my friends.

Eddie: [unsurely] Thanks.

[The Princesses lead Eddie to the museum, eventually stopping at the wand.]

Princess Celestia: [respectfully] This is your ancestor’s wand, Eddie.

Eddie: [surprised] My ancestor’s wand? You mean that he…

Princess Luna: [nods her head] He was a wizard, Eddie. His wand was some sort of removable horn that acted as a conduit for magic.

Eddie: [stunned] Just like Harry Potter.

Princess Luna: [curiously] Who is this Harry Potter? Is he some legendary wizard in your human world?

Eddie: [awkwardly] Uh, more or less. He’s more like a popular fictional character that popularized magic in literature.

Princess Luna: [excitedly] Oh, so he is a book character about magic, right?

Eddie: [nods his head happily] Yes.

Princess Celestia: [playfully] I believe that you’re letting this analogy sidetrack you from the important story behind the wand.

Princess Luna: [with dignified air] My apologies, sister.

Eddie: [rubs the back of his head] Sorry.

Princess Celestia: [looks at the wand] Millennia ago, a young wizard named Eddie appeared in Equestria. He was a nice human who befriended us. He had been attempting to prove the limits of his magic and accidentally ended up here in Equestria with us.

Eddie: [awed] Wow!

Princess Luna: [wistfully] We let Eddie remain with us in Equestria for months so that he could prepare a spell to return him to his dimension. He succeeded in its creation but he needed our magic to perform it.

Princess Celestia: [points at the wand] Using his wand as a conduit for our magic, we managed to open a portal that sent Eddie back to his dimension. He let us keep his wand as he could easily get another one. He wanted us to keep the wand as a memento of our friendship.

Princess Luna: [smiles at Eddie] You look so much like him.

Eddie: [guiltily] Sorry for not being him.

Princess Celestia: [reassuringly] It’s quite alright.

Eddie: [trying to sound polite] Uh, is there a way to send me back home? And speaking about home, how did I get here?

Princess Luna: [takes a deep breath] We can take you back home, but we will need to calibrate the spell. We have to find the right dimension, the exact moment at which you left, and the location on which you took the portal in the first place.

Princess Celestia: [unsurely] As for how did you get here, we are not sure. One day, the wand started to emanate with magical power all of a sudden. We originally had it in a safe but we brought it here in case it caused something and we could be close to see what it was. As it turns out, you were that thing.

Eddie: [surprised] But why would my ancestor’s wand send me here?

Princess Celestia: [shakes her head] I am not sure. Maybe it had something to do with you.

Eddie: [surprised] Me?

Princess Luna: [stares at the wand carefully] Magic doesn’t happen just like that. There are cases on which it sparks because something important is about to happen. In this case, it is your arrival.

Eddie: [confused] How is my arrival anything important. I am just a regular human…or at least I think I am one.

[Princess Celestia and Luna glance at each other and nod. They scan Eddie with their magic, causing the human to gasp. After a few seconds of scanning,  the sisters stop their spell and look at him curiously.]

Princess Celestia: [calmly] It appears that  you are no ordinary human, Eddie.

Eddie: [surprised] I am not…

Princess Luna: [supportively] You are a wizard, Eddie, just like your ancestor before you millennia ago.

Eddie: [nervously] Eh, I don’t want to sound rude but I think that you may be mistaken with that diagnosis.

Celestia and Luna: [in unison and dismissively] We’re not.

Eddie: [doubtfully] But how…

Princess Celestia: [in lecture tone] We used a Scanning Spell to check for magic vestiges on your person.

Princess Luna: [with the same tone] You exhibited two types of magic. The first one is the magic of the wand that brought you here. And the second one is your own latent magic within yourself.

Eddie: [stunned] I can do magic?

Celestia and Luna: [smiling] Yes.

Eddie: [curiously] But how do I have magic? Humans are not very…magical or mystical. Until now, I thought that all magic was nothing more than fiction.

Princess Celestia: [sighs in disappointment] Your ancestor explained about his species back during his first stay in Equestria. In their early years, humans were in tune with their magical powers.

Princess Luna: [continues on from Celestia] But as time passed, humans started to get more comfortable with the development of their society so they neglected the development of their magical powers.

Princess Celestia: [sadly] Only a selected few humans were capable of using magic by the time we met your ancestor.

Princess Luna: [equally sad] It appears that humans have completely lost touch with their magic if your testament and your memories are true.

