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                                     Travel to Equestria 2 Part 16

       [Part 16 begins with a recapitulation of the previous episode. Celestia and Luna are discussion  about the citizens of Equestria exhibiting an abnormal behavior and imply that Changelings may have something to do with it. Suddenly, they are attacked by their own guards, who somehow got brainwashed. Meanwhile, the Mane Six, Spike, and Starlight notice that there is something wrong with the citizens of Ponyville and then are suddenly attacked by them. Eddie barely manages to escape some attacking ponies until Rainbow Dash manages to rescue him. The group escapes by teleporting into the Everfree Forest, where they ask information from Queen Cera. She informs them that Queen Villa has perfected the Hive Mind Spell and that she’s probably using it to try to conquer Equestria by infecting small groups of citizens and conquering cities one by one. The group concludes that Villa must be in the Badlands to fight with Queen Chrysalis over a previous encounter they have and arrive there thanks to the combined magic of Celestia and Luna. Both sisters go into Chrysalis’ hive to distract the Changelings while the rest of the group is tasked with defeating Villa. The group reaches the end of the hive and encounter Villa fighting Chrysalis whom she defeats. She then surprises the group, whom she ambushes and uses her Hive Mind Spell on. Opening credits roll. Eddie wakes up on a random bed and looks bored. He gets out of bed and goes to have breakfast. He meets Leon on a kitchen and sits with him on a table.]

Eddie: [yawning] I just had the weirdest dream.

Leon: [stares at him] What happened?

Eddie: [rubs his eyes] I dreamed that I went to some magical land filled with talking horses. They told me that I was the descendant of some wizard and that if I wanted to go back home I needed to learn the magic of friendship.

[Leon stares at Eddie for a few seconds before bursting in laughter. Eddie glares at him in anger.]

Leon: [smirking] I think that you watched too much Harry Potter movies yesterday, big brother.

[Eddie’s father comes in and sits next to them. He has a newspaper and starts reading it without looking at either of them.]

Eddie’s Father: [disinterested] Your brother is right, Eddie. You got to grow up. How about you start applying yourself? Try to get a job for once.

[Eddie’s mother comes and serves breakfast for the three of them. She returns to the oven to  cook more.]

Eddie’s Mother: [lecturing them] Now, boys, no arguing in the table. Let’s have a nice breakfast.

Eddie’s Father: [sighs] Yes, honey!

Eddie & Leon: [in unison] Yes, Mom!

[The next scene has Eddie getting out of the house and going for a walk. He notices that the humans walking around have monotonous expressions. They barely show any reaction at all. He wonders why when he gets a headache. He shakes his head and ignores the pain. A montage has him experiencing headaches that are triggered by random occurrences: rainbows, apples, cotton candy, books, stars, bunnies, gems, fashion, 10 second limits, 20 %, dragons, cupcakes, and hats. Eddie returns home and goes to sleep. He opens his eyes the next day and goes on to have exactly the same day repeatedly. He is assaulted by the same headaches repeatedly. By the third cycle, a major difference comes out. Eddie's’ cell phone rings out. Eddie picks it up with a mixture of curiosity and excitement.]

Eddie: [checking it out] About time for something new to happen. Let’s see who’s calling me?

[Eddie reads the ID caller. The caller’s name is TS.]

Eddie: [frowning] TS. I don’t know anybody that has those initials. Maybe it’s a wrong number. I might as well answer. It will give me something else to do.

[Eddie answers the phone.]

Eddie: [cordially] Hello.  

Twilight Sparkle: [shouting desperately] Eddie! You have to fight it!

Eddie: [surprised] How do you know my name?

[Twilight’s voice is interrupted as it turns into static. Eddie stands in shock for a while before shaking his head and stuffing his cell phone back into the pocket of his pants. He leans on his bed and stares at the ceiling nervously.]

Eddie: [laughs nervously] Maybe she got the wrong number. That’s it. She’s just some random girl that got the wrong number and just called the wrong Eddie.

[Eddie stares at the ceiling for a few seconds until it starts to crack. The human gasps as the ceiling starts gathering more fissures that spread across the walls and the floor of his room. Eventually, the room explodes and Eddie is left floating around an empty space surrounded by glowing purple spheres of magic.]

Eddie: [stunned] What in the world…?

[Eddie screams in pain as he remembers being captured by Villa. He opens his eyes and sees Twilight, Celestia, and Luna staring at him with concern. Twilight hugs him with her hooves and wings.]

Twilight Sparkle: [happily] I’m so glad you’re okay, Eddie.

Eddie: [shocked] How did you find me?

Princess Celestia: [proudly] Twilight sent a distress call after Villa used the spell on her. We used that distress call to track her down and removed the spell out of her mind.

Princess Luna: [reassuringly] Afterwards, we started investigating the hive to look for our friends. You happened to be the first one we found.

Twilight Sparkle: [nuzzles Eddie] We used a combination of our magic and Luna’s dream magic to get into your mind and break the spell. Now we need to do the same with our friends.

Eddie: [stands up as he rubs his head] Might as well.

[A montage shows the group sneaking across the hive. Luna uses shadow magic to sneak the four of them on the hive without being detected by the Changelings. The first pony they find is Rainbow Dash. Entering into her mind reveals her dream of being Captain of the Wonderbolts. She is clearly enjoying her fame as she is signing autographs from many fans. The only thing that erases the grin from her face is hearing the distressed voice of Twilight calling her from afar.]

Twilight Sparkle: [begging for help] Rainbow Dash! Get over here quick! I need you now more than ever!

Rainbow Dash: [getting seriously] Sorry, guys! But one of my best friends needs me! I gotta go!

[Rainbow Dash leaves the place with a Sonic Rainboom. This causes her to escape the dream. Twilight happily reunites with her in the real life. The next pony they encounter is Rarity. She is the lead designer in all of Equestria. She gets petitions for many dresses until she hears Twilight’s voice.]

Twilight Sparkle: [distressed] Rarity…I need you. I require your assistance now more than ever. I don’t think I can do this without you.

Rarity: [sighs as she talks to an assistant] Cancel that order, darling. I may have to take a detour.

[Rarity walks to follow Twilight’s voice. This breaks the dream and brings her back to reality. The next dream belongs to Fluttershy. It looks like her regular life. She is having a picnic with her friends when she hears Twilight’s voice calling for her.]

Twilight Sparkle: [desperately] Fluttershy! I need your help! Please get over here!

Fluttershy: [worried] Oh my! I’m sorry, guys. But I will have to cut our picnic short. Twilight needs me now more than you need me. I hope you don’t mind.

[Fluttershy flies out of the dream and goes to hug Twilight in reality, breaking the spell. The next dream belongs to Pinkie Pie, who’s having fun at a carnival. She’s riding on a Ferris wheel until Twilight’s voice calls her.]

Twilight Sparkle: [reluctantly] Pinkie…listen up. I know you’re having fun, but I need you to come here with me.

Pinkie Pie: [beams at the voice] Sure…

Twilight Sparkle: [shocked] Really?

Pinkie Pie: [happily] Yeah. This place was starting to get boring anyway.

[Pinkie Pie leaps out of the Ferris wheel. Just as she is about to land into the ground, the dream breaks and she’s back to reality. The last one to rescue is Applejack. She looks like she’s having an average day at the farm.]

Twilight Sparkle: [desperately] Applejack…I need you to help me. I require your advice now more than ever.

Applejack: [reluctantly] Shucks, Twilight. Ah’m not sure. Ah have chores that need to be done.

Twilight Sparkle: [begging] Applejack…please.

Applejack: [sighs] Fine. Ah’m goin’ with ya.

[Applejack is about to leave when Apple Bloom interrupts her.]

Apple Bloom: [surprised] Applejack! Where are ya goin’?

Applejack: [sighs] Ah have to help Twilight with somethin’ important. Can you and Big Mac do mah shift for a little while?

Apple Bloom: [smiles] Fine.

Applejack: [rubs Apple Bloom’s mane] Thank ya, sister. Tell Ma and Pa that Ah love them when ya see them.

[Applejack walks to Twilight’s direction with a smile on her face. Her smile fades away as tears fall down her eyes once her world breaks apart. She returns  back to reality and hugs Twilight as she breaks down. Once she’s managed to recover her cool, the ponies go after Starlight. Her perfect world has her still being friends with Sunburst and not having her past as a cutie mark thief.]

Twilight Sparkle: [desperately] Starlight…you have to wake up.

Starlight Glimmer: [giggling] I already woke up.

Twilight Sparkle: [sadly] Pretending that you’re still friends with Sunburst is not waking up.

Starlight Glimmer: [angrily] I am friends with Sunburst!

Twilight Sparkle: [comfortingly] Being stuck in the past won’t help you.

Starlight Glimmer: [takes a deep breath] Returning to the past is what I’ve always wanted. I would have gladly traded all the cutie marks I’ve stolen just for that chance.

Twilight Sparkle: [reluctantly] Even if that meant sacrificing everything you have in the present.

[Starlight Glimmer starts shedding tears. The next scene has her break out of the illusion and hug Twilight as she also cries. Applejack gives her a comforting pat on the shoulder since she also knows what she had to sacrifice.]

Eddie: [sighs] I guess that leaves us to save Cera.

Princess Celestia: [uses her magic to track her down] She’s still in the throne room. I can sense her magic. It’s faint, yet still potent enough to be felt across this distance.

Eddie: [raises his wand] Lead the way.

[The group walks to the throne room. They see that Cera is resting on the ground, unconscious.]

Twilight Sparkle: [frowns] This doesn’t make sense.

Eddie: [goes to help Cera] What?

Twilight Sparkle: [glares at her surroundings] Villa hates Cera and considers her as a threat to her kingdom. Why would she leave her here so that we can rescue her? It seems as if she’s tending a trap for us.

[Luna uses her magic to check on the surroundings. She smiles in satisfaction.]

Princess Luna: [reassuringly] There are no traps, Twilight Sparkle. Our surroundings remain free of traps.

Rainbow Dash: [smugly] What a moron! She must be like the dumbest villain we ever faced!

Applejack: [angrily] Let’s just rescue Cera from her prison and give Villa some good kicks in the flanks. She’s gonna get some for all the trouble she’s caused!

[Twilight, Celestia, and Luna join their magic to break the spell. As they form a beam, Cera opens her eyes and shoots a beam of blue and purple magic that covers the whole room in darkness. The whole group is transported to another dimension where Villa is laughing maniacally.]

Queen Villa: [triumphantly] I can’t believe you felt for that trap!

Princess Luna: [shocked] Impossible! There were no traps inside the hive!

Queen Villa: [mockingly] But there were traps inside my sister’s mind! This is why it’s called the Hive Mind Spell! I absorbed every inch of knowledge that the scroll had hidden inside of it and experimented with the spell until I brought it to its maximum ability for my plans of conquest.

[Villa materializes a flashback that shows that she destroyed the spell and absorbed its contents into her horn. Once she learned the spell, she started practicing it on different ponies until she started her invasion.]

Twilight Sparkle: [confidently] You may have your Hive Mind Spell, Villa. But we have the Magic of Friendship by our side!

Queen Villa: [bursts into laughter] That’s so cute of you to say!

Rainbow Dash: [angrily] What’s so funny about that? We whooped your butt last time with that power!

Queen Villa: [smugly] This was in your world. This is my world. Your powers are bound by my rules. In this place, I rule supreme.

Applejack: [enraged] The only thing that’s gonna be supreme is the pain you’re gonna have from us!

[The girls activate Rainbow Power. Villa stares at the change unimpressed. The six throw their attack at her. The combined harmony beam appears to consume her and everything appears to be fine for a moment. Once the beam attack is done, it is shown that she is unaffected. The girls gasp in shock and horror.]

Queen Villa: [grins evilly] My turn.

[She blasts the girls with a beam the same size and defeats them. Celestia, Luna, Starlight, and Eddie look horrified.]

Queen Villa: [locks the girls in a cage] As I told to Chrysalis, the only lesson that I learned from my parents is that I always repay my debts. I haven’t forgotten the humiliation of getting blasted by your rainbow beam. I’m very glad I got to return the favor.

Princess Celestia: [threateningly] Let them go!

Queen Villa: [rolls her eyes] Know your place, peasants!

[She summons vines to restrain Celestia, Luna, Starlight, and Eddie. They all attempt to fight back but are unable to escape. Villa laughs in triumph.]

Queen Villa: [happily] This is it! This is the moment my ancestors have been dreaming about all these years. I can’t believe my parents wasted the chance to achieve this earlier for their pathetic ideals. It’s a good thing they’re gone now. They didn’t deserve to be part of this new world I’ll create.

Eddie: [angrily] I won’t let you!

[Eddie manages to break the vines with some difficulty. Villa looks slightly amused at the feat of strength.]

Queen Villa: [interested] Wow. You’re a lot stronger in this plane of existence than in the real one. That’s quite a lot of willpower you have.

Eddie: [confidently but still angry] One of the things you have to know about humanity is that we have determination. We don’t give up in the face of adversity. Since  this is a mental plane. I can assure you that I’m not limited by a body.

Queen Villa: [laughs at Eddie] Look at who’s acting like he knows everything. I know more than you, little human.

Eddie: [challengingly] You know nothing of me, Villa.

Queen Villa: [evilly] I know who you are, Eddie Dombrowski. You recently turned 22 years old. Your ancestor was a powerful wizard that also ended up in Equestria by accident and coincidentially shared the same name as you.  Your magical training was done under the watchful eye of Twilight Sparkle. You have a younger brother named Leon... and there’s many other things to know.

Eddie: [shocked] How did you…?

Queen Villa: [coldly] I drew a lot of information out of you, Eddie. There’s nothing that you can hide of you with the Hive Mind Spell. It is the ultimate magical masterpiece. I am invincible now that I perfected the spell.

