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Statice Character Sheet by Moongaze14
Statice Character Sheet
This is a character sheet of Statice. I hope you like it.

Name: Statice

Gender: Male

Species: Unicorn

Age: A year younger than the Mane Six (two years younger than Fluttershy if she’s the oldest)

Coat Color: Green

Eye Color: Golden

Mane Color:  Red, blue, purple, white, and yellow (the  last two can only be seen from the other side)

Background: Statice grew up as a foal in Hobuck, a city that was supposed to be the center of all creatures in Equestria on which they could be friends. Ultimately, the purpose of friendship between many species failed, leading most of the pony citizens to leave the city. Statice is the descendant of one of the few families that decided to stay there. As a result of unforeseen circumstances, Statice was forced to leave Hobuck with his best friend Digitalis, who suggested that they travel the world as freelancers, promising a job that was going to give him lots of money while enjoying the thrill of adventure. Statice regretted his decision as adventures outside of Equestria were very dangerous. Eventually, after a big mission, Statice earned enough money to quit his profession and retire to Equestria, hoping to leave his past behind and start a new life.

Personality: Statice is a pony of many layers. He is serious, calm, and collected, but can lose his temper very easily when provoked. He is physically and verbally aggressive, being aware of the problem but failing to control it. He can also be demotivated, lazy, and somewhat messy if he doesn’t see a practical purpose on anything. He’s kind of hedonistic, preferring to do the things he likes rather than being forced into them, often engaging in hobbies or small-time jobs for his own amusement.  He can be petty and vindictive, demonstrating some dry sense of humor when the ponies he dislikes are suffering.  At his best he’s mostly civil but only has basic social skills. At his worst, he’s pretty much antisocial, usually to those that get on his way or those who started a fight. He has a code of honor and morals that he strictly follows, although he’s not above bending it when blinded by anger or other negative feelings. He can be easily distracted when living in times of peace, often failing to see the point in the arguments of anypony else when he focuses on a specific detail. He is practical enough to know when to give up (either by acknowledging that the consequences of his actions will be greater than his satisfaction or by accepting that he’s not the one who will defeat his enemy) once he’s at an impasse. Mentally speaking, Statice is an old stallion shell-shocked from all the fighting he did on his life while spiritually he’s a kid who never had the chance of maturing emotionally.

Magic: Contrary to Twilight Sparkle and other scholars in magic who know thousands of spells from published sources, Statice has over a hundred of spells that he created, giving him the element of surprise in many situations. Most of the spells are for practical purposes with some working for battle. When fighting, Statice is prone to using elemental magic, specializing in lightning magic and earth magic, particularly the branch of plant magic. He has limited experience, albeit greater than Twilight’s, in dark magic, although he needs to experience extreme negative emotions to use them.  His greatest spells are the Archive Spell, which is magic being used as a computer, and the Hammerspace Spell, a blank dimension on which Statice can store anything of his desire.

Skills and Talents: Athletic (but not on the same level as Applejack or Rainbow Dash), excellent hoof-to-hoof fighter (decent enough to fight Rainbow Dash but not against other master class opponents), quick thinker and master of improvisation, long term planner (provided he has the time and concentration), amateur artist, beginner potion maker, mad scientist (as in trying to make experiments without a knowledgeable partner).

Likes: Peace, solitude, nice ponies, friendly competition, music, games, sleep, his family, his old friends (if he still has any), martial arts, his life savings as a freelancer, practicing or improving his spells, snacks, kids, respect, professionalism, ponies that have strong moral codes.

Dislikes: Antagonism (this includes insults, threats, blackmail, stealing, lying, and violence), mean ponies, anything about his past (especially his foes), drama queens, bossy ponies, authority figures (working on that after meeting the Princesses), being forced to do something, having to take responsibility, being the hero, fights, idealism, senseless or childish weakness.


Skailla Birthday Gift Color by Moongaze14
Skailla Birthday Gift Color
This is the colored version of the birthday gift that I sent Skailla some time ago. I couldn't make the scanner work so I was forced to use another one after I was done coloring it. The image turned out to be smaller than the preview I sent. Anyway, here is a little story that was supposed to go with it.

                “I can’t believe this!” Martin bellowed as he kept wandering around the links of Deviantart. Today was the birthday of Skailla, his creator, and there was going to be a party with him as a special guest. Granted, other famous characters from her stories were also going to be there like Wolpy and Dikon, but he was sure that everybody was going to see him as the soul of the party…provided he found his way there.

                “Just who is the blockhead who sent me this letter?” Martin cursed as he kept running while reading the directions written in the letter. “I should have been there by now and instead of that I’m in some nobody’s second-rate art.”

                It was true. Going around the links of Deviantart meant that the characters from one account were going to change appearances once they entered another. Martin’s appearance was the same but it was clearly flawed, obviously drawn by an amateur.