Eddie: [embarrassed] I’m sorry for me and my species losing our magic.

Princess Celestia: [a little stunned] You don’t have to apologize for something that was out of your control, Eddie.

Eddie: [laughs in embarrassment] I am sorry. It’s just that I don’t like to see people sad and I feel guilty when I think I caused it.

Princess Luna: [places a wing on Eddie’s shoulder] You don’t need to apologize, Eddie. It is not your fault. Besides, you didn’t lose your magic.

Eddie: [a little unnerved] But that raises another question. I never thought that I had magic in my body. In fact, I don’t think that I have it. Is there a chance that my ancestor’s wand affected me?

Princess Celestia: [looks at the wand] I have a theory. There is a chance that when the wand brought you here, it recognized your lineage with its previous owner and transferred its magic to you.

Princess Luna: [removes her hoof from Eddie’s shoulder] There is also the fact that Equestria possess magic that is as natural as air itself. There is a chance that being in this land awakened your latent magic powers.

Eddie: [tries to think over what they said] Those are some good theories. But what am I supposed to do now?

Princess Celestia: [smiles at Eddie] I am glad that you asked that question. You’re going to need a place to live and you will also need to develop your magic powers if you are to return home.

Eddie: [shocked but a little excited] I am going to learn magic?

Princess Luna: [nods her head] Of course. We need you to use your magic to create a connection to your dimension if we are to return you home. For that, we require you to get in touch with your magic.

Eddie: [looks at his wand] How am I supposed to do that? Do I take my ancestor’s wand and start practicing?

Princess Celestia: [supportively] I think that you’re going to need to learn the basics of magic before you try your ancestor’s wand. I am no expert in human magic but apparently you require a good deal of control if you are to use it. The last thing we need is for you to destroy the wand by accident with a magic outburst.

Eddie: [a little scared] That doesn’t sound comforting.

Princess Luna: [happily] Hence why my sister convinced you to not take the wand.

Eddie: [smiles nervously] So, when are we starting our magic lessons?

Princess Celestia: [politely] We’ll discuss them after we arrange for your living accommodations.

Eddie: [curiously] Am I going to live here?

Celestia and Luna: [exchange worried glances] No.

Eddie: [taken aback] Why not?

Princess Celestia: [guiltily] We don’t have anything against you, Eddie. It’s just that the ponies of Canterlot are a little high-strung. They’ll get nervous the second they see you.

Princess Luna: [tries to look away in shame] Not to mention that as Princesses we have busy schedules so we won’t be able to fully accommodate you, much less train you in how to use your magic powers.

Eddie: [a little disheartened] But where am I going to live? Who is going to teach me magic if you can’t?

Princess Celestia: [puts a reassuring hoof in Eddie’s shoulder] We know the right pony for the job. Her name is Twilight Sparkle, she used to be my personal student before she proved herself worthy of becoming a princess. She is now the Princess of Friendship in Ponyville.

Eddie: [surprised] Wow. There is a third princess in this kingdom?

Princess Luna: [informatively] Technically, she is the fourth princess. We have Princess Cadence, my and Celestia’s niece, who rules the Crystal Empire as the third princess.

Eddie: [curiously] Is there a fifth princess?

Celestia and Luna: [in unison] No.

Eddie: [a little relieved but still curious] What can you tell me about Twilight Sparkle?

Princess Celestia: [proudly] Twilight Sparkle was my personal student when she was a filly. Her special talent is magic, as she displayed enormous power, enthusiasm, and knowledge to the art that she has cultivated over the years. I am quite sure that she’ll be more than happy to help you develop your magic.

Eddie: [hesitantly] Doesn’t she have…duties like you?

Princess Luna: [supportively] Well, Twilight Sparkle recently became a Princess so she doesn’t have as many royal obligations as Celestia, Cadence, and I. She has more than enough time to let you live in her new castle in Ponyville and teach you magic.

Eddie: [happily] Nice. But what am I supposed to eat? Humans have a very different diet than ponies.

Princess Celestia: [nods her head] That’s quite alright, Eddie. Your ancestor let us know about your species and their diet. Plus, Twilight has gone to a dimension of humans a couple of times. I am familiar with their diet and I’ll be happy to give Twilight some information so that she can better accommodate you.

Eddie: [gratefully] Thanks.

Princess Luna: [smiles at Eddie] In the meantime, we have enough time to tell you about Equestria. You don’t have to learn anything. Celestia and I will just tell you all that you need to know if you are to live here.