Eddie: [challengingly] You’re not invincible…You’re nothing more than a child with too much power…your parents were right to not make you queen.

Queen Villa: [grits her teeth] Stop it!

Eddie: [points a finger at her] But at least they were better than you! At least they knew that you were rotten to the core! YOU’RE A MONSTER, VILLA!

[Villa suddenly blasts Eddie on the knee. He screams in pain. She shoots him in the shoulder, which makes him scream again. She teleports and shoots him in the back. She rears on her hind legs and stomps him on the back of the head with her forelegs.]

Queen Villa: [growling] You should have kept your mouth shut, you garbage! You don’t have any right to criticize me! You’re no member of Equestria! You’re nothing more than a monkey! You don’t deserve to talk to me or even one of these ponies! Your mere presence defiles this universe! I’ll do the universe a favor and destroy you.

Eddie: [teasingly] If you’re going to destroy me…then why am I still alive. All of those attacks should have done the job back then.

[Villa once again stomps on Eddie’s head. It still remains in good shape and even makes the squeaky sound.]

Eddie: [mockingly] Still in one piece. Are you trying to tickle me?

[Villa levitates Eddie into the air and blasts him away.]

Queen Villa: [screeching in fury] BOW DOWN TO ME, MORTAL!

[Much to her shock, Eddie stands up. All of the minds that Villa has trapped materialize as glowing lights. They start to disappear as Villa attacks Eddie and he keeps getting back up.]

Starlight Glimmer: [surprised] What’s going on?

Princess Celestia: [awed] I think that Eddie has somehow managed to revert the polarity of the spell.

Starlight Glimmer: [shocked] Is that even possible?

Princess Luna: [nods her head] Yes. The Hive Mind Spell works somewhat like a dreamscape. It is based on mental strength and maturity. For all of her strength, Villa is just a childlike Eddie described her. That’s why she’s losing control of the spell.

[As more minds start to get released, the Mane Six get suddenly healed. Eddie uses his magic to summon a force field as he walks up to Villa, who is throwing a magic beam at him.]

Eddie: [challengingly] You think you have power? Look around you! You’re source of power is deserting you! We are many while you sit alone, making yourself at the top!

Queen Villa: [scream] QUIET!

[Villa increases the maximum intensity of her beam. The magic covers the whole scene until it fades to white. The whole group is back to the hive. Cera is shown awakening from her slumber.]

Queen Cera: [weakly] Where am I?

Eddie: [concerned] You’re in Chrysalis’ throne room.

Queen Cera: [stands up in concern] My sister! Did she hurt you?

Eddie: [smiles reassuringly]Not in the real world!

Queen Cera: [concerned] Where is my sister?

Fluttershy: [worried] Uh, she is right here. She doesn’t look so good.

[The camera shows Villa. She looks gray and cracked.]

Eddie: [winces] Wow. Did I do that to her?

Princess Luna: [nods her head] This is the drawback of the Hive Mind Spell, Eddie. There is no such thing as a perfect spell. There is always a hidden risk or weakness inside of each spell. Looks like you found the hidden risk inside of this one right when we needed it the most.

Eddie: [blushes] To be honest, I didn’t find the weakness. I was trying to be tough as I attempted to fight back. I didn’t think that I was gonna scare her out of her wits.

[The conversation is cut short when Cera walks to Villa. She stares at her sister sadly. Villa gives her sister an angry glare.]

Queen Villa: [resentfully] Are you happy now…? You’ve beaten me now! You and your dumb pony friends are now free to have your dumb friendship…just like our dear parents wanted. Are you happy…huh?

Queen Cera: [sniffling] Sister…what you have done is unforgivable…but…

Queen Villa: [bitterly] But what…?

Queen Cera: [looks at her sister] But I forgive you…

Queen Villa: [shocked] What?

Eddie: [equally shocked] What?

Ponies: [just as shocked] What?

[Celestia smugly raises her hoof. Luna gets annoyed and summons a cake, which Celestia happily eats.]

Queen Cera: [sadly] Even in their last moments, our parents thought of you. That’s why I’m giving you a choice, sister. Forget your vile ways and become a better Changeling Queen for our crime or spend the rest of eternity in Tartarus.

Queen Villa: [lowers her head] Don’t make me decide.

Queen Cera: [pouts] Villa…please. I don’t want to lose another member of my family.

Queen Villa: [growls] How will changing who I am be any different from losing me?

Queen Cera: [annoyed] Would you rather stay in Tartarus? Celestia and Luna gave me a tour and it’s not pretty!

Queen Villa: [pouts angrily but then sighs] Take me home.

[Cera hugs Villa, who groans and blushes in embarrassment. The ponies smile at the tender scene. Eddie looks satisfied.]

Eddie: [sighs] At least, we’re all satisfied with the way things ended.

Queen Chrysalis: [offscreen] I wouldn’t be too sure.

[The camera focuses on her and her Changelings. All of them look angry and ready to fight. It’s a swarm of thousands that area all ready to take revenge on the band of intruders.]

Queen Chrysalis: [with a twitching eyebrow] You came into my hive, attacked my swarm, committed assault on me, and destroyed my throne room. You’re not leaving this place in one piece.

[All of the ponies look unnerved. Eddie smiles nervously to Celestia and Luna.]

Eddie: [between clenched teeth] You got that teleportation spell ready?

Princess Celestia: [smiles with clenched teeth] Charged and ready to go.

Eddie: [points his finger behind the Changelings] Look! There is a love buffet behind you!

[Chrysalis and the Changelings turn around. The ponies use the chance to escape with a teleportation spell. Chrysalis realizes that she was tricked and screams into the air, releasing a blast of green magic out of pure rage. The next scene has Villa being visited by Cera in the Changeling kingdom while Eddie is talking with Celestia and Luna.]

Eddie: [curiously] So…Villa did get arrested in the end?

Princess Celestia: [giggles] It’s more like house arrest. She can travel around the kingdom but cannot leave the Everfree Forest without an escort.

Eddie: [worried] You think that they’ll ever be sisters again? Frankly, I don’t think they were ever sisters in the first place.

Princess Luna: [satisfied] It may take some time, but I think that Villa may eventually learn to appreciate her sister. I learned to appreciate mine after a thousand years in the moon.

[Celestia and Luna laugh with each other. Eddie looks awkward with the joke. The sisters then look at the human with worry in their eyes.]

Princess Celestia: [concerned] Did you tell them?

Eddie: [rubs the back of his head]Not yet. You two are the first ones I told. I’ll tell them as soon as I’m done with this conversation.

Princess Luna: [sadly] It’s a shame that you won’t get to stay any longer, Eddie.

Eddie: [optimistically] Hey, I can visit next year. Maybe we can find new ways to meet again in the future.

Princess Celestia: [smiles] Perhaps you’re right. Twilight has a knack for finding a way to that.

Eddie: [turns around] I’m going to talk with them right now. I better not delay this more than necessary.

Princess Luna: [happily] Have a nice trip home, Eddie!

[The next scene has Eddie returning to Ponyville. He goes to Twilight’s castle and is met by his friends, who are giving him a surprise party.]

Ponies: [happily]SURPRISE!

Eddie: [shocked] I’m surprised.

Pinkie Pie: [bounces next to Eddie] It’s your “Thank You for Saving Equestria” party, Eddie.

Rainbow Dash: [punches Eddie’s shoulder] Yeah, you really saved our tails back there.

Fluttershy: [hugs Eddie] That’s why we decided to show you our appreciation with a party by inviting all of our friends from Ponyville.

Eddie: [smiles at the group] Thank you, girls.

[The human gets into a group hug from the Mane Six, Spike, and Starlight.]

Twilight Sparkle: [whispers on his ear] I set up the coordinates back to your dimension, Eddie.

Eddie: [surprised] How did you…?

Twilight Sparkle: [blushes] I kind of guessed it when I entered into your dreams.

Eddie: [guiltily] Sorry about that. It’s just that…I’ve been having too much adventure these last few days. I kind of need a few days in my boring normal life.

Applejack: [chuckles] There ain’t nothin’ wrong with the normal life. Ah say go for it, partner.

Eddie: [reluctantly] Are you sure you want me to leave?

Rarity: [supportively] Oh, Edward, if there’s something we learned from our unpleasant encounter with Villa is that we can’t let our desires rule what’s best for our friends. We want you to stay, but it’s clear that you need some time alone with yourself and your kind.

Eddie: [gratefully] Thanks for being so kind.

Spike: [hopefully] We will see you again, right?

Eddie: [chuckles] I came back after last time, didn’t I?

[The group laughs together. The next scene shows the portal being prepared. This time around, the caster is Starlight Glimmer. She looks proud of her accomplishment. She looks at Eddie with happiness.]

Starlight Glimmer: [happily] I already paved you the path home.

Eddie: [hugs Starlight] See you all next time.

[Eddie breaks the hug and gives the whole group a thumbs up gesture. He then enters into the portal and returns into his uncle’s cabin. He goes outside and finds out how long he has been out. He returns to the cabin and starts packing.]

Eddie: [contemplatively] I guess I wasn’t gone that long. I hope I didn’t worry my folks that badly.

[Eddie makes a phone call. He gets answered with loud angry mumbling. He moves the phone away from him.]

Eddie: [apologetically] I’m sorry, Dad.

[The angry mumbling continues. The show’s theme song is heard as Eddie is driving home. By this point, Eddie’s father is no longer scolding him.]

Eddie: [gives a speech] Well, I feel better than before. Yes, returning to my uncle’s cabin did play a part in making me feel better about myself. As a matter of fact, I did have a good experience last year. I met some nice people that year and that raised my confidence a lot. I guess I got depressed when I didn’t get to see them again and I thought that if I returned that I would see them again and recover that sensation I used to feel. It kind of did, but it wasn’t as potent because the sensation was only as strong when I started meeting new friends.

[The mumbling continues. It now speaks more fluently.]

Eddie: [thoughtfully] I guess I shall start making it a tradition. But I will start to do it with moderation. You were right. It was inconsiderate to not call you after so many days. I got carried away in the activities that I forgot my responsibilities to my family.

[The mumbling continues.]

Eddie: [laughs] I’m fine, Dad. Nothing bad happened to me. I can have a check up on the local clinic if you want.

[More mumbling takes place.]

Eddie: [blushes] I guess my friends taught me that I should keep my family priorities straight. I should not take my family for granted.

[Mumbling becomes happy. Eddie bursts into laughter.]

Eddie: [chuckles] Leon invited you and Mom into a barbecue because I inspired him. I did not see that coming. Well, you better prepare yourselves because he just inspired me to take you out for dinner.

[Mumblings sounds interested.]

Eddie: [laughs embarrassingly] I don’t know where to go exactly. We can talk on the way home.

[Eddie and his father keep talking on the phone. Eddie’s car keeps driving into the horizon. Screen fades to black. Closing credits roll. End of part 16.]
Travel to Equestria 2 Part 16
This is the sixteenth and final part of the RP collaboration with megamanfan43. Eddie and his friends must work together to escape from the Hive Mind Spell before Villa can use it to fully conquer Equestria.

MLP characters belong to Hasbro
Eddie belongs to megamanfan43
Story is written by me
                                    Travel to Equestria 2 Part 15

       [Part 15 begins with a recapitulation of previous episodes. Eddie opens a portal that allows him to return to Equestria. He reunites with the Mane Six and makes up for his year-long absence by bonding with them in small individual adventures. He also meets and befriends Starlight Glimmer after finding out that she became Twilight’s apprentice. In spite of these peaceful moments, it is shown that Eddie has had his share of problems in Equestria. As soon as he returns to Ponyville, he sees that the town is presumably being attacked by Changelings so he and the girls go to the Everfree Forest to investigate about it. After investigating, it turns out that the Changelings are peaceful as Queen Cera uses a method that allows them to drain love without harming ponies. However, her older sister, Queen Villa, wants to rule the Changelings by draining the love from the ponies like the rest of her species. She plans on using a dangerous magic known as the Hive Mind Spell in order to accomplish the deed. Although she manages to steal the spell from Cera, Villa is defeated by the Mane Six before she can use it. Opening credits roll. Celestia and Luna are having a tense conversation in their castle.]

Princess Celestia: [takes a deep breath] I’m glad you’re here, Luna. This is a matter of extreme urgency.

Princess Luna: [concerned] Does it have something to do with the reports of bizarre civil behavior that have been delivered these last few days?

Princess Celestia: [sighs] Yes. It’s disconcerting, Luna. This time around, the citizens have turned a little…hostile.

Princess Luna: [surprised] Hostile?

Princess Celestia: [reading the report] Initially, the citizens were somewhat absentminded and easily distracted. Then they turned somewhat pushy and personal, particularly around the Royal Guard.

Princess Luna: [thoughtfully] Maybe they’re Changeling spies.

Princess Celestia: [shakes her head] No. The suspicion was made at first and tested in the earlier days. It was proven that none of the citizens were Changelings.

Princess Luna: [shocked] Then what is it?

Princess Celestia: [reluctantly] I’m not sure, Luna. But I concur that Changelings may have something to do with this situation. There was a particular observation that was made in the latest case.

Princess Luna: [worried] What was that observation?

Princess Celestia: [whispers in her ear] They kept chanting something about joining a mind.

Princess Luna: [whispers into her sister’s ear] You think this may have something to do with the Hive Mind Spell?

Princess Celestia: [nods her head] Probably. For the time being, we have to pretend like nothing is happening. There may be a spy in the castle as we speak. We may need to contact Twilight right away.

Princess Luna: [grimly] And we can also ask Cera for assistance. She may know how to stop the spell.

[Both sisters get out of the room. They walk around until they hear their guards speaking to each other.]