                “Whoever sent me this excuse of a letter will get an earful from me,” Martin promised as he kept wondering on his current destination, trying to find a landmark that would help him reach the party.


                “I’m sorry for giving him the wrong location, Wolpy,” Dikon apologized to the yellow wolf as they navigated through Deviantart to find Martin.

                “It’s okay,” Wolpy reassured him. “Everybody makes mistakes. I probably would have written that letter badly or put the wrong directions. But don’t worry. I know exactly where to find Martin.”

                “You do,” Dikon asked, sounding surprised at how Wolpy had the solution for the problem.

                “I’ve been there myself a few years ago,” Wolpy smiled with nostalgia. “Don’t worry. I’m friends with the locals there. They’ll help us find him.”


                “It’s been hours and I still can’t find that party!” Martin yelled at the sky. He didn’t really spend hours there but his rage made every second feel longer than it was supposed to be.

                “The party is not here,” Wolpy answered before Martin had the chance of yelling again. He was being followed by Dikon, who smiled sheepishly at him.

                “Then where is the party?” Martin gritted his teeth at Wolpy. “Don’t you know how crucial it is for me to attend the party?”

                “Yes,” Wolpy nodded his head. “Dikon sent you the letter but put the wrong directions. That’s why we went to look for you to bring you back to the party.”

                “I knew that it was your fault!” Martin snarled at him. “I should have known an uneducated beast would have given me the wrong direction and written such poor penmanship.”

                “Hey, not everybody in Skailla grew up in human-like societies,”Dikon snapped back at Martin’s criticism. “Besides, I did my best in writing you that letter. It was an honest mistake.”

                “Let’s forget about arguing and focus in the party,” Wolpy cut off Martin before he had the chance on making the argument violent. “Remember, we’re doing this for Skailla.”

                Martin sighed. As much as he wanted to show his creative genius, he did it because he wanted to make Skailla proud.  All of his talent was a blessing from her and he felt indebted to repay her with his best behavior.

                “Lead the way,” Martin sighed.

                Wolpy and Dikon smiled at the dog as they got out of their account. With a smile on their faces, they led Martin back to Skailla, happy to celebrate their creator’s birthday.

Characters belong to Skailla.
Art and story was done by me.

A Love Dream by Moongaze14
A Love Dream
This is a story that I made of Sansenite and Dawnsoul.

                Sansenite was sleeping peacefully.  Today was just the average day in Gangvar, learning from his father about his future responsibilities as an Alpha, spending time with Tyr and Thor, making sure Wolpy was not making any trouble.  After doing his duties as a Beta, Sansenite decided to use his free time for his perfect hobby: napping.

                He was enjoying his nap until he heard something. It was the sound of someone approaching him. He gritted his teeth as the steps of his visitor grew closer. With great reluctance, he stood up. He pretended to yawn when in reality he was doing a disguised breathing technique in an attempt to calm down. His visitor could be his father Urten giving him an assignment, his mother coming to check on him, or one of his fellow pack members. He wasn’t going to snap at anyone until he saw sure of his visitor.

                His breathing yawn calmed him down as he turned around to confront the one who disrupted his sleep. He gasped upon seeing the wolf in front of him.

                “Hi, Sansenite,” Dawnsoul gave him a friendly smile.

                “Hi, Dawnsoul,” Sansenite squeaked upon seeing his crush. He blushed in embarrassment at his voice, coughing into his paw and addressing her with a forced stern tone to make him appear more masculine. “Hi, Dawnsoul. What seems to be the problem?”

                “Can’t I go check up on my friend?” Dawnsoul smiled sweetly at him.

                That question made him blush again. Sansenite had always been close to Dawnsoul ever since she was integrated into Gangvar as a pup. That close bond turned into love as time passed by as he did anything in his power as Beta to make her happy. She was his best friend in Gangvar and the only one who made his strained relationship with Wolpy tolerable ever since she became the peacemaker between the three.

                “Yes…you can,” Sansenite answered, making sure to measure his tone of voice to avoid sounding needy.  “There is nothing wrong with you caring for your…friend.”

                That last word felt heavy on his tongue. She was the most beautiful wolf in the world thanks to that silver fur and emerald eyes she had. That happiness she always showed when she enjoyed nature always made him feel more optimistic in spite of the stress of his duties. To be limited as just being a friend…it really haunted him.

                “I have to go see my father,” Sansenite lied, somehow feeling unwilling to continue the conversation anymore.  “He may have more duties for me to attend.”

                He turned back from her and was about to take his leave.

                “Would you like to be more than just friends?”

                That question stopped him on his tracks. He turned his head around to see Dawnsoul giving him a loving smile. Her eyes were half lid, looking at him seductively but also showing some devotion. She had never looked so beautiful in her entire life.  He blushed so hard that he felt his face heating up.