[The camera gets away from the three. The scene changes to the Mane Six entering the castle. They are talking among themselves.]

Pinkie Pie: [happily] Ooh, I can’t believe we’re going to meet a human! This is so exciting! No, I am so nervouscited!

Applejack: [annoyed] Ah’m still thinking that that ain’t a real word.

Twilight Sparkle: [carefully] It’s not like the humans that I met in my previous travels, Pinkie Pie. By the descriptions Princess Celestia and Princess Luna gave me, this human is not like the ones I met at the other side of the mirror.

Rainbow Dash: [flies around Twilight with a raised eyebrow] Is it because he can use magic? That’s no big deal! You told us that our alternate selves used magic in two different occasions.

Twilight Sparkle: [pensively] But that was because the Element of Magic was brought into the dimension and since it was connected to me, its power transferred to your alternate selves when I forged my friendship with them. This human has no connection to the Elements of Harmony so why is he capable of doing magic.

Rarity: [supportively] Maybe he has some mystical object that allows him to do magic. I mean, you once told us how the Sirens were capable of using magic thanks to some gems that they were using.

Twilight Sparkle: [thinks about it] Maybe that will be the case. We will need to talk with the Princesses about it. What do you think, Fluttershy?

Fluttershy: [nervously] Twilight…are humans scary?

Twilight Sparkle:[smiles at Fluttershy] They are not scary, Fluttershy. They are just different. They are not as dangerous to you as anypony else. You’ll be fine.

Rainbow Dash: [wraps a foreleg around Fluttershy’s neck] And you got us by your side, Fluttershy! Don’t worry! If he is a bad guy then I’ll take him down in ten seconds flat!

Fluttershy: [intimidated] Can you please be gentle? He is just trying to get back home.

Spike: [in Twilight’s back] I can’t wait to see how this human looks like. How different do you think his dimension is compared to the one we visited?

Twilight Sparkle: [opening the doors with magic] We’re about to find out.

[Twilight opens the door and finds Celestia, Luna, and Eddie talking with each other.]

Princess Celestia: [in welcoming tone] Twilight Sparkle, it is so great to see you.

Twilight Sparkle: [bows to Celestia] It is nice to see you too, Princess Celestia. I read your letter about your human friend and I was curious to see how he looked like.

Princess Celestia: [points at Eddie, who is still talking with Luna] There he is.

Twilight Sparkle: [looks at Eddie in surprise] Wow, he is more…voluminous compared to the humans I met in the mirror.

Princess Celestia: [laughs awkwardly] I know. His dimension is a little more tridimensional in comparison to us. So try not to say anything about his appearance, I learned that a thousand years ago with his ancestor.

Twilight Sparkle: [tries to go to Eddie] I guess I’ll introduce myself to him.

Princess Luna: [stops talking to Eddie] You will have to wait for introductions, Twilight Sparkle. For the time being, we have to give you some instructions on how to interact with humans from Eddie’s dimension.

[Luna turns around and watches Spike and the rest of the Mane Six.]

Princess Luna: [smiles at the Mane Six] In the meantime, I want you six to talk to Eddie while Celestia and I inform Twilight on how to interact with humans.

[The remaining members of the Mane Six and Spike bow to Luna, just before they watch her, Celestia, and Twilight leaving the room. Afterwards, they stare at Eddie. The human stares back at them. The silence is a bit awkward.]

Eddie: [awkwardly lifts a hand] Hello…

[Pinkie Pie pops out next to him with a huge grin on her face.]

Pinkie Pie: [cheerfully] Hey!

[Eddie yelps and falls to the ground.]

Pinkie Pie: [still happy] Hello! My name is Pinkie Pie! Do you like parties? Actually, do humans have parties? If you do, what kind of parties do you like? In fact, how different are parties made by humans compared to parties made by ponies? Do you bake your own pastries or make your own fruit punch? What kind of games do you play? Do you dance or sing or anything?

[Pinkie Pie’s muzzle is enveloped by a blue aura. Her mouth is forced shut. Rarity walks in with her horn surrounded in magic.]

Rarity: [in admonishing tone] Pinkie Pie!  Let  the poor darling say something before you ask another question.

[Pinkie Pie blushes and makes the squeaky toy sound.]

Rarity: [apologetically] My apologies for Pinkie Pie’s behavior. She is just very sociable and likes to meet new ponies.