Royal Guards: [ominously] Join the Mind! Join the Mind! Join the Mind!

[Celestia and Luna start to get surrounded by guards. They reluctantly light their horns with magic and assume battle stances.]

Princess Celestia: [disappointed] Why did I have to be right in my assumptions about a spy?

Princess Luna: [annoyed] We’ll discuss of that bad habit of yours later.

[The sisters fire their magic. The camera gets covered in golden and blue lights. The next scene focuses on Ponyville.  Fluttershy is having a nice time with her animals. For some reason, they are extremely affectionate, nuzzling and hugging her.]

Fluttershy: [giggling] Oh my, aren’t we very loving today?

[All of the animals tackle her and nuzzle her. She yelps in surprise and laughs nervously. She backs away as they nuzzle her chest, neck, and hooves.]

Fluttershy: [slightly intimidated] Easy there! I can’t take all that love being thrown at me at once.

[Some animals latch onto her back and keep her pinned down. Angel walks to her, but his expression is not seen.]

Fluttershy: [hopefully] Angel! I’m glad you’re here! Can you please tell our friends to lighten up on the affection? I’m starting to get overwhelmed. Angel? Is there something wrong? What’s wrong with your eyes?

[The camera focuses on Angel. He’s smiling normally, but his eyes are glowing green. The next scene shows Applejack coming home covered in sweat. She’s visually frustrated at Big Macintosh and Apple Bloom.]

Applejack: [angrily] Hey, lazy bums! Would ya mind tellin’ me why didn’t ya do yer chores? I had to do cut yer slack by mahself today.

[They don’t answer her. Applejack gets angrier.]

Applejack: [frustrated] That’s how you wanna play now, huh? Let’s see how gutsy ya feel like when Ah tell Granny about how ya been slackin’ off.

[Applejack goes to meet Granny Smith.]

Applejack: [angrily goes to her grandmother] Granny! Ah have to talk to ya about…

[The camera shows that Granny Smith has blank green eyes.]

Applejack: [horrified] What in tarnation?

[The next scene shifts to shows a frustrated Rainbow Dash.]

Rainbow Dash: [yelling at random pegasi] Oh, come on! What is wrong with you, ponies? What’s up with your cloud busting skills?

[The pegasi are shown to be bumping into the clouds. Derpy literally enters into a storm cloud and comes out electrified. Bulk Biceps bumps repeatedly against a cloud. He repeats the cycle over and over again. Some of the other pegasi don’t even acknowledge the clouds at all.]

Rainbow Dash: [frustrated] Are you blind? I swear I can do this job all by myself! It’s not even hard! Take a look! You punch, kick, headbutt, bite, tail-whip, elbow, and even use your flanks.

[Rainbow Dash destroys some clouds by performing all of the attacks that she listed. She places her  hooves on  her hips and gives her fellow workers to listen to her.  None of them are paying attention to her.]

Rainbow Dash: [screaming to the sky]  What the heck is going on?

[The next scene focuses on Sugarcube Corner. Pinkie Pie is serving a cupcake to  a pony with the same random stare as the other ponies.]

Pinkie Pie: [welcomingly] Thanks for your purchase! Come back soon!

[Pinkie Pie gives a grin and the squeaky sound. The camera focuses on the Cakes. Both of them are cooking, but they are doing so while maintaining the zombie appearance that all the ponies have.]

Pinkie Pie: [blissfully] Another day in the life, Gummy.

[Gummy blinks. Pinkie stares at him.]

Pinkie Pie: [snorts] It’s been a good day. Look around you, silly! We’ve never had this many customers in one morning! We should make a party for breaking a record!

[Gummy blinks.]

Pinkie Pie: [chuckles] Well, Mr. and Mrs. Cake had trouble sleeping last night. They were moaning. That’s why they didn’t bother wishing me good morning when I woke up. I didn’t want to bother them after they had a bad night.

[Gummy blinks again.]

Pinkie Pie: [starts to look unnerved] Now that I think about it, nopony bothered to thank me for any of my pastries. I know they’re paying me to do them anyway, but at least they give me that courtesy anyway.

[Gummy continues blinking.]

Pinkie Pie: [sweats as she holds Gummy] You’re right. I have to talk with Twilight. There’s something fishy here.

[Pinkie Pie sneaks out of the place. Just as she is about to leave, she calls the Cakes to give them a message.]


[Pinkie slams the door closed. The next scene shows Rarity at Carousel Boutique. She is ordering all of her fabric and materials when she hears Sweetie Belle talking to herself.]

Rarity: [disapprovingly] Sweetie Belle…you should not be talking to yourself. A proper lady does not participate in such behavior.

Sweetie Belle: [stares at her with vacant eyes] Why have you not joined, Rarity?

Rarity: [confused] Whatever do you mean, sister?

Sweetie Belle: [emotionlessly] Why have you not joined the link?

Rarity: [worried] What link are you talking about?

Sweetie Belle: [monotone] Why have you  not joined? Why have you not joined? Why have you not joined? Why have you not joined?

Rarity: [unnerved] Sweetie Belle. You can stop this joke now. You’re terrifying me. It’s not funny.

[Sweetie Belle continues chanting until the scene shifts. The next scene shows Twilight, Spike, and Starlight are having a picnic. Twilight is studying, Spike is eating gems, and Starlight is enjoying the scenery. As Starlight is gazing the place, she frowns when she notices the citizens.]

Starlight Glimmer: [hums loudly] Strange…

Twilight Sparkle: [lowers her book] Is there something wrong, Starlight?

Starlight Glimmer: [thoughtfully] The town’s atmosphere is eerily familiar. I noticed it as I stared at the citizens. Look around.

[Twilight and Spike notice that the citizens are having vacant stares while talking to each other. Twilight  frowns in worry upon noticing the mood.]

Twilight Sparkle: [concerned] Now that I think about it, I think that does sound familiar. I just can’t recall where I’ve seen this before.

Starlight Glimmer: [whispers to Twilight] Let’s go to the castle…now.

[Twilight and Starlight use their magic to pack their stuff. Twilight confiscates Spike’s gems, much to his anger.]

Spike: [protesting] Hey!

[His shouts get the attention of the ponies. They still have the vacant stares. Spike does not notice as he is glaring at Twilight.]

Twilight Sparkle: [whispers at Spike] I’ll explain to you when we’re home.

Spike: [concerned] Is there something wrong?

[Twilight levitates Spike onto her back and starts walking away. Suddenly, the ponies start to follow Twilight and Starlight. The mares look a little disturbed and start to quicken the pace. The ponies that follow them start to do the same. Suddenly, the two of them gallop at full speed to the castle. As they turn around, they see that the whole town is chasing after them.]

Spike: [grabs Twilight’s mane, making him yelp in pain] I don’t think I need an explanation anymore! Keep running!

Rainbow Dash: [flying as she is being chased by pegasi] Twilight!

Twilight Sparkle: [shocked] Rainbow Dash?

[She looks around and sees that Rainbow Dash is not the only one of her friends that has been chased around by the citizens of Ponyville. Applejack is being chased by her family. Fluttershy is being chased by her animals. Pinkie Pie is being chased by her customers from Sugarcube Corner. Rarity is being chased by Sweetie Belle.]

Starlight Glimmer: [concerned] This is bad! They’re going after the Elements of Harmony!

[Twilight and Starlight use their magic to teleport at the entrance of the castle. Once they enter, they set up a special force field that only allows the rest of the Mane Six to enter inside. The rest of the citizens attempt to burst in.]

Twilight Sparkle: [pants from exertion] Are you okay, girls?

Applejack: [groans] Ah’m fine. And Ah’ll be better when Ah found out what the heck happened to mah family and mah town!

Twilight Sparkle: [sadly] I’m not sure about what happened, Applejack. But I promise that we’re gonna find out together.

Pinkie Pie: [hugs Applejack] Don’t worry! At least, you have all of your friends safe and sound.

[A reassuring music is heard…only for a scream to ruin it. The scream belongs to Eddie as he is being chased by possessed citizens.]

Pinkie Pie: [relieved] Hey, look! Eddie is not possessed yet!

Fluttershy: [horrified] Oh my! They’re gonna hurt him.

Rainbow Dash: [determined] Not if I get him outta there first.

[Rainbow Dash flies out of the castle and out of the force field to go save Eddie. In a flash, the pegasi chase after her. Rainbow Dash nimbly maneuvers and dodges their clumsy attempts to catch her. Meanwhile, Eddie does his best attempts to escape the stampede of ponies that is chasing him. Just when they’re about to catch him, Rainbow Dash grabs him by the arms and manages to drag him into the force field.]

Rainbow Dash: [triumphantly] I got you!

[The next scene has Eddie panting on the floor. He is clearly terrified by the whole experience.]

Eddie: [panicking] What’s going on? It’s like the body snatchers are out there!

[The ponies are about to answer when they hear the sound of screeching outside. They stick their heads to look outside. All of the citizens of Ponyville are letting out an unnatural screeching sound.]

Eddie: [shocked] What’s with that sound?

Twilight Sparkle: [horrified] That’s a Changeling screech.

Eddie: [surprised] How can a pony make that sound?

Twilight Sparkle: [shakes her head] We can’t. But I have an idea on who can give us an explanation. Everypony get close to me. We’re making a surprise excursion to the Everfree Forest.

[Twilight absorbs the force field around the castle to recharge her magic strength. She then uses the magic she absorbed to teleport herself and her friends to the Everfree Forest. The next scene has the group meeting Cera, who looks very grim.]

Queen Cera: [ashamed] I see. It appears that my sister has fully mastered the Hive Mind Spell.

[All of the ponies gasp upon hearing this.]

Twilight Sparkle: [horrified] Just what is that spell?

Queen Cera: [grimly] A Changeling Queen has a mental connection with all of her subjects. This gives her a telepathic link with them for better communication. The Hive Mind Spell is a spell that allows a Changeling Queen to replicate this connection with any other species. The problem is that doing so is the equivalent of mind control and slavery, hence why my parents sealed the spell away.

Eddie: [lowers his head in shame] This is all my fault. If I had destroyed the spell back then, this wouldn’t have happened.

Princess Celestia: [walking in] This isn’t the time to be wallowing in guilt, Eddie.

[Eddie and the ponies gasp upon seeing Celestia and Luna covered in bruises but otherwise being safe and sound. Twilight goes up to hug them.]

Twilight Sparkle: [happily] You’re safe.

Princess Luna: [disappointed on herself] We can’t say the same about our Royal Guard. It appears that Queen Villa has somehow perfected the spell and slowly employed it on different cities in Equestria. Little by little, her influence spread until it was enough to start an invasion with our own forces. We were nearly taken out this morning.

Starlight Glimmer: [sighs] No wonder I felt something familiar with the way everypony was acting. It felt just like when I was trying to have everypony believe in my ideals of equality.

Twilight Sparkle: [pats Starlight on the shoulder] It’s okay, Starlight. Your quick observation saved me and Spike. You shouldn’t wallow in misery.

Princess Celestia: [commandingly] Twilight is right. Our main objective right now should be to put a stop to Queen Villa. We can’t allow her to remain free when she has that spell at her disposal.

Rainbow Dash: [pounds her hooves together] Okay. We go and kick Changeling Queen butt! But how are we gonna find her though?

Queen Cera: [closes her eyes] Villa has always been the resentful type. Either she will come here as the finishing touch for her invasion. Or she will go after the Changeling hives?

Applejack: [confused] Wait a second! Why would she go after other Changeling hives? What would she get from that?

Queen Cera: [sighs sadly] Our hive was frequently bullied by other hives because of our pacifistic ways. While Cera pretty much agreed with their reasoning, she nonetheless resented the bullying much more than us because she found it to be an insult to her pride.

Rarity: [sarcastically] Such a wonderful display of love for her hive.

Queen Cera: [sighs sadly] I remember a particular incident before I was promoted to Changeling Queen. Another one named Chrysalis came and suggested an alliance with us to conquer Equestria. My parents refused. On the way out, she got into a fight with my sister and beat her down. Villa did not take that defeat well.

Princess Celestia: [nods her head] I think I know where Queen Villa is located.

Queen Cera: [surprised] You do.

Princess Celestia: [deadpan] I’ve dealt with enough aspiring conquerors to know that they won’t hesitate on settling grudges as soon as they get mad with power.

Princess Luna: [summons a map of Equestria] We can find her in the Badlands. This is the place where Chrysalis currently resides when she is scheming to conquer our kingdom…which is pretty much all the time.

Princess Celestia: [summons magic on her horn] Prepare yourselves…girls. This operation will be dangerous.

Eddie: [stands bravely] I’m going with you as well.

Princess Luna: [reluctantly] Are you sure about this, Eddie? We can do this without you. I don’t want you to unnecessarily risk your life fighting a battle that’s not yours.

Eddie: [determined] I promised Cera that I was gonna destroy that spell. I didn’t keep that promise and this is the result. I have to make amends.

Queen Cera: [walks forward] And I shall come as well. Villa is my sister. All of her cruel deeds are my responsibility as well.

Princess Celestia: [nods her head] Very well then.

Twilight Sparkle: [looks at Spike] Stay here and send messages to Shining Armor and Cadence. Send messages to every ally of Equestria.

Spike: [nods his head] Okay.

Queen Cera: [looks at Oculis] Make sure that our draconian friend is well treated.

Oculis: [respectfully] As you wish, my queen.

[The group disappears in a golden light. They reappear in the Badlands. The place is a desert with no land. There is no life. There’s only sand and the sound of wind blowing. The air is hot and dry. The ponies are very intimidated by the place.]

Princess Luna: [disgusted] Still a disturbing place as I remember.

Princess Celestia: [moving forwards] We must move. The sooner we finish this, the sooner we can get out of this place.