                “I-I…” he stammered. A part of him wished for this moment to pass. It was usually a dream that made his naps all the better. To have this moment happen to him in real life just made the beauty of his dream into a struggle to confess his feelings. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to say the words he always thought but never had the chance of saying. “I…I…”

                “I LOVE YOU!”

                He opened his eyes and turned around, hoping to see her reaction. Much to his surprise, he was back in his den.  There was nobody else except him and his mother.

                “I love you too, Sansenite,” Stariller smiled as she gave her son a lick in the cheek.

                Sansenite blushed in embarrassment at the gesture and at the fact that he gave her a love confession. After wishing her son a good morning, Starkiller went outside. Sansenite remained in the den for a few minutes.

                “It was just a dream,” Sansenite sighed in disappointment. It felt so real and for a second he thought that it was a reality. Finding out that Dawnsoul didn’t have confirmed feelings for him depressed him.

                “Maybe one day,” Sansenite mused. “One day I’ll tell her how I feel about her.”

                Forgetting the dream, Sansenite went out of his den to meet Urten. It was time to do his duties a Beta. 

Characters belong to Skailla.
Art done by me

No Way, Tyr! by Moongaze14
No Way, Tyr!
I made a scene featuring Tyr and Takhi. Both of them are polar opposites in personality so I decided to create a scenario where Tyr is trying to woo her. I also made a story that is seen below.

                Resting in the grass, Takhi was enjoying her solitude. As a result of her creator focusing on another story for the time being, Takhi had a lot of free time, not that she was complaining about it. Lately, the wolves of Gangar and Logan were pretty much enjoying a rest, excluding those who were stuck in a very tense cliffhanger. She didn’t mind about it since she preferred to be on her own that in the company of anyone else.

                “Hey there, babe.”

                “Not again,”Takhi groaned as she stood up to confront Tyr.

                Ever since the hiatus begun, Tyr had started being more impulsive. He was constantly working out to train for a fight scene, being VERY confident that he was destined to reappear soon after the comic returned. When he was not busy training, he was intent on flirting with any pretty girl on sight as a way to entertain himself from his boredom.  Lately, Takhi became his next target, a sentiment that was much unappreciated by her.

                “What do you want now?” Takhi asked, not bothering to hide her irritation.

                “How about you go out with me?” Tyr wiggled his eyebrows at her. The female sneered at him in disgust, particularly with those thick eyebrows of his.

                “Don’t you have any other females to accompany you?” Takhi pointed out sharply.

                “I want to be with you,” Tyr smiled cockily. “Besides, who else is gonna date you? Are you planning on settling with Fenrir?”

                “Males,” Takhi rolled her eyes. Back when Tyr first flirted with her, she made sure to express her disgust for him. This didn’t deter Tyr from going after her, especially after he found out that she was close friends with Fenrir. Given the past rivalry between the two wolves, Tyr redoubled his efforts to win her heart.

                “I am a true male,” Tyr grinned as he sat on his haunches and flexed his biceps at her.

                “I heard that Thor is walking around,” Takhi lied to him, knowing that she could take advantage of his impulsiveness. “Maybe you can train your fighting techniques for your…big scene when the comic returns.”

                “You’re right!” Tyr exclaimed triumphantly as he gave a boisterous laughter. “What am I doing wasting my time? I’m coming back to the show someday. I can’t disappoint my fans. I need some good moves to show up. I’ll see you later, babe!”

                With his fighting spirit renowned, Try finally let Takhi in peace. Finally alone, Takhi growled in annoyance to vent her frustration, looking into the sky.

                “Please make sure that I don’t get any scenes with him,” she politely asked her creator before resting again. 

Characters belong to Skailla.
Art and story were done by me.

The Bar Love of Martin and Margaret by Moongaze14
The Bar Love of Martin and Margaret
This is an entry of the contest that Skailla has put on. This entry features the characters of UnA Martin and Margaret. Martin has been described as having a crush on Margaret and he deluded himself as a charmer. As a result, Margaret tends to punch him whenever he crosses a line with her. They already met in the comic but sadly  the scene never happened. I'm a little bit impatient so I couldn't resist the urge and drew this as part of the contest.

Characters belong to Skailla.
Art was done by me


Carlos Cavazos
I just finished my second year of college. It was hard and I had to drop of my Biochemistry class. Because of that, I am forced to take a summer to make up for the credits hours that I did not obtain from completing the course. I'll take a Health class in a few weeks. To make matters worse, I have to take an MCAT program to prepare myself for my medical exams. It's going to be an extenuating course on which I need to give it my best. I'll take the third year more seriously because I don't want my new college subjects to kick my ass again. Anyway, I have been getting a little lazy with my submissions but I'll make it up to you guys. I promise. Anyway, enjoy your summer vacations because I won't be able to enjoy mine fully thanks to my new agenda.
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