Eddie: [smiles reassuringly] It’s okay. I don’t mind. I’ll be happy to answer her questions later. My name is Eddie.

Rarity: [bows in a ladylike manner] It’s nice to meet you, Eddie. My name is Rarity. Let me introduce you to my friends.

Applejack: [walks to Eddie and offers her hoof to him] That won’t be necessary, Rarity. Ah can introduce mahself to him. Mah name is Applejack. It’s nice to meet ya.

Eddie: [stands up to a crouching position to shake her hoof] Nice to meet you too, Applejack.

[Rainbow Dash flies around Eddie, surprising him as she checks on his appearance.]

Rainbow Dash: [curiously] So this is how a human looks like? You’re a lot bigger than what Twilight suggested about your species.

Rarity: [scandalized] Rainbow Dash! Have some decency! You can’t just go around making remarks about the weight of somepony else, especially when you’re talking about his species as a whole.

Eddie: [hurriedly] It’s okay, Rarity! I am cool with Rainbow Dash. Celestia and Luna showed me the humans that Twilight met in her adventures. I can’t blame her for saying that about me.

Rainbow Dash: [smiles at Eddie] You look like a nice guy. My name is Rainbow Dash. I am the fastest flier of Equestria.

[Rainbow Dash proves her point by flying circles around Eddie. The human stares at the rainbow trail that she leaves behind. Rainbow Dash stops to look at Eddie.]

Eddie: [stunned] Wow! You are indeed fast! I never thought I’d meet anything fast enough to leave a trail like that.

Rainbow Dash: [smiles at Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie] I like him already. Get over here, Fluttershy! This new guy is friendly!

[Fluttershy walks slowly to Eddie. The fear in her eyes makes Eddie look a little guilty. She starts to whimper as she looks at him. Rainbow Dash gets annoyed and slaps her hoof to her face, dragging it all the way down. Rarity and Applejack look embarrassed. Pinkie Pie happily pushes Fluttershy to Eddie. She still has her muzzle shut with Rarity’s magic but she gestures at the two of them to talk.]

Eddie: [breaking  the silence] Hi…

Fluttershy: [in low voice] Hi…

Eddie: [frowns as he cannot hear her] What did you say? I couldn’t hear you.

Fluttershy: [turns her head away from him and with the same low voice] Hi.

Eddie: [trying to sound more supportive] My name is Eddie. What’s your name?

Fluttershy: [weakly] Fluttershy…

Eddie: [curious] Fluttershy?

[Fluttershy starts whimpering. Eddie starts to feel guilty.]

Rarity: [pats Eddie’s leg with her hoof] Don’t feel bad, Eddie. Fluttershy is a little timid with meeting new ponies. You are the first human that she meets so I guess it’s normal for her to feel a little overwhelmed by your presence. Give her time and she will eventually warm up to you.

Eddie: [looks at Fluttershy and then at Rarity] I hope so.

[Spike walks to Eddie and pats his leg. Eddie looks down and meets the purple dragon. He offers his claw at the human.]

Spike: [happily] Hi! My name is Spike!

Eddie: [smiles at Spike] Hello. Celestia and Luna have talked so much about you.

Spike: [excitedly] They did?

Eddie: [nods his head] Well, on my own petition. Dragons are quite popular in the Earth that I come from so I was very curious about you when I heard that Twilight had a baby dragon as her number one assistant. I was even surprised when I heard that you saved the Crystal Empire two times already.

Spike: [blushes] Thanks. I always try to be humble.

[The rest of the Mane Six laughs at the exchange. Twilight returns with the Princesses. Celestia levitates a list to Twilight, who picks it up with her magic. She makes the list disappear with her magic before walking to Eddie.]

Twilight Sparkle: [smiles at Eddie] It’s a pleasure to meet you, Eddie. My name is Twilight Sparkle and I will be in charge of housing you, as well as training you in the conscious use of your magic.

Eddie: [shakes Twilight’s hoof] Thank you, Twilight. It means a lot to me that you let me stay at your castle.

Twilight Sparkle: [frowns sadly at Eddie] I heard about what happened to you from Celestia and Luna. I am sorry that you were taken away from your home like that. I promise to help you return back home.

[Eddie gets sad for a moment but then smiles at Twilight.]

Eddie: [gratefully] Thank you for your kind words, Princess Twilight. I promise to be a good student and a good guest.

Twilight Sparkle: [smiles at Eddie] And I promise to teach you with the best of my capacity.