[The group moves forward. They advance for an hour before they reach what appears to be a large cylindrical beehive. It’s black in color. The ponies stare at the beehive in shock.]

Eddie: [curious] I take it that this is Queen Chrysalis’ hive.

Princess Celestia: [nods her head] Yes.

[Green and purple lights come out of the hive. Changelings are expelled from the holes of the hive.]

Princess Luna: [grimly] It appears that Queen Villa is present.

Princess Celestia: [shares a look with her sister] They must still be fighting.

Princess Luna: [nods her head] That means that we stand a chance.

[The two sisters stare at the group.]

Princess Celestia: [reluctantly] My little ponies, today we are standing in a conflict between two of our fiercest enemies, both of which don’t elicit good memories for any of us. However, we cannot allow Villa to win now that she has perfected that spell. Even if it means helping Chrysalis to win, we have to take her down.

Princess Luna: [lights her horn with magic] My sister and I shall provide a distraction for the Changelings. In the meantime, the rest of you are in charge of taking down Villa. We put our faith in all of you.

[Celestia and Luna disappear with a teleportation spell.]

Eddie: [nods his head] Now all we need to do is wait for a distraction.

[Two bursts of golden and blue light are released from the hive. The ponies, Eddie, and Cera stare with slack jaws.]

Pinkie Pie: [snapping out of her shock] I think that’s enough of a distraction.

Eddie: [shakes his head] Let’s finish this once and for all.

[The group enters the Changeling hive. They are met with the sight of Changelings fighting each other. Much to their relief, none of them notice their presence.]

Twilight Sparkle: [whispering to the group] It appears that the Changelings don’t notice our presence.

Queen Cera: [calmly] I heard about that phenomenon. It is possible for a Changeling Queen to transfer her negative emotions to her drones, making them hate something so much that they don’t notice anything else.

Rainbow Dash: [annoyed] You meant to tell me that we didn’t need to send Celestia and Luna to fight those Changelings out there?

Pinkie Pie: [optimistically] At least the effects were decent…

Applejack: [miffed] That doesn’t justify losin’ our best fighters.

Eddie: [reassuringly] We can take her. We outnumber her. Cera beat her in a fight once.

Queen Cera: [blushes] Well…I didn’t really beat her. I just held her off while you girls delivered the finishing blow.

Fluttershy: [reassuringly] Well…can’t you just try it again. We can charge the Rainbow Power while you distract her and then we defeat her.

Queen Cera: [shakes her head] I don’t think I can. I had charged myself with the love reserves of my hive back then. Besides, Villa is willing to learn from her mistakes just to get back at those who humiliate her.

Eddie: [reassuringly] Whatever mistakes she is willing to correct, I can assure you that she will lose again. Let’s continue moving forward.

[The group advances across the hive. Much to their shock, they see green and purple lights. As they get closer, they hear the sound of fighting. The shadows of two Changeling Queens become visible to them. They sneak up into the room and watch as Chrysalis and Villa engage into a room.]

Queen Chrysalis: [enraged] You have a lot of nerve going into my hive and attacking my subjects, you disgrace!

Queen Villa: [infuriated] I don’t need to hear  ones from the Changeling Queen that came and begged for my parents begging for help to get revenge on the ponies that bested her! What kind of moron gets the golden chance of defeating Celestia and then messes it up by turning her back on the rest of the enemies?

Queen Chrysalis: [blasting Villa to a wall] You better remember what happened the last time you told me that line, Villa. I will not be lectured by a disgrace.

Queen Villa: [stands up darkly] I am not like my pathetic parents or my disgusting sister.

Queen Chrysalis: [mockingly] Oh, really. Because my sources said that your parents chose that sister over you. They also told me that when you tried to reclaim your throne…you were beaten by her.

[Villa charges her magic and throws a beam. Chrysalis likewise retaliates with a beam on her own. The two of them are equally matched. Villa closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. The camera focuses on random ponies across Equestria. Their eyes glow fully green just as the same happens with Villa. The magic beam slowly starts to push Chrysalis away until she is blasted into a wall. The ponies gasp in shock as they watch her being defeated.]

Queen Villa: [smugly] I did learn a few moral lessons from my parents. One of them involves always paying back my debts. I will not let anything humiliate me. I am a queen that shall forever remain unopposed…isn’t that right, Cera?

[Cera gasps upon hearing her sister’s voice. Before she gets to say something, she is snared by a dark beam of purple magic.]

Queen Villa: [threateningly] You didn’t think I wasn’t going to notice your presence when you set hoof on the hive, did you?

Eddie: [shoots her with fire] Let her go!

[Villa teleports and shoots a bolt of magic at his forehead. Eddie screams in pain.]

Ponies: [concerned] Eddie!

[Villa smirks and throws jolts at their foreheads as well. They also scream in agony. Cera looks horrified.]

Queen Cera: [crying] Stop!

Queen Villa: [disgusted] And why should I stop? Is it because it’s wrong? Is it because they’re your friends? We’re Changelings! Those thoughts are beneath us! Our hive stands at the bottom of the Changeling hierarchy because of our parents believed in that sentimental garbage.

Queen Cera: [sniffling] They only cared about what’s best for us.

Queen Villa: [angrily] They only cared about what was best for them. Their stupid conscience made them weak. They couldn’t deal with the way things were supposed to be and because of that the hive’s reputation was lowered. I am bringing the hive to the top by perfecting the spell further than any of our ancestors ever did.

Queen Cera: [crying] Please stop!

Queen Villa: [evilly] I will stop…but not in this reality. Have fun in your perfect world, little sister. I guess as long as your mind is happy, you won’t mind if your body works to make my mind happy.

[Villa blasts Cera with her magic, knocking her unconscious.]

Eddie: [horrified] Cera!

Villa: [singsongs evilly] Hello there, everypony! I hope you have a nice dream. You’re gonna need it to work for me!

[Villa blasts the camera with purple magic. The screen fades to black as Eddie screams in pain. End of part 15.]
Travel to Equestria 2 Part 15
This is the fifteenth part of an RP collaboration with megamanfan43. After everypony in Ponyville starts acting like zombies, it is up to Eddie and the girls to find out who is the main force behind this new threat for Equestria.

MLP characters belong to Hasbro
Eddie belongs to megamanfan43
Story is written by me
     [Part 14 begins with a recapitulation of previous episodes. Eddie returns to his uncle’s cabin and opens a portal that brings him back to Equestria.  Once he returns to Ponyville, he reencounters the Mane Six. Several montages show him having adventures that portray him bonding again with each mare. He and Fluttershy train a minotaur for a wrestling match, he is being prepared a birthday party by Pinkie Pie, he and Rainbow Dash convince a veteran member of the Wonderbolts to retire, he goes with Rarity to participate in a charity fashion contest in Manehattan, he saves a store with Applejack from the Flim Flam Brothers, and is assisted by  Twilight in taking down his dark side. He also meets and befriends Starlight Glimmer during a home alone period. Opening credits roll. Twilight is packing things up as Starlight and Spike are watching them go. Eddie enters into the castle and is shocked at Twilight packing.]

Eddie: [curiously] Did I miss anything?

Spike: [smiles at Eddie] Twilight’s just going to visit Shining Armor and Cadence at the Crystal Empire. She wants to spend more time with them since she’s going to be an aunt soon.

Eddie: [happily] Oh, yeah. I nearly forgot that they’re having a baby. I should start making something for them for the baby shower.

Twilight Sparkle: [humming baby song] Diapers, toys, dolls…

Eddie: [with a raised eyebrow] She does realize that the baby is not gonna be born now, right?

Spike: [chuckles] You know how Twilight is. She wants to be prepared for everything even if it’s months ahead.

Eddie: [looks at Spike] Aren’t you coming with her?

Spike: [shakes his head] No. I’d rather not talk about baby stuff.

Eddie: [confused] Aren’t you a baby dragon?

Spike: [snorts] Only in name. I’m more like a kid with how I act. I’m not looking forward to speaking of babies.

Twilight Sparkle: [confidently] I’m all done. Now I can finally go to the Crystal Empire!

Eddie: [smiles at Twilight] You’re really bringing you’re best game this time.

Twilight Sparkle: [sighs] I can’t help it. Shining Armor will have a baby soon so I won’t get to spend as much time with him as before. This may be the last time I may have his completely undivided attention and I’m gonna make every second count.

Eddie: [approvingly] That’s the spirit.

Twilight Sparkle: [looks at Spike worryingly] Are you sure about not going, Spike? Shining Armor will miss you.

Spike: [sighs] I’m fine. Besides, I got Eddie and Starlight over here.

Twilight Sparkle: [hugs Spike] Okay. I’ll be back in a few days. Take care of yourself in the meantime.

[Twilight leaves the castle. Spike smiles at first, only to look  downcast in the next scene. He’s at Sugarcube Corner and sees Pinkie Pie babysitting the Cake Twins. He goes to Sweet Apple Acres and sees Applejack playing with Apple Bloom and Big Macintosh after a long day of work. He goes to Carousel Boutique and sees Rarity dressing Sweetie Belle with a beautiful dress. He goes to Fluttershy’s cottage and sees her having a picnic with all of her animals. He sighs as the next scene has him perpetually bored. Eddie finds the purple dragon all alone and goes to talk to him.]

Eddie: [concerned] Are you okay, Spike?

Spike: [sighs] I’m just bored.

Eddie: [frowns] That sigh sounded more sad than bored. What’s wrong? You can tell me all about it.

Spike: [defeated] I guess I am a little sad.

Eddie: [sympathetically] You feel as if you should have gone with Twilight to the Crystal Empire, don’t you?

Spike: [a little frustrated] Yeah. It’s just that…I didn’t feel that it was my place to do that.

Eddie: [confused] Why not? You’re part of her family too.

Spike: [rubs the back of his head] Yeah, but only for a little while. I only got to meet Shining for a while before he went to the Royal Guard Academy. I just felt that it wasn’t my place to get in between him and Twilight. She got really sad the last time they were apart for so long.

Eddie: [shocked] Didn’t you feel sad when you were apart from him?

Spike: [wincing] Not exactly. Shining Armor was kinda grown up when I was born, so I didn’t get to know him that well before he went to the Royal Guard Academy and we eventually moved to Ponyville. He was a nice guy, but I didn’t get to spend much time with him as I did with Twilight or as she did with him. As such, I didn’t take my separation with him as badly as Twilight did when she went to live to Ponyville.

Eddie: [confused] Wait a second, if that’s the case, then why are you feeling so sad about it? Is there something else?

Spike: [sighs] I guess I got some case of sibling envy. Twilight has Shining Armor and Princess Cadence. Applejack has Big Macintosh and Apple Bloom. Rarity has Sweetie Belle. Rainbow Dash took Scootaloo under her wing. Pinkie Pie has the Cake twins and three sisters in a rock farm. Fluttershy has her animals and probably some hidden brother that I know nothing about. Even you have your brother back on Earth and Starlight has the ponies from her hometown.

Eddie: [sympathetically] But you have Twilight. Why didn’t you go with her?  

Spike: [frustrated] I didn’t want to take away her one chance of spending time with Shining Armor. He won’t have as much time now that he’s gonna be a father…and that’s not taking into account the fact that he’s the Prince of the Crystal Empire and the Captain of the Royal Guard. They never got to spend quality time since Twilight was a filly…so this may be her final shot to have him all for herself. I don’t want to take that from her because I’m selfish.

Eddie: [wincing] There’s nothing selfish in wanting to spend time with Twilight, Spike. You’re just a kid. It’s natural to want to be in the company of those you love.

Spike: [sighs] But that’s the case. All of my life revolves around Twilight, Eddie. I don’t have anypony else to admire besides her. She’s the one who hatched me. She raised me like my own mother. She taught me right from wrong. Everything I am is because of her.

Eddie: [thoughtfully] You’re right. You’re the dragon you are today because of her.

Spike: [slightly less sad] Anyway, thanks for the conversation, Eddie. I needed to take that load off my shoulders.

Eddie: [disappointed] You’re still sad.

Spike: [with a melancholic smile] At least this time it’s bearable.

[Eddie looks downcast. The next scene has him travel around an inhospitable territory. He’s looking for ore by using the magic of his wand.]

Eddie: [talking to himself] If only I could find someone who could help Spike with his problems. It can’t be just anypony. It has to feel like a brother. It has to be someone with whom Spike can form a connection.  Something like a…

[Eddie reaches a cave that is filled with many flowers inside. He sees a teen sky blue dragon with black underbelly. He recognizes his identity.]

Eddie: [shocked] Coal?

Coal: [groggily] Five minutes more…Mom.

Eddie: [loudly] Coal…it’s me…Eddie.

[Coal yawns and wakes up.  His vision is blurry for a few seconds until it becomes clearers. Coal gasps in shock.]

Coal: [stunned] Eddie…is  that you?

Eddie: [nods his head] It’s me.

Coal: [looks at himself] How long was I asleep?

Eddie: [surprised] About a year. I thought  that you were gonna be asleep longer. I didn’t think that you were gonna be such a light sleeper that my voice was gonna be more than enough to wake you up.

Coal: [chuckles as he rubs the back of his head] Well…teen dragons have difficult achieving the puberty hibernation. It takes several tries before we finally get it right.

Eddie: [smiles] Well…at least I’ll get to see you a few more times. Anyway, I have a favor to ask you.

Coal: [happily] Sure. I’ll do anything for the friend who stood up to those bullies for me. What do you want me to do?

[The next scene has Spike entering the cave with Eddie. He looks confused over why he’s going into it until he’s surprised to see an awakened Coal waiting for him.]

Spike: [delighted] Coal!

Coal: [happily] It’s so nice to see you, Spike!

[Both dragons hug each other.]

Spike: [looks at him in wonder] I thought that you were hibernating.

Coal: [chuckles] I had a wake up call. Since my nap was interrupted, I decided to do something until I fall asleep.

Spike: [curiously] What are you gonna do?

Coal: [kindly] Eddie told me about your problems.

Spike: [annoyed] Eddie!

Coal: [speaking with a pacifying tone] Listen to me, Spike. I think that you’re seeing this from the wrong angle. I want to help you feel better.

Spike: [deadpan] How’s that?

Coal: [closely] Would you like to feel a brotherly bond with a dragon?

Spike: [stunned] A brotherly bond?

Coal: [nods his head] Yes. I’m talking about having a dragon that treats you like a brother and prepares you for life.

Spike: [nervous] I’m not sure I can do this. I’m familiar with this with Twilight, except that she does it the pony way. I’m not sure how different the dragon way is.

Coal: [speaking with intrigue] Then let me show you the dragon way.

[The camera focuses on Spike. He looks awed for a second. He then looks bored as the next scene shows him, Eddie, and Coal doing gardening on the cave. Eddie notices Spike’s expression and winces at how badly the session is going. Coal is blissfully unaware of how much he’s boring Spike.]

Coal: [with a relaxing tone] Gardening is a skill of botany. We take care of the plants to fully appreciate the vegetable life. Not many dragons appreciate such treasures, don’t you think?

Spike: [deadpan] I know what gardening is, Coal.

Coal: [praising the purple dragon] I can see that by the way you’re handling those tools. I’d rather use my claws, but there’s something elegant on the way you’re using those artifacts to deal with the soil.

Spike: [shrugs his shoulders] It’s just one of a bunch of skills I had to pick up for Twilight. You have to know this stuff if you wanna be her number one assistant. I even had to take small botany course too.

Coal: [sadly] Well, you’re lucky…everything I learned about botany and soil I had to learn when bullies literally fed me soil three times a day.

Eddie: [grimacing] That sounds awful.

Coal: [shuddering] Totally.

Spike: [annoyed] Can we try to do something I like?

Coal: [happily] Of course, Spike. I believe that  I should indulge in your likings as you indulged in mine. What do you have in mind?

[The next scene has the trio sitting in Spike’s book reading comic books. Spike is happily reading a new issue of the Power Ponies. Eddie is immersed in the series. Coal looks fairly terrified of the material.]

Spike: [excited]  Oh, man! This new issue is terrific! I did not see that plot twist coming!

Eddie: [chuckles] These Power Ponies remind me of  the Power Rangers in my world.

Spike: [curiously] Really? How are they like?

Eddie: [unsurely] Well, they are always a team of five warriors dressed in red, blue, yellow, and pink.  A sixth warrior will occasionally join the team but his color and that of the fifth warrior will vary depending on the generation. It’s usually black, green, or white though. But I’m digressing. What do you think of the comics, Coal?

Coal: [trembling and sweating] They’re quite lovely. The art is sublime, especially in all the violence as they punch…and kick…and stomp…and blast.

[Coal is starting to hyperventilate. Spike quickly gives him a paper bag that he uses to regulate his breathing.]

Eddie: [surprised] Where did you get that?

Spike: [relieved] I keep them here in case Twilight relapses into one of her episodes.

Coal: [apologetically] I’m sorry about that. I’m not very fond of violence. It brings me back bad memories.

Spike: [regretfully] I’m sorry.

Coal: [pets Spike’s head] It’s okay, Spike. It wasn’t that bad.

Spike: [chuckles] Yeah. You’re right. At least it wasn’t as bad as that time when I was absorbed into a comic and was forced to fight against the Mane-iac.

[He laughs in good nature but stops when he sees Coal panicking again. Spike rushes to get another paper bag. The next scene has the trio in the park. Eddie gives Spike a baseball and two mittens.]

Eddie: [in a friendly tone] Okay.  Let’s try a classic brotherly activity. We’ll play a game of catch. You toss a ball to each other. You catch it with the mitten. You pick it with the other hand and throw it to your brother. We then repeat until you’re done. Leon and I used to do this all the time.

Spike: [excitedly] Sounds fair to me.

[Both dragons stand a close distance to each other. Spike tosses the ball to Coal. He yelps but catches the ball in his mitten.]

Eddie: [praising] Excellent. Now you do the same.

[Coal reluctantly does the same with Spike. The purple dragon catches it. They repeat the activity a couple of times. At this point, Coal starts picking confidence and no longer yelps.]

Eddie: [feeling more secure] Good! Now take a few steps back to increase the distance between the two of you.

[Spike throws the ball a little too low form Coal. The blue dragon catches it. Coal throws it slightly above Spike. The baby dragon jumps and catches it. They occasionally fail catch the ball and yet they still continue trying.]

Eddie: [encouragingly] That’s it. This is a game where the purpose is to try instead of win.

[The dragons start to get some throwing and catching skills after an hour. They start increasing the distance between them as the game progresses.]

Spike: [laughing] I think I’m getting the hang of it, Eddie!

Coal: [smiling] Yes. I can’t believe I found a non-competitive sport for once. I wish I had this game back home!

[He enthusiastically throws the ball a little too high. It flies into the sky in slow motion. The trio follows its arc with their eyes until it reaches Town Hall. It breaks into a window.]

Mayor Mare: [furiously and offscreen] WHO BROKE MY WINDOW?

Eddie: [panicking] RUN!

[The trio runs away from the park and back to the mountains on which they found Coal again. They are all panting and on the ground.  Eddie looks regretfully at the two dragons and stands up.]

Eddie: [ashamed] I’m so sorry, you guys. I wanted to give you two a great day. Instead of that, I gave you a bad one. Spike, I’m sorry if I couldn’t give you the brother experience that you wanted to have. Coal, I want to apologize for dragging you into a mess that wasn’t even your problem in the first place. You guys must think that I’m a bad friend for this.

[Spike and Coal stare at each other in spite of their exhaustion. Both dragons burst into laughter. Eddie stares at them in surprise.]

Spike: [still laughing] Bad…day? It was a good day! It had its flaws, but I had worse days than this.

Coal: [giggling] I’ve been bullied all of my life by my peers, Eddie. Even if this were a bad day, I’d say that this fits second place in the best three days of my life.

Eddie: [taken aghast] But why? You were bored with gardening, Spike!

Spike: [snorts] So? You speak as if I’ve never been bored before! Have you ever stood in front of Twilight while she has to rehearse her speeches twelve times in a row in spite of already knowing them by heart? Now that’s boredom!

Eddie: [stares at Coal] You had a traumatic event that got you to hyperventilate, Coal. You needed help twice just because you watched comic violence!

Coal: [bashfully] Yeah, but at least this time around the violence was not done to me for a change. And frankly, at least you and Spike bothered to comfort me when I was at my darkest place. Not many dragons at home gave me a second look when that happened to me other than to reproach me for my weakness.

Eddie: [stammering] B-but what about the park? You just broke Mayor Mare’s window. Aren’t you worried by that?

Coal & Spike: [at the same time] I’ll pay for it!

Eddie: [surprised] What?

Coal: [nonchalantly] I got some gems in my hoard.  I don’t mind giving one or two of them to pay for the window. It was my throw that broke it in the first place.

Spike: [nods his head] Yeah. And Twilight taught me to take responsibilities for my actions. I did let the game get a little out of control. I still have some gem allowance in my room that I can give to Mayor Mare…provided you stop me from eating it on the way to Town Hall.

Eddie: [chuckles] Deal.

[The three friends laugh together. The next scene has Coal back on his cave. He gives Eddie a beautiful diamond, which he stores in his pocket.]

Coal: [sheepishly] This shall cover for the broken window.

Eddie: [chuckles] It sure will. Thanks for agreeing to do this.

Coal: [nods his head] You’re welcome. I loved having a little brother.

Spike: [hugs Coal] Thanks for the time, brother.

[Coal returns the hug.]

Eddie: [stares at Coal] Goodbye.

Coal: [warmly] Don’t you mean see you later?

Eddie: [with a hopeful look] You’re right. Maybe we can have a few more meetings before your big nap.

Coal: [turns around to enter his cave] Until then…see you later.

Spike & Eddie: [at the same time] See you later…Coal.

[Spike and Eddie leave the mountain. Spike looks thoughtful for a second until he gets a smile. Eddie picks up on the smile.]

Eddie: [curiously] Is there something wrong, Spike?

Spike: [shakes his head] To be honest, there’s something right. I just learned a lesson out of this whole mess. That means I gotta write a letter.

[The scene shifts to the Crystal Empire at nighttime. Twilight and Shining Armor are walking around and laughing together.]

Twilight Sparkle: [joyfully] That was so much fun!

Shining Armor: [hugs Twilight with his foreleg] Anything for you, little sister!

Twilight Sparkle: [excitedly jumps in place] If this day is an indication, you’re gonna be a great dad.

Shining Armor: [snorts smugly as he gives her a noogie] I’m married to the Princess of Love and am the older brother of the Princess of Friendship. Of course I’m gonna be a great dad!

Twilight Sparkle: [shrieks playfully]Stop! That hurts!

[Their playful roughhousing is stopped when green fire materializes in front of them. A letter appears in front of them. Twilight levitates it to read its contents.]

Twilight Sparkle: [curiously] It’s a letter.

Shining Armor: [smiles softly at Twilight] Must be a friendship lesson from your new student.

Twilight Sparkle: [smiles warmly] It’s a friendship lesson. But it’s not from Starlight Glimmer.

Shining Armor: [interested] Then who’s the author. Come on! Read it! I wanna know what it says!

[The show’s theme song is heard as Spike’s voice is heard narrating. It shows Spike in his room getting a diamond to pay the window. He contemplates eating it until Eddie confiscates it with his magic, much to his annoyance. The next shot shows Mayor Mare scolding the pair until they sheepishly pay her with the diamonds, at which point she starts speaking sweetly to them. He is then shown happily writing the letter and then delivering it with his green fire magic. A montage shows Spike talking with Starlight and playing catch with Eddie.]

Spike: [narrating] Dear Twilight Sparkle, I hope that you’re having fun with Shining Armor back at the Crystal Empire. You deserve to have fun with your BBBFF after so much time apart. I know that once the baby is born, you won’t have the opportunity to hang out with him as much as you used to do so when you were born, which is why I chose to remain in Ponyville. At first, I felt lonely because I did not have a special bond like you and Shining Armor have. Then I had a very…interesting day with Eddie and a friend. In spite of how weird it was, I had a lot of fun today and I learned that you will never get lonely as long as you have a friend that is willing to try and make you happy. I am looking forward to your return so that I can tell you all about my day in detail. Your friend and brother, Spike.

Twilight Sparkle: [shedding happy tears] Oh, Spike.

Shining Armor: [proudly] He’s growing up. He may not look like it, but he’s grown up inside.

Twilight Sparkle: [wiping her tears] He’s always been a mature little dragon.

Shining Armor: [hugs his sister] Well…he was raised by a mature little filly after he was hatched. Come on, Twily. Let’s go eat dinner.

[The siblings go around the castle and continue talking to each other about Spike, the baby, and parenthood. The conversation loses volume as the screen fades to black. Closing credits roll. End of part 14.]
Travel to Equestria 2 Part 14
This  is the fourteenth part of an RP collaboration  with megamanfan43. After Twilight leaves to the Crystal Empire to have some quality time with Shining Armor, Spike starts feeling lonely. Fortunately, Eddie brings a friend to have some brotherly quality time with Spike.

MLP characters belong to Hasbro
Eddie belongs to megamanfan43
Story is written by me
                                   Travel to Equestria 2 Part 13

      [Part 13 begins with a recapitulation of the previous episodes. Eddie returns to his uncle’s cabin and manages to open a portal back to Equestria that allows him to travel back to Ponyville and reunite with the Mane Six. He is introduced to Starlight Glimmer and eventually befriends her. He is also shown reconnecting with the Mane Six by having individual adventures with them. He trains a minotaur with Fluttershy, saves a store with Applejack, has a birthday party thanks to the efforts of Pinkie Pie, aids Rainbow Dash in convincing a veteran Wonderbolt to retire, and is assisted by Twilight Sparkle into defeating an evil version of himself.  Opening credits roll. Eddie is at Carousel Boutique, watching as Rarity is pacing back and forth as she is talking to herself. He looks unsure of what to do so he randomly picks up a magazine and starts reading it. Rarity is levitating random clothes, fabrics, and fashion equipment as she is talking.]

Rarity: [hurryingly] You may be wondering why I asked you to come here, Edward.

Eddie: [lowers his magazine] Yeah. Though that question quickly died down once I saw you packing everything at the boutique…are you moving down or something?

Rarity: [snorts and laughs] Oh, heavens no! Ponyville is my home! I could never think of abandoning it!

Eddie: [watching her pace] Then where are you going with such hurry?

Rarity: [excitedly] Manehattan!

Eddie: [surprised] Manehattan?

Rarity: [dreamily] Have you ever heard about Manehattan, Edward?

Eddie: [shakes his head] Well, I have a similar city named Manhattan back on Earth. I can make a picture of what I can expect when I heard about Manehattan.

Rarity: [interested] Ooh, maybe we can compare cities on the train.

Eddie: [shrugs his shoulders] Sure. Wait? You want me to come with you.

Rarity: [titters nervously] That’s the point, Edward. You see, there was a special fashion charity event in Manehattan. I wanted to contribute so I came up with an idea for a contest.

Eddie: [winces] I don’t like where this is going.

Rarity: [blushes] I suggested that you could be a model for fashion designers that would make clothes for your unique anatomy.

Eddie: [shocked] You did what?

Rarity: [ashamed] I was desperate! I’m a fashion designer! I design clothes, not contests! I panicked because I had no idea on how to contribute. Then I remembered on how I occasionally fix your clothes.