Princess Celestia: [walks to Twilight and Eddie] And I am happy that you are both getting along. Unfortunately, you all have a train to catch if you are to reach Ponyville.

Princess Luna: [regally] While Twilight houses Eddie, Celestia and I will scan the wand to see if we can create a pathway to Eddie’s dimension. Additionally, we will try to recreate his ancestor’s spell to bring him back to his dimension if possible. A note will be sent at irregular intervals to let you know about our progress.

Eddie: [hugs the Princesses] Thank you. I really appreciate your help.

[Celestia and Luna happily return the hug before breaking it. Twilight puts a hoof in  Eddie’s hand as she collects magic in her horn. The Mane Six, Spike, and Eddie disappear from the throne room and reappear in a train.]

Eddie: [yells in surprise] Wow! Did you just teleported us?

Twilight Sparkle: [nods her head] Yes. Teleportation is an advanced spell. Very few unicorns are capable of learning it because of how much magic is required to travel a great distance with more
than one passenger.

Spike: [smiles at Eddie and then at Twilight] She’s been doing teleporting since she came over to Ponyville. You can say that she’s a pro at popping in and out of anywhere.

Pinkie Pie: [childishly offended and popping out of the ceiling] Excuse me, I take offense of that!

[Spike and Eddie yelp. The girls laugh.]

Twilight Sparkle: [giggling] Sorry about Pinkie. She takes her surprise entries and exits a little too seriously.

Eddie: [clutching his chest] I can see that. Do you think that I can teleport like you?

Twilight Sparkle: [doubtfully] I am not sure. We first need to determine what is your magic capable of doing and how different it is to Equestrian magic. If it has more similarities, chances are that you can learn the spell.

Eddie: [pumps his fist in the air in silent victory] Yes!

Twilight Sparkle: [materializes the notes and reads it] We will have to make a couple of calls in order to adjust your diet. The Princesses said that you humans are not that used to hay or grass. We’re going to have to give you some griffin diet in account of your omnivorous preferences.

Rarity: [gags a little bit] You’re going to give him meat.

Twilight Sparkle: [nods her head] I am. I cannot deny him meat just because I don’t like it. He has a right to a healthy diet.

Eddie: [smiles awkwardly] In my defense, I do cook meat when I eat it. I get sick if I eat it raw.

Rainbow Dash: [shrugs her shoulders] I don’t see what’s the big deal. I saw Gilda eat meat all the time back in flying camp. I think that we’ll be fine.

Fluttershy: [trying to sound supportive] Some of my animals eat meat.

Eddie: [smiles at Fluttershy] Thank you, Fluttershy.

Fluttershy: [feeling more secure around Eddie] Thank you, Eddie. I am sorry for not properly introducing myself to you.

Eddie: [smiles at Fluttershy] I am sorry for scaring you.

Fluttershy: [trying to sound supportive] But it wasn’t your fault. I get nervous when I meet somepony new. I thought that I had it under control but when I heard that I was going to meet a human…I guess I panicked a bit.

Eddie: [pets Fluttershy comfortingly] It’s okay, Fluttershy. I don’t mind. I was pretty scared too when I came into this world.

Applejack: [whispers to Rainbow Dash] Can’t blame him with all those Royal Guards hot on his tail.

[Rainbow Dash and Applejack snicker.]

Eddie: [looks at Twilight] When will my lessons begin?

Twilight Sparkle: [reads from some notes that Celestia gave her] We will begin when we have established your life in Ponyville. There may be moments when I will have to be gone for some time so I am going to need to get you a job so that you can better accommodate to the citizen life in Ponyville.

Eddie: [nods his head] Sounds fair to me. How are we going to begin my life here?

Twilight Sparkle: [smiles at Eddie] Our first step will be to introduce you to Ponyville with one of Pinkie’s parties. Nothing establishes a connection with the ponies of this town more than a Pinkie Party.

[Pinkie Pie grins at the camera, which is later revealed to be Eddie’s point of view. The squeaky noise is heard as she grins at Eddie.]

Eddie: [curious] What will we do after the party?

Twilight Sparkle: [smiles at Eddie] Your first nights will be at my castle. However, we will have to establish your citizenship to Ponyville by talking with Mayor Mare. You will have to take a test regarding Ponyville to be acknowledged as a legal citizen.

Eddie: [excitedly] Celestia and Luna told me about that one! They even gave me a summary of Ponyville and you girls before you came.