[She frowns a little bit.]

Rarity: [annoyed] Then I remembered just how limited your wardrobe is and how in need you are of new clothes and then an idea came to mind.

Eddie: [annoyed] Why didn’t you ask for my permission?


Eddie: [sighs as he puts a comforting hand on Rarity] It’s okay, Rarity. I forgive you.

Rarity: [lifts her head and stares at him] You do?

Eddie: [smiles at her] Let’s go to Manehattan.

Rarity: [hugs Eddie] Oh, thank you so much, Edward! I promise you that you won’t regret this! Let me just get my luggage!

[The camera moves to show lots of luggage next to them. Eddie frowns upon seeing it. He points his wand at it.]

Eddie: [annoyed at Rarity] You’re pushing it.

[The next scene has Eddie and Rarity sitting together inside a train.]

Eddie: [curiously] How does the contest go exactly?

Rarity: [sips a cup of tea] It’s quite simple, Edward. The designers will take your measurements. They will then make the proper ensemble. You will then model the ensemble to the best fashion critics in Equestria. They will grade the ensemble and use that to decide who is the best designer of the competition.

Eddie: [curiously]  What’s the purpose of the competition?

Rarity: [happily] It’s a charity competition.  The ponies that watch the event will pay for entries and  that will be used for donations in charity events.

Eddie: [curiously] What about the fashion designers?

Rarity: [shrugs her shoulders] It’s pretty much something to add up to their curriculums in their fashion careers.

[The train arrives to Manehattan. Rarity is excited as she gets out of the station while Eddie sighs as he uses his wand to pick up her luggage.]

Rarity: [dreamily] I love visiting Manehattan.

Eddie: [awed in spite of the luggage] Impressive. I’ve never been to such a big city before. Canterlot looks nice, but it doesn’t have the city atmosphere that Manehattan has.

Rarity: [nuzzles Eddie’s hand] I promise that when the contest is over, I’m taking you touring to make up for this event.

Eddie: [excited] Really? Thank you, Rarity.

Rarity: [happily] Don’t mention it, darling. Besides, there may be a chance that you may not need to do the modeling job anyway.

Eddie: [curious] What do you mean?

Rarity: [happily] The charity event is a consensus theme. All judges need to mutually agree on a theme. I doubt that they would all agree on making a fashion show on a being whose existence they know nothing about.

Eddie: [optimistically] You’re right. What am I worrying about? Maybe I don’t need to do this modeling stuff.  

[Eddie and Rarity travel around Manehattan until they reach a building. Once they open the doors. All of the ponies stare at Eddie with slack jaws. The human gets nervous with all of the attention he receives.]

Eddie: [smiles nervously] Can I help you with anything?

[All of the ponies start to cheer. Prim Hemline walks to him. She looks very displeased at him.]

Prim Hemline: [disapprovingly] There you are! Would you mind telling me why are you arriving ten minutes before the show, Mr. Dombrowski?

Eddie: [surprised] You know about me?

Prim Hemline: [sternly] Mrs. Rarity told us all about you. The idea of fashion designers designing clothes for a being from another species sounded like a perfect example of the spirit of generosity on which Manehattan was founded. This is why we chose to have you be the model for this contest.

Eddie: [disturbed] Oh, boy.

Prim Hemline: [pushes him with her head] We don’t have time for small talk. We have to discuss about the rules of the contest. In the meantime, all of the contestants better start preparing to enter the contest.

[Prim brings Eddie to another room while Rarity and the other ponies start registering. During the registration process, Rarity gets happy upon noticing Coco Pommel among the ponies.]

Rarity: [delighted] Coco!

Coco Pommel: [overjoyed] Rarity!

[Both of them go to hug each other.]

Rarity: [happily] I can’t believe you’re going to participate.

Coco Pommel: [blushes] Well, when I heard that it was your idea to make this contest, I felt like I needed to participate. I had to do something after what you and Applejack did for the community last time you visited here.

Rarity: [titters playfully] Don’t mention it, darling. How about we go outside and have some fun? We can meet Eddie on the way out and the three of us can have a talk with each other.

Coco Pommel: [smiles] That sounds lovely.

[The next scene shows a mentally exhausted Eddie taking a coffee with Rarity and Coco. He takes a sip of it as he groans.]

Coco Pommel: [concerned] Are you okay, Eddie?

Eddie: [groans] I’m fine. Prim just yelled at me a lot.

Coco Pommel: [winces] She is very firm.

Eddie: [smiles] Well, at least I get to have a nice cup of coffee and I got to meet a new friend. That’s a good trade-off.

Coco Pommel: [drinks her coffee] Thanks. But I’m very nervous about the contest. I never made clothes for a human before.

Rarity: [confident] Oh, don’t worry about it, darling. I can’t assure you that making clothes for Eddie won’t be hard. I have already made clothes for him before. It may be difficult at first, but you will get the hang of it.

Eddie: [confidently] Besides, you have like half a day to make your ensemble. I don’t think you have much to worry about.

[The camera goes to a corner to  show that a pony is stalking them from the shadows. The pony smiles evilly. The next scene shows the fashion building as it is trembling by the sound of Rarity’s voice.]

Rarity: [loud enough to tremble the building] WHAT?

Prim Headline: [rubbing her ear in annoyance] Your application as a participant of this contest is invalid, Miss Rarity.

Rarity: [stuttering] B-but…that’s not fair! I was the one who proposed this.

Prim Headline: [sympathetically] And that’s exactly why we cannot allow you to participate in this contest, Miss Rarity.

Rarity: [shocked] I don’t understand.

Prim Headline: [sighs] It is clear that you have prior experience making clothes for Mr. Dumbrowski. Therefore, you will have an unfair advantage over the other participants that have to struggle with his anatomy to make his costumes.

Rarity: [stammering] I-I can be a judge then.

Prim Headline: [sadly] That will also be impossible. Some sources claim that you’re close friends with another participant. There may be a chance that you may be impartial in your judgment with her.

Rarity: [shocked] I…

Prim Headline: [comfortingly] If it makes you feel any better…creating this contest is still quite a good accomplishment that you can put in your curriculum.

[Rarity starts to tear up as soon as Prim leaves. Once she is gone, she prepares to leave the building until she hears a familiar laughter. She turns around to see Suri Polomare laughing at her.]

Suri Polomare: [smugly] It’s been a long time, Rarity!

Rarity: [darkly] You! It was you who got me kicked out of my own contest!

Suri Polomare: [snorts] Oh, please! You think you can call a contest a farce where you and the model are already acquainted enough to work perfectly together. Even I find that unfair…and that’s something.

Rarity: [pokes Suri with her hoof] I don’t need lectures about unfairness when you stole my fabrics and used Coco to do your own ensembles.

Suri Polomare: [angrily] You took my assistant away from me. I nearly sank to the bottom because of you.

Rarity: [pushes her nose against hers] You reap what you sow, cheater.

Suri Polomare: [threateningly] Well, I’m gonna get back some of the publicity I lost because of you. I got you out of the way. Now I just need to get back at the little weasel that dared to quit on me.

Rarity: [growls at her] I won’t let you hurt, Coco.

Suri Polomare: [snorts] Oh, please. I’ll destroy her at the fashion contest. That’ll be a more suitable end. She won’t be able to get near a sewing machine after I’m done with her.

[Suri leaves the building. The next scene has Rarity in Coco’s house. She is talking with Eddie and Coco.]

Rarity: [gritting her teeth] I can’t believe that she dared…!

Eddie: [sympathetically] I’m sorry that you don’t get to participate in the contest.

Rarity: [sighs] I’m sorry too, Edward. But what I regret more is  to have her free again. I don’t want her to go improving her career by ruining the chances of others.

Coco Pommel: [determined] She won’t.

[Eddie and Rarity stare at Coco in shock.]

Coco Pommel: [angrily] Ever since I worked with her, she always made me do all of her costumes and then she took all the credit for my work. Now she dares to go after the only pony who actually believed in me. I won’t let that stand. I always thought that quitting was the closure I needed. I was mistaken. Beating her at this contest…that’s the closure I need with Suri!

[Eddie and Rarity stare at each other. Eddie then looks down at a cup of coffee that he was drinking.]

Eddie: [politely] I think we should switch her to decaffeinated coffee.

[Later that day, Eddie is inside the building. He is surrounded by several ponies. All of them have measuring tapes in their hooves or with magic. Prim Headline stands in front of Eddie in order to address the contestants.]

Prim Headline: [firmly] The contest shall start in five minutes. Before that, I suggest that you all take the measurements of the model so that you can better prepare the costumes. Prepare yourselves for that.

Eddie: [hesitantly] I’d like to ask all of you to come in an orderly line.

[All of the contestants stampede and tackle Eddie. After a few minutes, they all leave Eddie alone. He groans in pain until Coco Pommel comes to assist him.]

Coco Pommel: [concerned] Are you okay, Eddie?

Eddie: [sore] Yeah. My clothes have some durability so the trampling didn’t   hurt my vital organs.  Tell me is this Suri mare pink with a purple mane and a cutie mark of buttons?

Coco Pommel: [surprised] That’s her! How did you find out?

Eddie: [deadpan] Her attitude problem was a giveaway. She was the meanest out of the contestants when they took my measurements. At least the others had the decency to say please or thank you as they stomped me to the ground.

Coco Pommel: [sadly] Yes. She never really uttered those words with sincerity back when I used to work for her.

Rarity: [tilts Coco’s chin with her hoof] Well, there’s no time to dwell on the past. All I can think about is two things. The first thing is to please win this contest for your own good. You deserve some fame after everything you’ve done for that ungrateful witch.

Coco Pommel: [curiously] And what’s the second thing you can think?

Rarity: [hugs Coco] Thank you for going to face Suri on my defense. I know it must be hard to face against your old boss after all you had to put up with her.

Eddie: [playfully] I hate to be the mood killer, but I think that I need my measurements, tailor.

Coco Pommel: [blushes] Oh, sorry.

[Coco rushes at Eddie and starts taking his measurements. The next scene has Coco walking alone and meeting  Suri.]

Suri Polomare: [disgusted] Look what the slums brought along! If you came back to crawl to my side and beg me to take you again, you already lost your chance.

Coco Pommel: [angrily] I’m never taking your side ever again.

Suri Polomare: [infuriated] Watch your mouth, assistant. You should consider yourself lucky that I let you hang around by my side back when I was enjoying my triumph.

Coco Pommel: [enraged] Back when you were mooching off my triumph! Rarity has done more for me than you ever did. It’s about time I pay her back by taking you down.

Suri Polomare: [laughs at her] You think you can take me down, darling? Need I remind you who used to be the boss?

Coco Pommel: [coldly] Need I remind you who’s talent was the one you used for “your” dresses.

Suri Polomare: [dismissively] I’ll admit that I got soft relying on you. I already made up for that weakness. Sadly for you, I see that you’re still weak.

Coco Pommel: [affronted] That’s not true!

Suri Polomare: [mockingly] Oh, really. It was obvious that you were the better of the two. You could have destroyed me at any point. All you needed to do was to assert yourself, but you didn’t. That’s why I was able to keep you under my hoof. I was able to get rid of my weakness. The question is…were you able to do the same?

[Suri leaves Coco alone. She feels her confidence drop. Rarity sees this and goes to meet her.]

Rarity: [places a hoof on Coco’s shoulder] Don’t let her words affect you, Coco.

Coco Pommel: [sadly] But she’s right. I haven’t been done much in my career since I started working on my own.

Rarity: [encouragingly] Well…this contest shall be your first step.  You shall put an end to your past with Suri and start your new career as a fashionista today.

[Coco Pommel smiles as she goes to do the attire. The next scene has Eddie putting on different attire. The first one he puts on is a biker’s attire. He is very displeased.]

Eddie: [to himself] This is not me.

[He is now dressed as a scholar.]

Eddie: [annoyed] I already graduated from high school.

[He is now dressed as a rock star.]

Eddie: [with indignation] Does this pony really want to be a fashionista?

Prim Headline: [speaking in a microphone] The next contestant will be Suri Polomare.

Eddie: [groans but smiles a little] Well, Rarity said that she had no talent. At least I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that she won’t win.

Suri Polomare: [smugly] I wouldn’t be so sure. I underwent some fashion training to prepare for this moment.

[Much to Eddie’s shock, she shows him a reddish-purple blazer that resembles the ones worn by the Crystal Prep, dark blue ties, black shoes, and dark blue pants. Eddie stares in shock as Suri charges at him  and forcefully dresses him. Prim and the other critics look at him in wonder.]

Rarity: [with sparkling eyes from afar the audience] He looks beautiful.

[She realizes what she said and shakes her head.]

Rarity: [faking outrage] I mean, you monster!

[Eddie finishes modeling for Suri. She smirks at the human before she goes to confront Coco.]

Coco Pommel: [politely] He looks wonderful.

Suri Polomare: [mockingly] Is that loser talk I’m hearing.

Coco Pommel: [nonchalantly] It’s called courtesy. That’s more than you ever bothered to give me back when I worked for you.

Suri Polomare: [laughing] Good thing that’ll do for you.

Coco Pommel: [giving her a pitiful look] I just wanted to have our last conversation to be a pleasant one after I destroy you.

Suri Polomare: [shocked] What?

Coco Pommel: [bringing her clothes in bags] Let  me show you what happens when you follow the spirit of generosity in Manehattan. You’ll find out that this city is more than just everypony for herself.

[Coco enters into the stage.]

Prim Headline: [deadpan] The last contestant is Coco Pommel. Show us your ensemble.

[Coco calmly opens the bag and gestures Eddie to put on the clothes. Eddie stares at the clothes and looks pleased at what he sees. He takes off the clothes that Suri put on top of him and replaces them with the ones that Coco made for him. The ponies gasp in shock when they see what Coco has made. He’s wearing a blue tuxedo made with a similar fabric of the purple one that Rarity employed on her dresses. Similarly, rainbow thread is used in strategically used in the wrists and the collar. The pants are made with the same designs as well. Coco walks to the stage and goes on to say some words.]

Coco Pommel: [timidly] A long time ago, I heard the phrase that the sky was the limit. Back when I decided to start my fashion career, I was afraid to begin the first step, so I decided to settle with being an assistant. Even after I already had the skills I needed to keep moving forward, I was too afraid to move past my limits because I didn’t believe in myself.  I was originally taught that everypony only looked out to be number one, so how was I supposed to be a designer when I didn’t even see myself as that. But then, I met this wonderful pony…she taught me that being the best didn’t matter. What matters the most was to do what is best for those that were lost. She helped me to find the path that I’ve been searching this whole time. Rarity…this is for you.

[Rarity tears up at the speech. Prim looks accepting of the speech and has a talk with the other judges. They all come to a verdict.]

Prim Headline: [happily] We all came to an unanimous decision. The winner of this contest is…Coco Pommel.

[All of the ponies start cheering for Coco. Eddie pumps his fist into the air. Rarity squeals in delight. Suri is left with her jaw hanging open. She falls to the side with the sound of effect of a statue falling to the side. It is quite clear that she has been frozen by the shock of her defeat. The next scene shows Eddie, Rarity, and Coco meeting at the train station.]

Rarity: [hugging Coco] I am so proud of you, darling. With this triumph, your fashion career is just getting started.

Coco Pommel: [gratefully] It wouldn’t have started without you or Eddie.

Eddie: [happily] I’m just glad I got to help. I really had a lot of fun touring Manehattan as celebration for your victory.

Rarity: [cheerfully] I told you I was going to make this visit worth your time, Edward. I always keep the ends of my bargains.

Eddie: [uses his magic to pick her luggage] You sure did. I can’t wait to tell the rest of the girls about this adventure.

Rarity: [levitates some bags] Let me help you with that, Edward.

Eddie: [surprised] Are those the clothes made by the participants?

Rarity: [giggles] It’s a charity contest, Edward. All of the clothes were going to be given to you after the contest was over.

Eddie: [shocked] I thought that I misheard Prim when she was talking.

Rarity: [mockingly scolding] You should try to pay more attention when somepony lectures you, darling.

Eddie: [positively] Well, at least I have something nice to bring back home.

[Eddie, Coco, and Rarity laugh together. Eddie and Rarity board the train. The  show’s theme song is heard. Eddie and Rarity are drinking tea.]

Eddie: [looking at Manehattan at the window] You got a good friend in there, Rarity.

Rarity: [approvingly] Indeed. Coco is a nice pony.

Eddie: [nods his head] She sure is. That speech she gave was pure gold. You shouldn’t let others get the better of you. In the end, it’s up to you to believe in what you want. Coco became the great designer that she is because she chose to believe in you and your generosity.

Rarity: [sniffs and wipes some tears] That’s so sweet of you, Edward.

Eddie: [chuckles] Isn’t everything in Equestria sweet?

Rarity: [bursts into laughter] Now you’re just ruining the mood.

Eddie: [joining in the laugh] I’m just joking around.

Rarity: [laughing] Be…serious!

[The camera focuses on the train with the sounds of Eddie and Rarity laughing as it travels to Ponyville. The screen fades to black. Closing credits roll. End of part 13.]
Travel to Equestria 2 Part 13
This is the thirteenth part of my RP collaboration with megamanfan43. Eddie has to come along with Rarity to Manehattan in order to participate in a charity fashion contest. However, the contest turns much more troublesome when a certain contestant exploits a loophole to bring trouble to Rarity.

MLP characters belong to Hasbro
Eddie belongs to megamanfan43
Story is written by me
                                       Travel to Equestria 2 Part 12

     [Part 12 begins with a recapitulation of previous episodes. Eddie returns to his uncle’s cabin and somehow manages to open a portal back to Equestria. He cheerfully enters into it to reunite with his pony friends. The montage cuts short as it does not show the adventures that Eddie has afterwards. The camera focuses on the cabin. Nothing happens inside of it. Days and nights are seen passing in the windows. One night, the lights of a car are approaching the cabin. A car parks near the cabin and a man comes up. He looks just like Eddie, except that he looks slightly younger and has messier hair. He has a leather jacket and looks mildly concerned. He opens the cabin with a key and checks on the inside. There is no portal present at the time, but some of Eddie’s belonging remain there, which deeply confuses the man. Back in Equestria, Eddie is sleeping peacefully and having some sort of memory on his sleep. He is meeting the man as he is getting out of a house and both of them look tense.]

Eddie: [tensely] Hi, Leon.

Leon: [crosses his arm] You’re leaving?

Eddie: [chuckles] I had fun last year on our uncle’s cabin. I wanna give it a try. I promise I’ll be back soon.

Leon: [stares at him for a few seconds] Do try to spend time with us. We’re family, remember?

[Eddie groans in his sleep.  His wand starts glowing with magic.]

Eddie: [wishfully] Brother…I wish you were here.

[The camera goes back to the cabin. Leon looks a little frustrated.]

Leon: [frustrated] Where are you, Eddie?

[The sound of sparkling is heard. He turns around and sees a portal. He screams as the portal absorbs him. Once again, the cabin is left empty. The portal transports Leon to Ponyville. The human is left too exhausted to wonder where he is so he ends up falling unconscious. The rest of the night passes until morning arrives. Eddie is still  sleeping peacefully until he hears a scream. Suddenly, Eddie awakens and dresses in record time all while screaming protectively.]

Eddie: [shouting] LEON!

[Eddie dashes out of his house while holding his wand. Opening credits roll. Eddie is looking at his surroundings as he tries to find his brother through the sound of his screaming.]

Twilight Sparkle: [offscreen] Eddie!

[Eddie turns around to see the purple alicorn flying.]

Eddie: [slightly rude] Not know, Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: [worried] This is important! We  got reports that there is another…

Eddie: [quickening his pace] That’s my brother! I recognized that scream as soon as I woke up!

Twilight Sparkle: [shocked] Your brother!

Eddie: [still increasing his speed] I’ll tell you the details later!

[Eddie uses his flying cape to fly and keep searching for his brother. He finds him running away at random direction since he panics at the sight of every pony.]

Leon: [grabbing his head as he keeps running] This can’t be happening! Horses don’t talk! Horses don’t talk!

Eddie: [lands beside him] Actually, they’re ponies…Leon.

[Leon gasps and turns around. He looks shocked to see his brother. Eddie rubs the back of his head at meeting his brother.]

Eddie: [reluctantly] We gotta talk.

[The scene shifts to Eddie’s house. The Mane Six, Spike, and Starlight are also present as well. Leon looks disturbed, although he is now feeling calmer than earlier.]

Leon: [takes a deep breath] Let me get this straight. We’re the descendants of a very powerful wizard.

Eddie: [nods his head] Yes.

Leon: [deadpan] And he conveniently is also named Eddie.

Eddie: [blushes] Yeah, that coincidence caught me by surprise.

Leon: [deadpan] And somehow you became a powerful wizard thanks to the help of some magical pony princesses that can move the sun and the moon.

Pinkie Pie: [trying to sound helpful] And the power of friendship!

Leon: [twitching eyebrow] You somehow managed to escape this place and yet you decide to return to it a year later.

Eddie: [annoyed] Hey, I’m only intending to stay here for a short while. It’s only during vacations.

Leon: [bitterly] You know, you could have bothered telling our family about our little magical history as soon as you came back to our dimension.

Eddie: [sighs] I lost my magic when I returned home. I can only use magic in Equestria. I’m not sure why. As for our magical past, I don’t think anybody would have believed me. And I’m not looking forward to being locked in an asylum.

Leon: [embarrassingly] Okay. I see your point.

Eddie: [curiously] How did you end up here?

Leon: [sighs] I went to our uncle’s cabin to check on you.

Eddie: [shocked] Why?

Leon: [annoyed] Because you’ve been acting weird since last year. It felt as if you were hiding a big secret from me. It became obvious when you were very excited to go to our uncle’s cabin. I wanted to find out what was happening to you so I decided to make a quick visit, only for some sort of portal to open and bring me here.

Twilight Sparkle: [shocked] It’s just like when Eddie was brought to Equestria.

Leon: [snorts] That’s ridiculous. I didn’t make a wish to a shooting star to have something interesting happen to me.

Eddie: [winces and looks guilty] That may have been my fault.

Pinkie Pie: [confused] How? There were no shooting stars last night.

Eddie: [rubs the back of his head] I’m not sure how I did it, but I had a dream about my last meeting with Leon. I think my wand summoned him here. I’m sorry, brother.

Leon: [takes a deep breath] Can you get me out of here? I promised our parents that I was only gonna be here with you for a few days at most. I can’t just simply disappear for who knows how long.

Eddie: [reassuringly] Don’t worry about it. I know the spell. I can replicate it to return you home immediately.

Leon: [satisfied] Good.

Eddie: [stands up and pats Leon] Anyway, since you’re here, how about I introduce you to my friends? We’ll do it one by one so that you won’t feel overwhelmed. We’ll start with Applejack on Sweet Apple Acres.

Applejack: [happily] Sounds good to me.

[She takes Leon’s hand with her hoof and shakes it.]

Leon: [shocked] I can’t believe I’m shaking your hoof. That looks physically impossible back in my world.

Applejack: [chuckles] Welcome to Equestria. We ponies are a little bit differently from the ones of your world.

[The next scene shows a tree being kicked by Applejack’s hooves. Eddie and Leon are helping her by picking up the apples and putting them on the baskets.]

Leon: [surprised] That’s one way to collect apples.

Eddie: [chuckles] Beats having to climb the tree and pluck them one by one.

[Both brothers laugh together before they resume with their chore. They hear more kicking sounds and notice that Applejack has started kicking more trees.]

Applejack: [from afar] Hurry up, ya two! We need to keep goin’!

Eddie: [sighs] Might as well use a shortcut.

[Eddie uses his wand to levitate the apples and put them in the buckets. Leon looks shocked at the development.]

Leon: [surprised] Did you just went Harry Potter on the apples?

Eddie: [smiles invitingly] Wanna give it a try? You don’t need magic words or anything. Just focus on the apples flying.

[Leon reluctantly touches the wand and focuses on the apples flying. Nothing happens. He grunts as the tries to do something. Nothing happen. He does it again, only for nothing to still happen. He gets angry and returns the wand to Leon.]

Leon: [bitterly] Let’s just help Applejack with her chores.

Eddie: [saddened] Fine.

[The next scene shows Eddie and Leon walking around. Both of them are not in a good mood as the former is sad and the latter looks mad.]

Eddie: [trying to break the mood] I think you’re gonna like Rainbow Dash. She can control the weather.

Leon: [surprised] Really?

Eddie: [smugly] Take a look.

[Rainbow  Dash flies at top speed and bursts through several clouds, destroying them in the process. She gets happy upon seeing the brothers and goes to meet them.]

Rainbow Dash: [happily] Hi, Eddie! How did you and Leon do with Applejack?

Leon: [shrugs his shoulders] We did fine.

Rainbow Dash: [happily] Good. I’m done finishing my cloud busting.

Leon: [curiously] Do you control the weather?

Rainbow Dash: [snorts] Yeah. Every pegasus can do that. My name is Rainbow Dash by the way. I’m the captain of the weather team and the fastest flier of Equestria.

Leon: [calmly] The weather is uncontrollable in my world. What’s it like to control it here?

Rainbow Dash: [shrugs her shoulders] It’s pretty cool, I guess. We make our own snowflakes.

Leon: [interested] You can make your own snowflake models?

Rainbow Dash: [nods her head] Yeah! They have to be made by hoof. It’s kind of fun, but I’m not very good with it. I’m more of a flying fast type.

Eddie: [chuckles] Sorry about that. Leon has a passion for building models.

Rainbow Dash: [shakes her head] Nah, it’s okay. Snowflakes are kind of a big deal during winter. Even I get into the mood some time. I have a catalogue if you want it.

Leon: [excitedly] Sure.

[The next scene shows Eddie and Leon going to Carousel Boutique. Leon is reading a snowflake catalogue that was given to him by Rainbow Dash.]

Eddie: [helpfully] If you want, I can make a special set of cold-resistant gloves so that you can help the pegasi in making the models.

Leon: [excitedly] You can do that?

Eddie: [confidently] Probably. If I can’t, I can ask Twilight. Besides, I’m pretty sure that any snowflake you make will be better than anypony can ever make. I’d rather buy something made by hands than hooves any day.

Leon: [sincerely] Thank you, brother.

[They enter the store and are met by a very happy Rarity.]

Rarity: [joyfully] Finally! I’ve been waiting for you two to show up!

Eddie: [chuckles] Hello, Rarity. This is my brother Leon. You already met him this morning but were never properly introduced to him.

Leon: [politely] Charmed.

Rarity: [happily] I am pleased to meet you. I have noticed that your jacket is a little bit damaged. Would you like me to give it some repairs?

Leon: [a little insecure] I’m not sure. My jacket is very delicate.

Eddie: [reassuringly] Don’t worry about it. Rarity is the best at her trade.

Leon: [sighs as he takes off his jacket] If you say so.

[He gives his jacket to Rarity.]

Rarity: [happily] Now then, Edward, I want you to continue giving  your brother his tour. Have a nice day then.

[The two brothers leave the store. Leon starts to giggle.]

Eddie: [smirks] What’s so funny?

Leon: [chuckles] Sorry. It’s just that it’s the first time someone other than our mother calls you by your full name…and it’s a pony!