Twilight Sparkle: [sternly] Nevertheless, I’d like to review your knowledge on the matter before you take the test. It’s really important for you to pass it.

Rainbow Dash: [annoyed] Lighten up, Twilight! It’s going to be fine!

Rarity: [apologetically] Excuse Twilight’s enthusiasm. She takes test a little too seriously.

Eddie: [surprised] Really?

Spike: [uninterested] Kind of comes with being Celestia’s student. Twilight thinks that everything needs to be perfect and that any mistake is going to cost her. She is not as bad as she used to be back before she moved to Ponyville but it’s still there every once in a while, even if it’s somepony else taking the test.

Rainbow Dash: [smiles at Spike] Tell me about it.

Twilight Sparkle: [annoyed] I’m standing right here, guys.

[Everybody sans Twilight chuckles at the moment. A whistling sound is heard as the train is moving slower.]

Pinkie Pie: [happily] Ooh! We’re nearly done here! We can finally give you a trip to Ponyville.

Eddie: [a little nervous and excited] So…how is Ponyville?

Applejack: [shrugs her shoulders] It’s a small town really. Some strange things come here and go but thing always remain calm around here.

Rainbow Dash: [uninterested] The town has some troubles every once in a while but it’s nothing that we cannot fix. Stay by our side and you’ll be fine, Eddie.

Eddie: [smiles at Rainbow Dash] Thanks.

Rarity: [happily] Ooh, I think that it is time for us to get out of the train.

[The Mane Six, Spike, and Eddie get out of the train. Much to Eddie’s surprise, most ponies don’t pay attention to him, apart from a fleeting glance.]

Eddie: [stunned] You’d think that they’d be more responsive to a human.

Spike: [snorts] Oh please, I am the first dragon citizen of Equestria and barely anypony bats an eyelash at me. Equestria is a place of tolerance so other than a few looks you’re going to be fine.

Eddie: [smiles as he looks at the sky] I think I’ll like it here.

[The group gets out of the train station and looks at Ponyville. Eddie is left stunned.]

Twilight Sparkle: [notices Eddie’s reaction and smiles at him] Welcome to Ponyville, Eddie. This is going to be your home for the time being.

[The camera focuses on Ponyville. The screen fades to black. End of Part 1.]
Travel to Equestria Part 1
Hello. It's been a long time since I updated. My apologies about that.  Master degree classes turned out to be very challenging so I had little to no time in drawing or writing. Anyway, I am back for this whole summer. I will start with some RP collaboration with my fan megamanfan43, who asked for my participation. I haven't written in a long time so chances are that I am a little rusty. 

MLP belongs to Hasbro
Story is a collaboration of mine and megamanfan43
Room Drawings 4 by Moongaze14
Room Drawings 4
A photo of all my drawings in my room. Check on the previous entries to know what they are for more info.

Star Wars belong to George Lucas/Disney
Wolpy and Dawnsoul belong to Skailla
Art was done by me
Room Drawings 3 by Moongaze14
Room Drawings 3
Another photo of my drawings. The one in the left is the one that I showed you in the first picture. The other two are drawings that I made for Skailla. The large one is a poster of her character Wolpy. The last drawing is a romantic moment (it is more of a shipping thing in my imagination rather than real canon in her comic) between Wolpy and Dawnsoul.

Wolpy and Dawnsoul belong to Skailla.
Room Drawings 2 by Moongaze14
Room Drawings 2
Here is another photo of the drawings that I made in my room. This one features an anthro character from Star Wars. I loved the series since I was a kid. He uses three lightsabers, one in each hand and a third with the Force.

Star Wars belongs to George Lucas/Disney.
Room Drawings by Moongaze14
Room Drawings
A photo of the drawings that I have posted in my room. I am no expert artist so I still need more training and practice. I hope that you like them.


Carlos Cavazos
I just finished my second year of college. It was hard and I had to drop of my Biochemistry class. Because of that, I am forced to take a summer to make up for the credits hours that I did not obtain from completing the course. I'll take a Health class in a few weeks. To make matters worse, I have to take an MCAT program to prepare myself for my medical exams. It's going to be an extenuating course on which I need to give it my best. I'll take the third year more seriously because I don't want my new college subjects to kick my ass again. Anyway, I have been getting a little lazy with my submissions but I'll make it up to you guys. I promise. Anyway, enjoy your summer vacations because I won't be able to enjoy mine fully thanks to my new agenda.
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