[Leon chuckles. Eddie gives him a playful elbow to the ribs. The next scene has the brothers going to Fluttershy’s cottage. They knock on the door but are answered by a grumpy bear. Leon panics, but only stays because Eddie restrains him.]

Eddie: [to the bear] Is Fluttershy here?

[The bear nods his head.]

Leon: [disturbed] Did you just talked to a bear?

Eddie: [rubs the  back of his head] Well, yeah. It’s weird at first,  but you get used to it. Fluttershy has a knack for taming animals. You can get to know them quite a well the longer you spend time with her.

Fluttershy: [reaching the door] Hi, Eddie.

Eddie: [happily] Hi, Fluttershy. I want you to meet my brother.

Leon: [raises his hand] Hi.

[Fluttershy’s eyes turn into pinpricks. She begins to whimper and hide her face behind her mane. Leon looks disturbed.]

Leon: [whispers to Eddie] Was it something I said?

Eddie: [wincing] No. She’s just shy with new people.

Leon: [annoyed] She’s tamed a bear and she’s scared of a human?

Eddie: [reluctantly] It’s complicated.

[Eddie goes to comfort Fluttershy. A few seconds pass and Leon decides to join in the comforting. After some time, both brothers come out of the cottage.]

Leon: [thoughtfully] Well…that was interesting.

Eddie: [sighs] Fluttershy is not that bad once you get to know her. Let her develop her confidence and you’ll see that she’s very likeable.

Leon: [curiously] Who’s next on the list?

Eddie: [smiles] Twilight is next.

Leon: [surprised] The princess is not going to be the last one I meet?

Eddie: [chuckles] We can’t let her be the last one you meet. How are we gonna end your day without a welcome party with Pinkie?

Leon: [deadpan] Kinda ruined the surprise there.

Eddie: [chuckles] There is never a ruined surprise with Pinkie Pie. That’s something I can guarantee.

[The next scene  shows Eddie and Leon in Twilight’s castle. Leon is awed at the interior as he is checking it out and talking to Spike.]

Leon: [stunned] This is amazing. Just…what kind of stuff does Twilight do here?

Spike: [proudly] Princess stuff.

Leon: [interested] Define princess stuff. I want to know more about my brother’s friends, Spyro.

Spike: [annoyed] My name is Spike.

Leon: [sighs] That was a compliment. Spyro is the name of the most famous purple dragon in the human culture.

Spike: [awed] There is another purple dragon like me?

[Leon and Spike talk in the background. Eddie talks with Twilight in the background.]

Twilight Sparkle: [shocked] He can’t do magic? How can that be? That would be like a unicorn not being able to do magic.

Eddie: [unsurely] I can’t explain. Humans are not like unicorns Twilight. Some talents are more mutually exclusive. I guess that in the human case, magic falls into that category.

Twilight Sparkle: [sadly] How are you going to explain this to him?

Eddie: [hesitantly] I’m not sure. I’ll tell it to him after Pinkie’s party.

Twilight Sparkle: [trying to sound helpful] I can open the portal to your world if you feel like it. Celestia and Luna gave me the spell the day you left.

Eddie: [reluctantly] I’ll think about it.

Twilight Sparkle: [sadly] I’ll make the preparations for it.

[Eddie walks to Leon and Spike. The baby dragon looks disappointed.]

Spike: [sadly] So Spyro is just a videogame character.

Leon: [shakes his head] Hey…he’s an inspiration.

Spike: [smiles a little bit] He sounds pretty cool.

Eddie: [supportively] You’re ready to go to meet Pinkie?

Leon: [stands up] Sure.

[Starlight Glimmer comes along as well.]

Starlight Glimmer: [helpfully] Then let me help you as well.

Leon: [confused] Who are you?

Starlight Glimmer: [happily] My name is Starlight Glimmer. I’m Twilight’s disciple. You can say that I’m your brother’s peer.

Leon: [smiles at her] Nice. Can you lead the way, Starlight?

[Starlight leads Leon to Sugarcube Corner.]

Leon: [shocked] Is that a giant gingerbread house?

Eddie: [feeling nostalgia] I made that same question before.

Starlight Glimmer: [nudges Leon to enter] Come on.

[Leon enters the house. The sounds of lights being turned on and a party cannon is heard as Leon is assaulted by confetti and streamers. He sees cakes and pastries and lots of ponies wanting to meet him.]

Pinkie Pie: [with a chorus of other ponies] SURPRISE!

[Pinkie Pie gives Leon a hug.]

Leon: [smiles reluctantly] Aren’t you a loving pony?

Pinkie Pie: [happily] I hope you like your welcoming party, Leon!

Leon: [smiling] It is quite a nice party.

Eddie: [pats Leon in the back] Pinkie does that for every newcomer that comes to town. It’s her way to accept you as a new citizen.

Leon: [reluctantly] She does realize I won’t be staying long, right?

Pinkie Pie: [still hugging Leon] I know. But our time together is what matters, Leon.  That’s why I want every second to count.

Leon: [with a raised eyebrow] Is that why you’ve been hugging me for over a minute.

Pinkie Pie: [nuzzling Leon’s chest] Yes.

[She gives a grin that makes the squeak sound. Rarity appears and uses her magic to levitate Pinkie away from him.]

Rarity: [sweetly] I’m sorry for ruining the moment, Pinkie, but I have something to return to Leon. I believe this belongs to you.

[Rarity returns Leon’s jacket to him.]

Leon: [delighted] My jacket! It looks better than before. Thank you so much for this, Rarity.

[Leon puts up his jacket and starts talking with all of the ponies. Eddie smiles at his brother from afar. His smile disappears for a brief moment. The party continues into the night. Eddie walks to Leon, who is still continuing to talk to the ponies.]

Eddie: [to the ponies] Hey, you don’t mind if I take the guest for a walk. I’d like to have a talk with him.

[All of the ponies silently agree with him. The next scene has Eddie and Leon going on a stroll around Ponyville.]

Eddie: [contemplatively] So…what do you think about Ponyville?

Leon: [calmly] It’s cool. It’s no wonder you decided to come back here.

Eddie: [reluctantly] Would you like to come back home?

Leon: [nods his head] Yeah. I don’t think this place suits me. The ponies are nice. But the magic is too much for me. I’d rather be in my home.

Eddie: [trying to sound helpful] I have a spell that can bring you home…but I was thinking that maybe you can stay with us. Equestria is not so bad once you get used to it.

Leon: [shakes his head] No. I’m fine. I’d rather not be of any problem.

Eddie: [smiles at his brother] You’re no problem at all.

Leon: [bitterly] How about the fact that I have no magic?

Eddie: [shakes his head] That doesn’t bother me at all.

Leon: [angrily] Well it bothers me when I’m the only person around a group of magical creatures that can’t fly or shoot something. I’d rather live a boring life back home than being the weak link at the bottom of the food chain here.

Eddie: [annoyed] Hey, I’m willing to protect you if the worst were to happen. Besides, you’re talking as if bad things happen all the time.

Leon: [irritated] That’s because they do happen, you idiot. Spike told me a lot of the crazy stuff that happened in this town in over a year. The only reason you don’t see it is because of your magic protecting you from any real harm.

Eddie: [angrily] Why is it that every time that I try to bond with you, I always end up being ignored? I’m trying to bond with you and the only thing I get is a cold shoulder.

Leon: [angrily] And you’re any better?

Eddie: [offended] What’s that supposed to mean?

Leon: [resentfully] Ever since last year, you’ve been depressed. Even as you talked to me or our parents, you always sounded as you would rather be somewhere else. This day showed me that you’d rather be here than home.

Eddie: [horrified] That’s not true.

Leon: [sadly] It’s not. I can see that you’re way happier here than you ever were back in your dimension. I can see that you’ll be going native soon. You’ll probably get some pony girlfriend and start having…centaur kids. Soon enough, you will forget about me and Earth just so that you can have fun in your magical pony dimension.

[Eddie hugs Leon. He looks shocked and returns the hug.]

Eddie: [apologetically] I’m sorry. I didn’t know that I was making you feel so worthless even before you arrived here. I want you to know that you’re my brother and that I will always love you.

[Both brothers break the hug.]

Leon: [calmly] Promise me that you won’t forget where you were born.

Eddie: [reassuringly] I will.

Leon: [wincing] And promise me that you will at least settle on Earth. I know we don’t have much to offer in comparison to Equestria, but that’s the place that created you and made you the man you are.

Eddie: [confidently] I will.

Leon: [wincing] And please…promise me you won’t go fully native and marry a pony. I don’t want to talk to you and smell horse breath on you.

Eddie: [disgusted] Gross! I have standards!

Leon: [chuckles] It can happen.

Eddie: [puts an arm around his brother’s shoulder and walks with him] The ponies are adorable, but they are not pretty enough to be wife material in my book.

[The next scene takes place in the next morning at Twilight’s castle. Eddie is using his wand and his ancestor’s wand as focal points to open the portal. Twilight is adding her magic in order to assist with the process. The spell takes a few minutes to charge. Eventually, the portal is fully formed.]

Eddie: [looks at his brother] This is it, Leon. It was nice to see you again.

Leon: [hugs Eddie] It was good seeing you again, Eddie. I’ll tell our folks that you’re fine. I’ll keep Equestria a secret though. I don’t wanna give them a heart attack by telling them their eldest child went to a land full of ponies.

Eddie: [breaks the hug] Take care, little brother.

Leon: [waves at the ponies] Thanks a lot for your hospitality.

[The ponies wave at Leon. Spike jumps repeatedly to wave at him. Leon takes a deep breath and enters into the portal. He’s back into his uncle’s cabin. He checks on his cell phone and sees that a day has passed since his departure.]

Leon: [sighs] I wasn’t gone too long. Well, at least I wasn’t sent to the past or the future or anything like in the movies.

[Leon gets out of the cabin and locks it out. He then gets into the car and get out of the car. He calls his father on the phone and the show’s theme song is heard. His father is talking to him through audible mumbling.]

Leon: [happily] Hi, Dad.

[More mumbling answers him.]

Leon: [apologetically] Sorry about that. I had trouble connecting my phone with electricity.

[Angry mumbling scolds him.]

Leon: [further apologizes] Yeah, I didn’t mean to worry you.

[Mumbling reduces in volume.]

Leon: [calmly] No. Eddie is not with me. He’s still at the cabin. He’s having fun though. I managed to reconnect with him.

[The mumbling becomes more accepting.]

Leon: [happily] I know. It’s been a long time since he and I got along with each other. I kind of missed that.

[The mumbling sounds a little smug.]

Leon: [annoyed] Yeah, you were right. I guess the time he spent at the park must have contributed to his mood back then.

[Mumbling keeps going.]

Leon: [dismissively] Nah, it wasn’t a girl. Believe me, I would have noticed it.

[Mumbling sounds disappointed.]

Leon: [relieved] He’s in good company. Don’t worry about him.  Say, do you and Mom wanna have a barbecue?

[Mumbling now sounds curious.]

Leon: [sounding satisfied] Eddie taught me something. I should enjoy the time I have with the people I love. People grow apart and we can only stop that when we actually bother to try to keep them together. So, what do you say, do you and Mom wanna have barbecue with me?

[The camera focuses on the car as it drives into the horizon. The screen fades to black. Closing credits roll. End of part 12.]
Travel to Equestria 2 Part 12
This is the twelfth part of an RP collaboration  with megamanfan43. Eddie's day turns upside down when a portal to Earth opens and summons his brother into Equestria.

MLP characters belong to Hasbro
Eddie belongs to megamanfan43
Story is written by me


Carlos Cavazos
I just finished my second year of college. It was hard and I had to drop of my Biochemistry class. Because of that, I am forced to take a summer to make up for the credits hours that I did not obtain from completing the course. I'll take a Health class in a few weeks. To make matters worse, I have to take an MCAT program to prepare myself for my medical exams. It's going to be an extenuating course on which I need to give it my best. I'll take the third year more seriously because I don't want my new college subjects to kick my ass again. Anyway, I have been getting a little lazy with my submissions but I'll make it up to you guys. I promise. Anyway, enjoy your summer vacations because I won't be able to enjoy mine fully thanks to my new agenda.
  • Listening to: Reik
  • Reading: Pathfinder
  • Watching: Beelzebub
  • Playing: Basara Heroes
  • Eating: Sandwich
  • Drinking: Soda

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[link] Here's a gift of your character Leo for you!~
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I'm posting my new TLK story :) Would you like to check it ;)
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Hi! Thanks for the comment on the drawing of Luciano. He's my char :)
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Sorry for not answering earlier about the medical college. In Poland there's no entry exam, just after the high school you write a major exam from chosen subjects. For medical college I had to gain enough points in Biology and Chemistry. Both exams were really hard and I had to prepare for them through the whole year. I have no idea how it looks in Mexico. The studies are hard as there's a lot of learning by heart, hundreds of strange names that can't be associated with everything and you have to learn lots of latin names. I liked the chemical-related subjects much more. And the pharmacology is terrifying. :D
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Thanks for your message. I'm very happy that you like my story, just look at this smile -> :D. They slept together. Uru won't skip such opportunity :D In fact, they did it rather because they were so terrified and alone during the war. I've read about many such romances e.g during 2nd WW. Ahadi and Uru won't be really interested with each other for some time, I think that it's enough to make you interested how it will happen :) She obviously fell a bit for Bure as he's a well-known bard, but in fact it was fleeting, as all her love affairs after Mwanga. BTW, Bure will appear in the story again, in a very interesting role :) Long message, long answer, huh ;)
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PS: An update today :D
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Thanks for all the comments on my LaF entry; it's appreciated~
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No problem. BTW, the new chapter of ARC is the funniest and the best so far.
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